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Chapter 279 – A Master Pharmacist’s Challenge (2)

TL important note: On previous chapter, (chapter 251) it was said that only Master Pharmacist could make the Blood Feast Potion, but it turned out to be another level that was above a Master Pharmacist. So yeah, sorry about that. Teehee. [good thing you can’t put your emoji here, Raz. -Sky]

Just when the temperature fell to a freezing point, a white-robed old man came in slowly from the doorway. He stood at the door to see the strange situation in the room, his face which was full of wrinkles revealed a hint of doubt.

“Pu Lisi, what are you doing?” The white-robed elder asked.

Pu Lisi, who was still in a fit of anger, saw the white-robed old man, and the fury on his face vanished without a trace, and it was replaced by an expression of utter respect.

“Master Ye Qing, why did you come here?” Pu Lisi respectfully asked. His manner was completely different from before.

Looking at the entire Holy Roland School, who could get such respect from Pu Lisi? Only Ye Qing who was known as the number one Pharmacist in the whole Long Xuan Empire.

Although Ye Qing and Pu Lisi were both Master Pharmacists, the levels of the two people have a qualitative difference.. Pu Lisi became a Master Pharmacist when he was twenty years old. But at that time, Ye Qing had already been in the path of the Master Pharmacist for fifteen years. Currently, Pu Lisi was only in the primary stage of the Master Pharmacist. Ye Qing, on the other hand, had been promoted to the peak of the Master Pharmacist. And at any moment, he would likely break through to the level of a Honorable Master.

Facing Ye Qing, Pu Lisi was like an apprentice, respectful and courteous. He dared not to show the slightest disrespect.

“Master Ye Qing, Lou De has brought a student to me today to cause trouble. I’m kicking them out.” Pu Lisi said in detail.

Ye Qing looked at Lou De and Shen Yanxiao inside the room, and his deep eyes slightly stopped at Shen Yanxiao when he swept a look at them.

“Master Ye Qing, I didn’t mean that. I just think that this child is very talented in pharmaceutics, so I want to recommend him to the masters.” In front of Ye Qing, the pressure building up inside Lou De became even greater. Even the Dean of the Holy Roland School was respectful before Ye Qing.

With Ye Qing’s strength, as long as he was willing to, thousands of people in the entire Long Xuan Empire would be holding priceless treasures and present them to his feet just to have a single bottle of potion from him.

Even the Emperor of Long Xuan Empire had once travelled to the Holy Roland School just to personally invite Ye Qing to serve as a royal pharmacist to Long Xuan Empire’s imperial family.

But, Ye Qing declined his invitation. He had already seen the light of fame and fortune. Aside from breaking through to the level of a Honorable Master, any other existence in the world was meaningless to him.

In front of Pu Lisi, Lou De was cautious and fearful, but when facing Ye Qing, his heart had a boundless longing and admiration.

Ye Qing was the ideal of every pharmacists in the entire Long Xuan Empire.

“Oh?” Ye Qing smiled slightly. His old face had a hint of relaxation and kind smile, completely unlike the aggressive Pu Lisi.

Shen Yanxiao subconsciously like this mild old man.

Compared to Pu Lisi, he deserved the respect of others.

“Didn’t mean? That little devil just questioned my pharmaceutical abilities. He’s just a freshman student, where did this freshman get the courage to show that he actually have a deeper understanding of pharmaceutics than me?” Pu Lisi sneered.

The humiliation that Shen Yanxiao brought him made him want to rush the two of them out of the room.

Lou De didn’t know what to say for a moment. Shen Yanxiao’s words just a moment ago were really difficult to accept, not to mention the other party was a Master Pharmacist.


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