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In the next few days, Su Qian and Su Chen still came over to report every day at Shen Yanxiao’s window, and as usual, they still didn’t talk and just stared intently at Shen Yanxiao. When they left, Shen Yanxiao would smile at them. The two bashful little ones also stopped giving fruits to her and instead often put some stuff they made with slender leaves on Shen Yanxiao’s window sill.

Small gra.s.shopper, small rabbit, small table, small chair, all kinds of bizarre crafts built from leaves were placed on Shen Yanxiao’s table. Although these two children were young, they were very clever in mind and skilled of hand, each one of their crafts was very vivid and realistic.

Perhaps because he had become aware of the past history of the two children, Vermillion Bird’s att.i.tude towards these two little “rivals” had also undergone subtle changes.

Although his face still showed a bad mood, he no longer had the mind to throw them out.


Without her realizing, Shen Yanxiao had already stayed in the Moons.h.i.+ne Tribe for half a month; plus her five days in the Moonlight Tribe, she had already spent twenty days of her free time. In ten days, she would leave the Moons.h.i.+ne Tribe and go to the Moons.h.i.+ne City.

Shen Yanxiao’s success rate in writing magical words was getting higher and higher. Although it was still impossible for her to write a complete inscription, her progress was not small either.

The days had pa.s.sed by peacefully. Shen Yanxiao simply thought that troublesome matters could not just arise over and over again.

But fate was often this way: when you think that the breeze was still and the waves were quiet, Heavens would always make the sea roar and bring rough waves to your sh.o.r.e.

When she heard the news that An Ran brought over, Shen Yanxiao gave a slight start.

“Qingyuan Tribe wants to dispatch forces to deal with me?” Shen Yanxiao’s smile had a rich interest in it as she looked at An Ran, who had a tense expression on his face.

After she beat up Shui Ling, Shui Miao came after her; after she beat up Shui Miao, it directly alerted the entire tribe.

This was exactly the rhythm of going after her until she died.

An Ran nodded his head. This news was something he had just heard from An Feng’s mouth.

The Qingyuan Tribe released the news two days ago, indicating that they would use all the experts in their tribe to deal with Shen Yanxiao.

“Shui Ling’s matter didn’t make a big noise in the Qingyuan Tribe, but after Shui Miao was defeated by your hands, to fulfill the agreement of the bet between the two of you, he went to the Moons.h.i.+ne City to resign a few days ago and asked for a transfer to the Moonlight Coast. This incident caused the Qingyuan Tribe to completely explode in rage. Although Shui Miao and Shui Ling are brothers, they have completely different statuses in the Qingyuan Tribe. When Shui Miao was in the Silvermoon Guards, he was the most likely to catch up to and surpa.s.s the Five Young Silvermoon. Now that he applied for a transfer to the Moonlight Coast, it is tantamount to obliterating the roots of the Qingyuan Tribe in the Moons.h.i.+ne City. So it’s no wonder they would fume in anger.” An Ran slightly pulled down the corners of his lips. He really couldn’t bear to look at the style of the Qingyuan Tribe.

Clearly, it was the elves of their own tribe who first came to seek trouble for Shen Yanxiao; as a result, their skills were inferior to her and they therefore lost. Now, they actually wanted to hoist a tiger’s skin as a banner to intimidate others and prepared to deliberately make things difficult for Shen Yanxiao.

“Shui Miao is still being detained in the Qingyuan Tribe. The leader of the Qingyuan Tribe stepped forward to suppress the resignation of Shui Miao. It is estimated that he wants to borrow your matters to reverse the situation.” An Ran sighed. Shui Miao was not a coward; at least he really intended to carry out their bet.

However, the practice of the Qingyuan Tribe leader was truly hard for him to compliment.

The corners of Shen Yanxiao’s mouth curved up, showing an arc that was really not a smile.

“To deal with me huh? I want to see, how can they deal with me and continue to use Shui Ling’s incident against me? Even if it’s one against a pair, I am also not afraid of them.” Since the Qingyuan Tribe was courting death, she would certainly not be soft-hearted.

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