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Shui Ling dangerously escaped Shen Yanxiao’s strike. The arrow flew past him and directly hit the wall behind him.

They only heard a loud bang, and then a huge hole suddenly emerged in the st.u.r.dy wall of the training ground that was shot by Shen Yanxiao’s arrow!

That deafening sound scared all the elves on the scene.

They all thought that although Shen Yanxiao’s archery seemed quite good, the power in her shots was not great; after all, just this the morning, she could not even penetrate the target’s protective layer.


The huge hole in front of them was a slap in the face to their naive thoughts.

Could an elf, who could create a hole through such a hard wall with just an arrow, really be incapable of shooting through the protective layer of a practice target?

Don’t joke around!!!

Shui Ling gaped at the huge hole on the wall for a while, then he incredulously looked at Shen Yanxiao. The power of that arrow was absolutely no less than that of any black elf.

Even Shui Ling himself was not sure if he could shoot such a powerful blasting arrow.

“You… were you just pretending this morning?” Shui Ling broke out into a cold sweat in fright. Obviously, only one noon had pa.s.sed, yet the power of Shen Yanxiao had dramatically changed. Now, even if he were to be killed, he would not believe that it was really the case. What kind of elf could raise their power to this level in just one noon?

Therefore, there was only one answer!

Everything that Shen Yanxiao showed them in the morning was just a disguise to deceive the public!

And what they were seeing right now was her true strength!

“Pretend? I don’t have that kind of leisure.” Shen Yanxiao hooked her lips up and placed another arrow on the bowstring of her friend’s bow.

She truly didn’t pretend or whatnot, but the bow she had used in the morning couldn’t absorb the power of her elf side. However, now that she changed her bow into An Ran’s, the source of life in her body could finally be fully activated.

Just a single bow and everything had thoroughly changed.

“Stop lying…” Shui Ling still wanted to accuse Shen Yanxiao, but Shen Yanxiao had launched an attack once again. The next moment the arrow flew out, and Shen Yanxiao directly released the second arrow, not giving Shui Ling any chance to breathe.

The elves who were watching the battle were completely dumbfounded. They thought that this battle would be a battle for Shui Ling to slap Shen Yanxiao’s face one-sidedly, but never did they expect that everything would be completely opposite to their imagination!

The Shen Yanxiao in front of them right now, and the Shen Yanxiao this morning were totally like two different people. Those weak arrows in the morning had now become an explosive killing weapon!

Once Shui Ling was. .h.i.t with those arrows, they reckoned that he would be directly finished here.

All the elves were secretly rejoicing that they had not lost their minds so far as to run and provoke this terrifying elf. Otherwise, they probably would have been the ones being chased right now, through the entire training ground.

Black-bellied! Too black-bellied!

This little elf deliberately displayed all kinds of powerlessness in the morning, and then set off an explosive power in the afternoon. The gap between her strength before and after was just so big. She was really black-bellied!

Leaving aside her astonis.h.i.+ngly explosive arrows, just Shen Yanxiao’s imposing manner that evidently overwhelmed Shui Ling to death could already make all the elves retreat a few steps back.

It didn’t matter if you had simply provoked an enemy for yourself. What mattered was that this enemy did not intend to just engage in a small fight with you, and instead directly used a heavy hand. She would not give up as long as she had not put you to death. For the elves who had been living easy and comfortable days for a long time, this was not something they could easily handle.

Those elves who had been in cahoots with Shui Ling and tossed around An Ran had subconsciously hidden themselves behind other elves. They were really afraid that Shen Yanxiao would next settle accounts with them, after sorting out Shui Ling.

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