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When the first ray of suns.h.i.+ne fell on the earth in the morning, the dwarves of the Pukos Alchemist Guild, who had been revelling all night, were still asleep.

Shen Yanxiao came out of the room and, as she did when she came, she took nothing but the metal rod and her sacred tool ring.

Yu Lei was woken up by Shen Yanxiao in his sleep. He opened his hazy eyes, looked at the light of day, and struggled to sit up.

“What are you going to do this morning?” Yu Lei rubbed his sore eyes. He drank a lot last night, and now his head still felt a little heavy.

It was his first time drinking the fruit wine of the dwarves and he thought at first that it wasn’t strong. Who would have known that it was actually so strong that he was knocked unconscious last night? He didn’t even know how he returned to the guild.

“Get up. We should go.” Shen Yanxiao said.

“Go? Where are we going?” Yu Lei looked vaguely at Shen Yanxiao. What was this King Kong Barbie going to do now?

“Meet my companions.” Shen Yanxiao had a smile in her eyes, and her mind had been filled with the shouts of Taotie.

“Oh, oh.” Yu Lei got up. Companions of King Kong Barbie?

Monkeys? Orangutans?

After getting dressed in a daze, Yu Lei was taken away from the Alchemist Guild.

Leaving the Alchemist Guild, Shen Yanxiao walked towards the restaurant they went to last night. On the third floor of the restaurant was a temporary inn for dwarves. Shen Yanxiao stopped in front of a room.

Shen Yanxiao had just raised her hand to knock on the door when the door suddenly opened and a figure pounced on her.

“Ah, ah, ah! Master, you are back, I am going to be tossed to death by my Fourth Brother, wuhuhu.” Taotie’s unique voice sounded in Shen Yanxiao’s ears as the little foodie sought shelter in the arms of Shen Yanxiao, crying about his h.e.l.l-like life this period of time.

Shen Yanxiao smiled and touched Taotie’s small head. The familiar voice and the familiar breath made her feel very comfortable.

Yu Lei, who had been following Shen Yanxiao, had been petrified by what was happening in front of him.

“Mas… Mas… ter.” Holy smokes! That was a weird way of addressing!

Yu Lei was thoroughly stunned seeing the little adorable boy acting cute and spoiled in Shen Yanxiao’s arms, and his dull brain fluttered with a thought.

A fierce-looking King Kong Barbie, a little adorable boy, the “master” way of addressing and the spoiled behavior of the boy like a tiger seeking for a touch and hug…

Yu Lei swallowed his saliva and looked at Shen Yanxiao as if he were looking at a pervert.

He really didn’t expect that this King Kong Barbie had such a preference.

“I say, don’t the dwarves have a bigger room? If I go on like this, my waist will break sooner or later.” A strong voice came from the room, and a tall figure came out slowly.

Light golden eyes and tall figure like a mountain. The Dragon G.o.d’s well-built body gave the dwarf Yu Lei great fear.

“…” Yu Lei’s eyes were about to pop out.

“Taotie, what are you doing?” Another stern rebuke came from the room. Bian, as tall as the Dragon G.o.d, frowned and somewhat disapprovingly looked at Taotie in Shen Yanxiao’s arms.

“Hea… Heavens…” Yu Lei had been completely petrified. He had no idea that this barbie’s companions were such a trio.


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