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Sal’s heart moved. He looked at Long Yan with some surprise. 

Long Yan was willing to give him all the eight-winged golden dragons? 

G.o.d knew how powerful an eight-winged golden dragon was. Sal had been in the Hidden Dragon Continent for more than a thousand years, but the resurrected eight-winged golden dragons under his hands were few and far between. Nevertheless, each of the resurrected eight-winged bone dragons were very powerful and shocking. 

There were certainly more than ten eight-winged golden dragons in the north at present; if he could turn all these eight-winged golden dragons into bone dragons… 

Sal’s emotions were stirred up. How could he possibly sit down in the face of such an attractive profit? 

This would be a major step to expand the army of bone dragons. 

Long Yan’s heart was truly very cruel. In order to conquer the whole Hidden Dragon Continent, he was willing to destroy all the eight-winged golden dragons except him. 

This kind of genocide, it was feared that even the most cunning human beings might not be able to do it. 

“All right. I promise you.” Sal finally failed to resist the temptation and agreed to Long Yan’s proposal. 

“Only, this time, the consumption will be very large; the number of bone dragons in our hands is limited…” Sal pointed out. 

Long Yan gritted his teeth and said, “I’ll take you to the Dragon Cemetery.” 

It was rumored that every high-level dragon would leave their home quietly and wait for death in a place that no one else knew. 

That place was called the Dragon Cemetery, and it was the burial place of the high-level dragons from the past generations. 

n.o.body knew exactly where the Dragon Cemetery was apart from the high-level dragons. 

Sal had always wanted to learn the location of the Dragon Cemetery from Long Yan’s mouth, but this dragon was extremely stubborn and refused to tell him anything. 

So this matter had always been a pity for Sal. 

The Dragon Cemetery was a place where there were countless corpses of high-level dragons. Even though, with the pa.s.sage of time, the skeletons of the dragons who had been dead for thousands of years were fully weathered, the skeletons of the dragons who had died in the past ten thousand years could still be resurrected! 

That place would definitely be the Holy Land of the undead! 

Sal smiled, his gloomy eyes flas.h.i.+ng with greed. 

Long Yan’s move was tantamount to seeking his own death. They cooperated with Long Yan just to strengthen their own force. But now, Long Yan actually delivered their fighting strength right to them. 

Once the north was subdued, all the eight-winged golden dragons aside from Long Yan would become their slaves and their most loyal followers. 

Until then… 

Sal’s cold eyes swept over Long Yan un.o.btrusively, and a cruel smile blossomed in the corner of his mouth. 

By that time, Long Yan would be useless. 

As long as all the eight-winged golden dragons on the Hidden Dragon Continent died and the undead took control of their corpses, the destruction of the Dragon Race was imminent. 

Long Yan didn’t realize this at all. Of course, Sal would be unlikely to remind him. 

“If that’s the case, it would be very nice. After we get things ready, we can begin slaughtering the dragons in the north. We will kill those dragons who have different ideas from you, and then kill the little golden dragon.” Sal’s smile was extraordinarily brilliant. 

Long Yan had no idea that he had already sold the entire Dragon Race. He was intent on occupying the whole Hidden Dragon Continent and becoming the king of all the dragons in the world. 

What about the death of the eight-winged golden dragons? As long as he could find the Dragon King’s Decree and get the power of the Dragon G.o.d, he could still rule the whole Hidden Dragon Continent without the a.s.sistance of other eight-winged golden dragons. 

Even if you beat Long Yan to death, he would not have thought that the undead, humble in his eyes, had already began to plot the destruction of the whole Dragon Race.

And come and chill with us in  or in .


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