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Currently, detective Brown was going through his current case when suddenly, someone strolled beside his desk and phrased, “Detective Brown, someone has come to see you. She says she’s one of your daughter’s best friends, Ella.” Hearing that Ella was here, at first, he was muddled, but then, putting away his confusion, a smile showed up on his face as he voiced, “Ella’s here? Please bring her over.”


A few minutes later, Ella walked beside detective Brown and voiced, “h.e.l.lo, uncle Jack, how have you been?”

Seeing her serious expression which didn’t have her usual cheerfulness, being the detective he was, he instantly realized something was wrong, so without beating around the bush, his face also became serious as he inquired, “What wrong, Ella? You can tell uncle, I promise I’ll help you if I can!”

Hearing this, an appreciative smile appeared on Ella’s face. However, shaking her head, she uttered, “I don’t need help, uncle. I’m just here to report a crime… a crime I’ve committed myself.”

Listening to this, detective Brown was a bit surprised as he thought, ‘Did she do something bad? So now she’s come to confess it? Anyway, what can this girl do, it shouldn’t be anything serious… I should just tell her it’s okay after hearing her and then send her away-‘

“I murdered someone.”

“Cough-” Just as detective Brown was completing his own line of thinking, his deliberation was interrupted by Ella’s abrupt words which instantly made him eat his thoughts in shock as his eyes became round.

“What did you just say?”

“I murdered someone.” She repeated again while looking down in guilt, her face really dark.

“Ella, you can’t joke about things like this! What is it? Some kind of prank Mary put you on to do?” He queried with some traces of anger appearing on his face as he thought, ‘d.a.m.n it, this daughter of mine always doing these kinds of pranks on me.’

However, shaking her head, Ella mouthed, “Uncle, I’m not joking, that death at Avalon Nightclub at XXth was committed by me.”

At this point, Jack was truly stunned, because how could he not know about that case. However, thinking further, he uttered, “There is no way you’ve done that. Do you know what kind of mess that slaughter was? How can someone with your physique-“


Just as he was about to continue, abruptly, a punch landed on his desk, breaking it into two sections to the shock of everyone at the precinct.

Seeing him not believe her confession, left with no other choice, this was the only method Ella had at hand to make him believe it.

Looking at his stupefied face, she added, “Uncle, I really did kill someone. I’m not crazy enough to confess to a murder I didn’t commit. I’ve made the decision to come here after a lot of struggling with myself.”

At this point, the other detectives and staff at the precinct also walked over, seeing her breaking the desk with a single punch, as they questioned Jack, “What’s going on here?”

“She says she’s the killer of the Avalon Nightclub case.” Another detective from the closest desk to Jack’s uttered. He had been listening to this entire conversation secretly from the moment he had heard her say ‘I murdered someone.’

“WHAT!” Many people barked at the same time hearing these words.

“Is that the truth? This girl?!”

As they began to murmur amongst themselves, at this point, someone walked over and looking at Ella’s face, she screamed, “It’s her! That’s one of the two women from the facial composite!” This voice obviously belonged to detective Argent.

Everyone was flabbergast at this point and didn’t know what to say anymore.




“So you’re saying you killed the man whose head was about to be detached from his body?” Inside the interrogation room, detective Argent questioned. There were some traces of surprise in her eyes as she thought, ‘How could such a harmless looking girl slaughter those men like that. But her strength was real, I also just saw her break that desk so effortlessly!’

“Yes.” Ella confirmed.

“Then what about the rest? Who killed them?” She asked further.

“This-” Ella didn’t know what to say. Of course, she wasn’t going to say they were killed by his boyfriend and the bodyguard he sent to protect her.

“I don’t know.”


“Hah! Do you think I’m a fool? You must be trying to get away by changing the case to that of self-defense since you should’ve realized we’re after you after seeing the facial composite. But you can forget about succeeding in doing that since that will never happen.” She shouted while slapping the table between them.

“No… I’m not trying to… I was just trying to defend myself but-“

“Keep this pitiful act to yourself, I know this is all just an act. Just confess everything and I promise I’ll do everything I can to bring your sentence to the minimum. Like that, at least you’ll have a slight chance of escaping the lethal injection!” She proceeded harshly.

“No… I wasn’t trying to-” At this point, trembling, Ella covered her mouth with both of her hands as tears kept dripping from her face. Hearing she was going to be injected to death, how could she not feel afraid. She was really afraid of both dying and pain.


At this point, the door to the interrogation door was pushed open as detective Jack charged in and started shouting, “Detective Argent! I know Ella, she’s a good girl! If she says she hasn’t done it! Then she hasn’t! She’s not like what you’re forcing her to be! And! Don’t you hear her say she was trying to defend herself?”

“Detective Brown, if what you’re saying is true, why doesn’t she tell us who has killed the rest of those people?” Vocalizing this, he added further, “Also, I’m sure you won’t persist on her being a good girl after watching the video of her killing a man with a single punch! A single punch!” She proclaimed while increasing the volume of her voice just like him.

“Moreover, her strength is the only explanation for the rest of those murders other than those four, so unless she starts talking and has some evidence to back her words, I’m pretty sure there is a high chance she would be convicted at the court considering the fact that the judges also have some special privileges when it comes to the cases of the FAP…” At this point she went quiet. Although she didn’t like this FAP thing, she couldn’t stop herself from thinking maybe this girl deserved it.

“d.a.m.n it, detective! Don’t you hear me say she’s not like that?” Unable to say anything else to refute her words, Jack could only say this in response.

“Detective Brown, I understand you know this person and thus have personal feelings attached regarding the case. But we can’t let emotions interfere when it comes to justice. So please, as a partner, I ask you to stay out of it and don’t meddle in my case!” Looking at his face, she requested in an earnest but also a meaningful tone.


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