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Chapter 212: The Dark Night

‘What’s going on… my body should’ve broken through the second level three days ago! But it keeps absorbing the energy as if it’s a bottomless pit! When will it get satisfied… is this because of my mysterious revolving method?’ As he continued doing push-ups, Virus was a.n.a.lyzing this strange phenomenon inside himself and the only answer he could arrive at was that it was the result of his revolution method!

‘Moreover… originally, my muscles were only supposed to bulge outwardly and get bigger which is the result of exercising in the gravity room… but why would it proceed further and become smaller once again? If I’m not wrong, they should’ve gotten much denser and compacted… but the point here is that this wasn’t supposed to happen!’

In the past few days, Virus had exercised all kinds of training movements while constantly absorbing the energy of the STC with every fiber of his muscles, so naturally, experiencing muscular hypertrophy was the expected result.

Moreover, since this level was related to the muscles themselves, it mainly targeted the strength of the pract.i.tioner as it would undergo a few levels of increase in power. However, according to his a.n.a.lysis of how his strength progressed compared to other pract.i.tioners, the utmost limit he should’ve been able to reach inside the gravity room should not have exceeded a multiplication of four times!

But right now, the room was adjusted to 600 percent gravity! And he was having a rather easy time while experiencing it.

‘Let’s adjust the multiplication to seven times…’ As this thought went through his head, he ordered the gravity room to be adjusted once more.


For a moment, the walls began to produce a momentary noise before going silent once again.

Instantly, an intense pressure descended upon Virus as he felt his internal organs s.h.i.+ft for a short moment which in return made him wonder, ‘If my internal organs weren’t also slowly absorbing the energy of the STC and improving, then practicing inside the gravity room would have been simply impossible. This is only possible because of the existence of STC.’

Afterward, he slowly got used to the new level of gravity in a few hours before starting different kinds of exercising movements once again. Soon, a strange sense of fulfillment started to surface inside him.

The process continued for some time when Virus finally felt like his flesh’s temperature rise to an abnormal degree, making him feel as if he was set on fire!

“Ahh…” Unconsciously, he released a small wail of pain when he felt like the heat finally leave his muscles as they wildly invaded his organs and innards.

“Haha… finally, I did it! This is the third level… the initial phase of Viscera Renewal!” Bursting out in laughter, Virus announced happily.

“Congratulations, master!” Came the voice of the golden beauty who was standing outside the open door of the room. To be honest, she quite disliked staying inside the room due to the extreme intensity of gravity and that why it eventually let to the current situation.

“It’s all thanks to my Lil Belle taking care of me so well!” Since he was in a rather good mood at the moment, Virus decided to compliment her a bit.

And hearing his flattering words, the golden beauty became much more cheerful as she smiled from ear to ear.

“Master’s already at the third level, Viscera Renewal… I’m shocked by this speed of progress. Oh, right, the Island ugly brought master’s ring back… he told me it’s fixed completely!” Taking off the pitch-black ring from one of her small cute fingers which was clearly very loose on her, the golden beauty stated while offering it to him.

Walking beside her, Virus received the ring before putting it on his middle finger once again. Then, he inquired, “Did the Island ugly say anything else?”

Putting her index-finger under her lips for a moment, it seemed as if she was pondering very hard about his particular question when she ultimately replied as such, “Umm… yeah, he told me to notify master that the punching machine has been prepared too… if you need it, he can bring it over.”

“No need for now. It’s the middle of the night and I’m really tired. So let’s leave it for tomorrow and talk about this again after I’ve had enough rest.” Yawning, Virus phrased his response.

“Ah, okay… will you sleep under the gravity pressure like before or…?”

“I’m too tired… I just wanna relax for the night, so let’s go to the other room.”




At the same time, without alarming anyone, two people jumped out of a pa.s.sing plane with their parachutes as they dived toward an unknown island in the darkness of the night.

Soon, as they were close enough to the ground, both of them released their parachutes as slowly descended to the ground.

“Vital Burst, do you think anyone noticed us?” The first person who was clearly a woman queried.

“Not likely… since we’re using the cover of the night to conceal ourselves… that’s very unlikely. But we better be careful just in case.” Replied the mysterious man who went by the code-name Vital Burst.

Meanwhile, the Island ugly with his iron stomach was cooking himself dinner when suddenly, the marble on the counter’s alarm went off as it promptly displayed the location of two red dots on the hovering 3D screen right above the marble itself.

“Hmm?” Hearing the alarm, the Island ugly immediately stopped in his tracks as all of his attention was drawn to the marble which had the task of scanning the whole atoll 24/7.

‘Someone’s invading the island at this time?’ Thought the Island ugly in amazement. He was surprised and kind of caught off-hand because since the news of Mutated HIV was announced to the world, such an incident had almost never happened.

‘Well… guess it’s time to work and secure the island.’ As this notion appeared inside his mind, he walked beside a shelf in a corner and picked an azure ring from above it while deliberating simultaneously, ‘Just to be safe…’

Then, putting it on, he strolled out of the vicinity as he left toward the winking dots.




By now, the man and the woman were secretly getting near the building, when Vital Burst started repeating their orders at the woman beside him in a low voice, “Dusty Mercury, so here’s the plan, after we arrive at the destination, we will separate and search every corner of the building. If possible, eliminate whoever you see. But don’t forget the priority. The priority is the highest order, alright?”


Hearing her confirmation, his sight turned toward her busty b.u.t.tocks while he mumbled with clear heat apparent inside his eyes, “Good… let’s finish this mission successfully and I shall treat you to a drink of victory!”

“Aiii… I don’t think you two will return to celebrate your victory anymore… so, no more drinks for you two.” Dusty Mercury was just about to refuse when to their extreme trepidation, another voice reverberated in the area which instantly caught both of them off guard as a s.h.i.+ver was sent down to their spine.

“Who’s there!” Vital Burst who quickly gathered his wits shouted toward the source of the sound. {A/N: It’s me, DIO!}

“Haha… that was funny! You two invade my land and then ask who I am in a surprised tone?” Cracking up, the Island ugly replied.


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