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On the Radiance Continent, the strength of the G.o.ds was beyond dispute. This race, which once stood at the top of the major races, had always been the object of human faith. 

Even after the demise of the G.o.d Race, people still built statues of G.o.ds in many cities. 

Even though each Divine professional was extremely powerful, they were far apart from the superior G.o.ds, and their strength could only compete with the inferior G.o.ds at most. 

After seeing the true ident.i.ty of Xiu, the master of the Broken Star Palace panicked completely; all his momentum collapsed in an instant. 

Xiu was still in a condescending posture as before, displaying a sense of contempt, as if the master of the Broken Star Palace were just an ant that was not worth mentioning, and that would eventually decay and become sludge under Xiu’s feet. 

In front of the G.o.ds, human beings were always so insignificant. 

“Is he really a G.o.d?” There was an uproar among the people of the Broken Star Palace. They had just renewed their morale after seeing that their palace master was a powerful Divine Magister; but now, in front of a mighty G.o.d, their inner confidence had already collapsed. 

“Hasn’t the G.o.d Race perished already?” 

“But those golden eyes are the symbol of the G.o.ds.” 

“Even the palace master said that he was a G.o.d…” 

The people of the Broken Star Palace became a complete mess. They dared not go one step further. 

What Saint Professional? What Divine Magister? In front of a real G.o.d, they had become just like ants. It made lowly people like them feel ridiculous. 

A human being who dared to contend with the G.o.ds had not yet been born.

What crus.h.i.+ng someone’s momentum was like, Tang Nazhi and others had really witnessed it right now. 

From the moment Xiu revealed his real ident.i.ty to the present, only one minute had pa.s.sed, and the presence of the Broken Star Palace had already changed from valiant heroes to frightened birds. 

In such a situation, forget about fighting, they even had some difficulties in standing steadily. 

“Little Xiao really got herself a good partner! Once a man becomes immortal, even his hen and dog become immortal, too! With this idol around, sweeping the whole Radiance Continent is just around the corner!” Tang Nazhi was practically clapping his hands in cheer! 

What expert’s demeanor? What aura? 

He looked at Xiu, and then looked at the Divine Magister master of the Broken Star Palace and though that there was a really big disparity between them. 

Shen Yanxiao turned her head silently to look at the excited Tang Nazhi. 

“Are you a hen or a dog?” 

“…” Tang Nazhi was struck dumb. 

Qi Xia and Yang Xi very tacitly opened up a distance between them and Tang Nazhi. 

“I don’t know if idiocy is contagious.” Qi Xia patted his sleeves as if to remove the dust. 

“I don’t know this idiot at all.” Yang Xi looked at Tang Nazhi with disgust. 

They didn’t want to be domestic fowl at all. 

“…” Tang Nazhi was speechless. Should these b.a.s.t.a.r.ds really be so cruel? 

How he missed Li Xiaowei at this moment. If his older brother were here, he would not be so isolated. 

Brother, come back soon! 

Compared with the relaxed and cheerful atmosphere on the side of The Rising Sun City, the Broken Star Palace was full of worry and gloom. The moment Xiu revealed his true self, their greatest fighting strength had been reduced from a demiG.o.d to an ant. 

There was no need for this battle to go on at all. 

A large part of the reason why the Broken Star Palace was famous in the world was that the founders of this palace were heroes who had partic.i.p.ated in the battle of G.o.ds and devils. This kind of glory made it into a place that the strong yearned for. 

However, in the battle between G.o.ds and devils, it was the G.o.ds that really took the lead. And now, in front of a G.o.d, the Broken Star Palace even had its remaining glory crushed into powder. 

A group of people who originally suspected the Broken Star Palace due to Shen Yanxiao’s words at the beginning were even more shaken when they saw that a G.o.d had been standing on Shen Yanxiao’s side.

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