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“Haha, that’s enough, turn it off.” Virus told the golden beauty with a laugh. He knew there was nothing else the phone companies wanted to say, other than the things they had heard already.

“It’s really fun and entertaining seeing these monkeys think they’ve outsmarted me and won already. A top-cla.s.s joke…” Virus sneered at the hilarity of it all.

The golden beauty was shocked after seeing the news. She turned the television off and asked, “Master… you knew this was going to happen?”

“Of course I knew. What about it?” Virus replied without any change in tone or expression.

“Then why didn’t you stop them! You could’ve sent me to slaughter them! Or make a move before them to not let the matter get this far… Now, this has gotten serious as everyone thinks master has stolen those companies’ phones and the money!” The golden beauty pouted, upset and frustrated for her master who only watched them, even though he knew everything all along.

“Tell me my Lil Bella, do you think G.o.d exists?” Virus asked, chuckling at her adorable tantrum she made while being upset and frustrated.

“I don’t know… maybe? I don’t have enough data and information to answer that question.” The golden beauty answered with a confused face, unsure what G.o.d had to do with her question, which increased her frustration level.

“Okay, let’s say He exists. Now if G.o.d existed and He created mankind, why do you think He would create them? I mean He is ‘the peak’, ‘the absolute’, a G.o.d who needs no one, One who has no needs, why would such an ent.i.ty create humanity? ” Virus posed the question with his eyes locked onto the golden beauty’s golden eyes, waiting for her response.

“… because He is benevolent? Compa.s.sionate?” The golden beauty guessed.

“Is it benevolence or compa.s.sion when you create something out of nothing?… I’ll tell you my theory: He was bored! Bored of the status quo, the monotony, the loneliness, because He had lived alone for an unimaginable period of time, so He made humanity to entertain Himself.” Virus said with an enlightened s.h.i.+mmer in his eyes. This conclusion was obtained from his own experience. As more time pa.s.sed, his boredom reached levels of insanity. If he weren’t an AI, but an actual person, he definitely would have gone mad.

In his past world, the future, there were lots of immortal people, who by different means kept their sanity intact, as they had found different ways to not go insane.

And that was also why there were lots of bored people in his past world who were always journeying to different planets in the universe, or even the multiverse, so as not to be bored and find new things that would entertain them and challenge them.

“Now, a.s.suming G.o.d Exists, this brings another question, why didn’t He just make them puppets that He could control as He wants? Or why not make them like animals that would move by their instincts, always with the same pattern, why didn’t He do that? Instead, He gave them free will, to do whatever they wanted, He gave them the power of decision!” Virus said.

Listening to these things washed away the golden beauty’s frustration. It was like a story that made you sit and wonder, so her eyes shone with mesmerizing curiosity as she gave him her full attention.

“Why would He do that? Well… isn’t it the same reason as before? Because if he made puppets.. then it was just something that He was controlling… what would be the fun in that, that would be just too boring and pointless, right? or if He made them move only according to their instincts… they would just follow the same pattern and just do what their instinct was telling them to do! That would be too predictable and too boring too!” Virus continued as the golden beauty was listening very carefully, enjoying it while looking forward to what her master was going to say next.

“So He wanted something that would be fun and entertaining, something that would surprise Him. So He gave them free will and the power of decision almost like His own free will, so they could even make decisions that would surprise even Him, He also gave them the capability of learning and improving, as that would make them more interesting and entertaining as time pa.s.sed, never to bore Him again!” Virus said with the same face like he was just telling a story.

“Now let’s talk about another question, why doesn’t G.o.d stop bad people from doing bad things, or why doesn’t He stop or reward good people for doing good deeds in this world? I mean G.o.d has omnipotence, omnipresence, and omniscience right? so He would know everything and He could be able to do anything He wanted, but why didn’t He do that? Instead, He created Heaven and h.e.l.l to punish bad people and reward good people, while He could’ve just stopped them from doing bad things.”

He continued “I would answer to that by saying again, well it wouldn’t be fun and entertaining to intervene because that would lower the fun, as it would be like taking away their free will from them, so He just watches, like watching an interesting movie, looking forward to what would happen next.”

The golden beauty’s eyes glimmered with newfound understanding. She was fascinated by the tale her master weaved.

“And this is where life and death comes, life is a process in which He just watches the human beings with free will, do the things they felt like doing, an entertaining process that He would never intervene. But after the process is over and they are done making the decisions in their life as their cycle ends, and he’s entertained enough by that person, Death arrives. This is where they go to Heaven and h.e.l.l, this is the time another kind of fun and entertainment begins.” Virus said, a little excited by his own theory and explanations.


⚠Author’s Note: I’m not trying to offend any religion, belief, person, or other subjects and things similar to it. So, please take no offense, as I’m a religious man myself.


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