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Chapter 1687 – Dragon Blood Awakening (2)

“Let’s summon Qilin and others out!” Qi Xia hurriedly said, and in such a situation, he did not dare to move Shen
Yanxiao at all.
In the blink of an eye, Qilin, Azure Dragon and Black Tortoise appeared around them in human forms. Lan Fengli
immediately arrived at their side and also called out Yazi.
The four dragons kept approaching them, Qi Xia and others braced themselves for a big fight.
But at this moment, Vermillion Bird and Taotie suddenly flew out of Shen Yanxiao’s body.
“You! Get out of here quickly! Close the door and don’t tell anyone what’s happening here!” As soon as Vermillion
Bird appeared, he pointed at the Dragon Knight and ordered him.
The Dragon Knight was a little stunned, and before he could respond, Vermillion Bird had already thrown him out
with a fireball that was full of impatience.
Taotie’s figure flashed to the door of the room and shut it completely.

“Vermillion Bird?” Tang Nazhi looked at Vermillion Bird with a trace of doubt in his eyes.
“Master is alright. The eight-winged golden dragon that heart belonged to was probably the same dragon from
which the dragon blood that was fused into master was extracted. That heart is probably the last trace of the eightwinged golden dragon’s existence in this world. When you destroyed it, the smell of burning stimulated the
awakening of the dragon blood in master’s body. Master is likely… going through the dragon blood awakening.”
Vermillion Bird gritted his teeth secretly. The first instant something appeared wrong in Shen Yanxiao, he already
wanted to rush out.
As a result, Xiu who had fallen into a deep sleep, suddenly awakened in the heart lake. Holding on to the last trace
of consciousness, he told Vermillion Bird and Taotie about Shen Yanxiao’s situation.
Hence the two of them came out late.
“Little Xiao is going to become a dragon?” Tang Nazhi stared wide-eyed at Shen Yanxiao. He couldn’t believe what
he had just heard.
“It’s not clear for the time being, but we cannot let others know master’s secret. Right now, we can’t move her. If the
dragon blood in her body really wants to wake up now, our best way is to wait here for the end of the awakening.”
Vermillion Bird’s small face was taut. The reason why he drove out the Dragon Knight as soon as he appeared was
to keep Shen Yanxiao’s secret.
“Then shall we take care of the four dragons first?” Tang Nazhi was quietly relieved that Shen Yanxiao was fine.
“I don’t think they will harm master.” Taotie rarely stood on the side so seriously.
“I agree with Little Five.” From the very beginning, he did not feel that the four dragons wanted to cause any harm
to Shen Yanxiao

Magical beasts of the Holy level were able to feel the intentions of dragons from their aura, to a certain extent.
And the four dragons did not have any murderous aura.
“Are you sure?” Tang Nazhi asked.
“Certainly.” Yazi nodded his head.
The four dragons gradually approached, but did not launch an attack. They just surrounded Qi Xia and others.
One of the four dragons, a red dragon with two pairs of wings, turned into a tall and handsome man under the gaze
of Qi Xia and others.
Among the dragons, only the dragons with four wings and above had the ability to transform into human form.
The four-winged red dragon[1] was covered with scars of all sizes, but his expression did not fluctuate at all. He
stood in front of Qi Xia and others and slowly said, “Human beings, we will not attack you. The human girl in your
arms and that teenager have the aura of my king. You have freed my king; we of the Dragon Race do not bite the
hand that feeds us.”
[1] Just to clarify, among the four dragons, only one was a four-winged red dragon.


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