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However, when the smile on Qu Rui’s face had not yet faded, two red flames suddenly ignited in front of Shen Yanxiao. The two Phoenixes turned into giant flame Phoenixes, and the huge flame extended just like a sea of water.

In the blink of an eye, two giant Phoenixes hovered over the heads of the crowd, and two Phoenix cries shot straight into the sky, piercing everyone’s eardrums.

Under the sound of the Phoenix’s cries, all magical beasts crawled on the ground and dared not take a step forward.

What was a Mythological Beast?

It was an existence that could make all magical beasts surrender and wors.h.i.+p them!

Two giant Phoenixes soared to the sky, and the temperature around them rose instantly.

The people of the Lan Yue Dynasty were shocked by the huge fire birds above the sky. No one would not be shocked by this powerful magical beast.

Qu Rui watched the two Phoenixes, stunned. He was born an aristocrat, and he had seen a lot of powerful magical beasts, but there were only very few who could be mixed with the Phoenixes in the sky presumably.

“That… what is that magical beast?” Qu Rui was dumbfounded. He just clearly saw that a man and a woman stood by Shen Yanxiao’s side. How did in the blink of an eye, these two people had actually incarnated into some tyrannical magical beasts hovering above their heads?

A magical beast that could transform into a human form…

Qu Rui swallowed his saliva. At least it must be a Mythological-level magical beast.

Mythological-level magical beast!

This almost legendary magical beast actually appeared in front of his eyes, and…

Two of it had jumped out at the same time!

What exactly was Shen Yanxiao’s background? Even people from the G.o.d’s Domain could not wave their hands and throw two Mythological Beasts to scare people!

Qu Rui forgot to breathe and nearly fainted.

In the face of two Mythological Beasts, their number of 200 plus people were still not enough to fill the gap between their teeth. This was just ridiculous!

Qu Rui’s heart was trembling. Just what kind of dog s.h.i.+t luck did he step on? Didn’t he just want to hook up with a beautiful little lady? How could he provoke such a trouble?

Qu Rui, who was originally aggressive and ready to take revenge, was completely paralyzed.

“Young master, are we… still going to fight?” The Priest standing beside Qu Rui s.h.i.+vered as he looked at the Phoenixes. His mid-level magical beast had already shrunk into a panic the first moment the Phoenixes appeared. Nevermind about fighting, it was estimated that the other side could trample them all with one foot.

Qu Rui angrily gave the Priest a slap.

“Fight your b.a.l.l.s, can you fight it?”

The Priest grabbed his swollen face and looked hard at his young master.

At the beginning, wasn’t it you who said you wanted to fight? Now you were regretting to have kicked the iron board. And you still looked for the chance to let other people repent for you?

The emergence of two Phoenixes completely shattered the confidence of Qu Rui.

“That… then what do we do now?” Asked the Priest bitterly.

“Go! Let’s go! Don’t take anything! Just leave immediately!” Qu Rui was really scared. His men were not Shen Yanxiao’s opponents at all. If they did not leave now, they would not be able to walk out later.

The group of people who were still aggressive a moment ago swiftly turned around under Qu Rui’s orders to retreat and ran away with their tails between their legs.

The two Phoenixes did not even spit out a spark, yet they were already so scared that they p.i.s.sed off their a.s.ses.

When Uncle Jiu and Du Lang brought over the team there, they just saw the escaping sorry figures of Qu Rui and his men.

The next moment, Uncle Jiu looked up at the sky.

Two giant Phoenixes were circling in mid-air, and the red flames reflected the sky.

For a while, they were all scared and foolish.

“Where did these Phoenixes come from?”


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