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Chapter 2585: Muddy the Waters (3)

If she wasn’t careful, she would be discovered by him instead.

However, if she didn’t do this, Shen Yanxiao would miss an opportunity to muddy the waters between the

devil generals. She just couldn’t walk away so casually after coming to the Devil Race.

She still wanted to give it a try.

Shen Yanxiao had made up her mind to nd time to test Qing Jun’s strength tonight. If it was feasible, she

would cast a curse technique on him.

Qing Jun’s strength, if not above hers, would denitely not be lower than Yun Qi’s. Warlocks of this level

were very mindful of protecting themselves. Even if they were attacked by curse techniques of high-level

Warlocks, they would respond in the rst instant. Even if they could not completely remove the curse, it

was also impossible to control them with a curse technique.

Therefore, Shen Yanxiao would only use a suggestive curse technique to intensify the dissatisfaction with

the devil generals in Qing Jun’s mind. This curse technique was not complicated and was dicult to

detect. It would expand the dark side of one’s heart, guiding the victim to the abyss. It would also not

leave any trace. Even though Qing Jun was a Warlock, he would never nd out that he had been under a

curse technique. He would only feel that everything was due to his own inner thoughts.

To put it bluntly, this kind of suggestive curse technique was fueling people’s emotions. If the person who

was cursed did not have such thoughts, even if the curse technique was used, it would not have any

eect; but, if there was even a little bit, the tiny spark could start a prairie re.

Qing Jun waited for a while but did not see Shen Yanxiao cry and repent any further. The maid just stood

there foolishly, staring at her toes in a daze.

Qing Jun frowned tightly and accepted the maid again. He had spent a lot of patience. Although the devil

girl looked a bit stupid, she was fortunately quiet and did not cause trouble, saving him a lot of


The devil generals were not pleasing to his eyes. But were the ordinary devils pleasing to his eyes?

Qing Jun was not a fool. It wasn’t that he did not know that although the devils were respectful to him on

the surface, they had never regarded him as a companion in private. For the devils, he was just a useful

p.a.w.n of their Devil G.o.d. Once his value was lost, he was useless.

He was very disgusted with the devils. He hated the aggression in their eyes; he hated even more the

coquettish female devils. Qing Jun didn’t like the devils in the slightest.

Finding a maid for himself was a last resort. He had to devote himself to his research, so that he had no

time to take care of the herb garden and many other things. It was only because of this that he had asked

those devil soldiers to nd a maid for him.

The girl who was sent here was somewhat dierent from the female devils he had seen before. Even

though she had a beautiful face and was stunning, she was very conservative. She was not as bold nor

unrestrained as those other female devils. At least there was no disgusting smell on her body. Therefore,

Qing Jun reluctantly accepted this by his side.

For now, everything Shen Yanxiao had done satised Qing Jun; otherwise, Qing Jun would have told her to


Seeing his maid fall silent, Qing Jun also felt this wasn’t quite worth it. He and the demons did not see

each other as agreeable, but throwing his anger at a devil girl was also useless. What was more, the devils

always respected the devil generals; what his maid had done was just natural to devils.

“That’s all then. I don’t want it to happen again after today. Go and water the herbs. Forget about today.”…


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