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Hearing Virus’ question, Howar, who had a huge ego felt like exploding as he glared at Virus while gritting his teeth in extreme pain and anger and shouted, ” Yooou! You sneak attacked me… You… b.a.s.t.a.r.d!!!!! If… ahhh… You’re dead!!! My master will definitely…”

He was about to say some cliché words when Virus interrupted, as he wasn’t really interested in his words and instead, he responded with, “It doesn’t feel good when you’re the one who’s being sneak attacked and harmed, does it?”

“Now, let me allow you to experience how it feels like to be a cripple.” Uttering this, Virus once again connected himself to his handgun and sent a new command, ‘Imaginary mode!’

After this command was sent to the handgun, Virus began to imagine the shape of a needle in his mind and at the same time, he aimed the gun at Howar’s abdomen.

“No… please… no… anything but that…!” Witnessing where Virus was aiming his weapon at, Howar’s face went even paler than before as he began to beg for him to stop.

“Say you’re sorry and I might forgive you…” Virus voiced as a large grin appeared on his face.

“Forgive me! Please stop… I’m really sorry!” Without any hesitation, feeling like he was facing a devil, he began to ask for forgiveness in fear, however, even though he was asking for forgiveness outside, internally, a different thought was pa.s.sing through his head, ‘Just you wait… after I’m saved… I’ll cut you into a thousand pieces! I’ll make you shower in your own p.i.s.s and eat your own feces as food every day!’

Because he was so afraid of being crippled and as he was so preoccupied with other malicious thoughts… he even forgot that he could just forfeit and then the judge elder will stop the match and protect him at all costs!

Though he might’ve remembered it if Virus hadn’t said, “Say you’re sorry and I might forgive you…”, which gave him the impression that his only hope was to be forgiven by him and escape from being crippled.

However, how could any change in his expression escape Virus’ a.n.a.lyzing eyes which instantly concluded that deep down, he wasn’t feeling sorry at all, not even a bit, and instead, his expression was yelling he will be back for revenge.

So, deciding to do the same thing as Howar once again, Virus showed a kind smile on his face as he uttered, “You seem really sincere in your apology… since that’s the case… I forgive you.”

“Ah, truly… thank…”

a.s.suming he was saved, Howar let out a sigh of relief as he was about to express his fake grat.i.tude, however, before he could even finish his sentence, Virus abruptly raised his handgun and aimed it at his abdomen before pulling the trigger!

At the same time as his handgun was raised, a very loud shout was heard from the elders’ area, “Stoooooop!”

However, it was already too late as Virus pulled the trigger while completely ignoring the yell.


Immediately, a very thin blue light shot out of the handgun as it entered Howar’s abdomen and pierced through his Dantian.

“But… why… you said… you’ve forgiven me… why… whyyyy!” Feeling his Dantian pierced, a crazed expression appeared on Howar’s face as he questioned in despair and insanity of his bleak future.

“My my… I did indeed forgive you… but, don’t you like to play with the rules so much, Howar? And you made it sound totally just, right? You see… I just did the same… so you can’t really blame me. I mean… I said ‘Say you’re sorry and I might forgive you.’ Right?” Looking at his eyes with a smile filled with kindness, he continued, “And I’ve truly forgiven you… however, I never said ‘I won’t cripple you if I forgive you’, right?”

“Yoooou!!!!! I… will… kill…” As he had already lost it in great anger and pain, Howar howled in wrath and enmity, however, before he was even finished, at this very moment, he finally fainted, though it was unclear if he had fainted due to the blood loss and pain, or because of the rage he was feeling.

After Howar fainted, astonis.h.i.+ngly, a complete silence loomed over the Colosseum which made Virus surprised as he looked around to see what’s going on.

At this moment, the whole Colosseum was totally dumbfounded as everyone was looking at Virus with wide eyes of shock and fear as if they were looking at a demon.

Afterward, taking his gaze back, he looked at the judge elder and stated, “Aren’t you going to announce the winner? I mean he’s already fainted which means I’ve pa.s.sively won according to the rules, right?”

Finally, coming out of his stupor after hearing Virus’ voice, the judge elder announced, “Ahh… Vee is the winner of this match!”

Listening to the declaration, Virus continued, “Good… also… tend to his wounds faster or else it might endanger his life if it’s left like that for a long time… though I doubt that will happen because as you know, even though his Dantian is already punctured… his cultivation stage will remain at the Qi Circulation Stage since this stage still has nothing to do with the Dantian itself…”

“Oh… moreover… since his life’s not in danger as his injuries can be healed and the bleeding can also be stopped… keep in mind that I’ve not broken the rules and please clearly explain that to his master too.”





After puking, a disciple uttered, “He’s the devil incarnate…”

“No… more like… he’s the devil himself!” Someone else proclaimed.

“Demon! He’s a demon! How can someone be so cruel!” another disciple voiced after finally coming to himself from watching that b.l.o.o.d.y scene.

“Although Howar kinda deserved it… still… that was too much! Bleeeerghhh…” Someone else puked watching the b.l.o.o.d.y scene and the severed body parts.

“He’s too cruel…” Another disciple murmured as he thought at the same time, ‘I should remember to never offend him… Oh my freaking heavens, that was scary as h.e.l.l, hope I won’t be having nightmares tonight.”

Words like these were being heard here and there from the mouth of those still innocent disciples who had never seen such a gore scene before today.

However, there were also some disciples who very s.h.i.+vering, not from fear, but excitement,

“Ahhh… that was so cool… Senior brother Vee’s so cool!”

“What an exciting match… ohhh my daddy… I’m his fan from today onwards… show us more of these kinds of matches pleaseee!”

Every kind of reactions could be spotted from among the disciples and the elders who had watched the match as some blamed Virus, some feared him, some came to actually like him, together with lots of other reactions…

However, there was one reaction which differed from them all, and this reaction belonged to no one other than… the paG.o.da master Fernan!

Right now, elder Fernan’s eyes were very red as he gritted his teeth while watching his disciple being taken away to be healed without an arm and a leg as he thought, ‘You dare do that to my disciple in front of me and everyone? This utter humiliation… moreover… you dared to cripple him? Just you wait… If I don’t return this slap in the face by a hundred times… I’ve cultivated my whole life for naught!’


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