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“Ghost knows, but I guess that person really is afraid. I couldn’t believe that even until now, there are still people who would recklessly and blindly learn the Warlock path, such profession that only know to hide in the dark. It’s really ridiculous.”

“I say, Warlocks should have long been exterminated, such trash does not deserve to appear in our Radiance Continent.”

“Before this, I thought that Holy Roland School Warlock Branch is just an abandoned establishment, who would have thought there really are students there. But Warlocks… are there still living old Warlocks to teach a student these days? Haha…”

Sounds of arguments broke out one after another. Yun Qi with a face-changing mask was hidden in the crowd and he had a solemn expression.

When did such arguments and discrimination begin?

From when those few people had been found out conducting a research using the forbidden technique, from when the Radiance Continent had begun a wide range of extermination of Warlocks, from when every school had removed their Warlock Branch, since then, harsh voices never ceased.

Once, Yun Qi was angry and desperate in the face of these voices.

So much so that to avoid these voices of contempt, he chose to stay away from the crowd and live in seclusion.

But today, he was no longer afraid, he was no longer sad.

The determined old man straightened his back in the midst of the crowd, staring intently at the center of the venue.

Today, he would witness the rise of the Warlocks with his own eyes.

Today, he would personally hear when people praised the Warlocks.

Shen Yanxiao, his disciple, may she be able to bring the Warlock profession back into the stage of history today!

The start of the finals was approaching, and everyone thought that the rumored Warlock would not appear.

Suddenly, the blue sky was dyed with crimson, a huge shadow towered over the venue, then the surrounding temperature gradually rose. People finally perceived a trace of strangeness and looked up puzzledly.

Impressively, in the sky, a gigantic red firebird was soaring up high, its enormous unfolded fire wings covered almost the entire venue!

“What is that magical beast?”

The gigantic firebird flooded everyone’s sight. The sudden arrival of such a huge monster rendered everyone in the scene extremely shocked.

Atop the firebird, a red-clad figure loftily stood, her black hair fluttering in the wind; surrounded by flames, that stunning appearance presented itself in everyone’s eyes.

White flawless skin against the color of the flames, it was such an unrivaled beauty, so much so that people could not bear to move their eyes away!

All the people at this moment were holding their breath. An incomparably magnificent magical beast, and a beauty capable of causing the downfall of a city, from this moment, this picture would be imprinted in everyone’s heart.

“Vermillion Bird!” Ouyang Huanyu looked up at the gigantic firebird in the sky, his tranquil eyes flas.h.i.+ng a trace of surprise.

In the center of the venue, the four juveniles who had been waiting for a long time were also dumbfoundedly staring at the giant firebird.

“That is… Vermillion Bird Clan’s guardian beast?” As the members of the five great clans, they had quite an understanding of the other clans’ Mythological Beasts. Hence, Tang Nazhi immediately recognized Vermillion Bird’s true ident.i.ty.

“The Vermillion Bird appeared, then who is that person on its back?” Yang Xi slightly frowned. The maiden who came with Vermillion Bird, though still a little young, that kind of condescending temperament which was like that of a king let people’s hearts be in awe.

Qi Xia did not speak. The momentary shock in his eyes was fleeting and his thin lips raised a shallow smile.

In the sky, Vermillion Bird accepted the almost wors.h.i.+ping eyes of the people. In the blink of an eye, it incarnated into a red flame and dived down to the venue.

One ma.s.sive flame hit the center of the venue and almost immediately, a screeching sound rang out within the venue!

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