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Chapter 483 – Silence

Utter silence.

Like a miracle, despite the existence of thousands of spectators, an unexpected quietness descended upon the arena to the point you could hear a pin drop!

Dumbfounded, dazed, startled, and lost, every single one of those feelings mingled together, resulting in the birth of many complex emotions. No one could comprehend the event that had taken place before them for a long time. It was as if they had just witnessed something impossible.

“What now? Do I just go back?” Virus murmured, scratching his head addled. 

Meanwhile, in the most luxurious area of the colosseum which had been designed solely for the n.o.bility of the Poison Deity clan, several dark faces were scowling as they stared down at the scene of pizza face getting beheaded so easily.

“That tras.h.!.+ How could he die like that and leave a stain on the names of the disciples of Poison Deity?” One of the individuals sitting in that VIP area claimed indignantly.

“Well, trash like that better be dead.” Sitting on the best available seat, the person with the most expressionless countenance remarked. He was adorned with an extravagant robe engraved with dragons and tigers.

“True. You are wise, senior brother.” The same indignant person calmed down at once and complimented the extravagant man before proceeding, “But we can’t let the name of our Poison Deity clan be seen as anything less than the name of a G.o.d in the hearts of these filthy citizens or they may grow arrogant, that is our responsibility to the clan as its loyal disciples… so we better prove it to them by ripping that person who killed the orange-head to a thousand pieces.”

However, shaking his head, the extravagantly dressed man rejected the proposal. “That’s not possible. Every chosen one is required to fight just once and they can leave afterward if they desire to… that is the law and there’s nothing we can do about it.”

Gnas.h.i.+ng his teeth, the other man asked, “Then, what do we do, senior brother?”

“Nothing we can do to him unless he’s unlucky enough to be picked as a chosen one again in the following months… that or we wait for…” Stopping at that point, the man didn’t proceed, however, his meaning was delivered perfectly clear.

“I see. But we should do something to at least alleviate the mess that idiot created for us, what do you offer?”

“Simple, just finish off the next chosen one using the goriest method.” As if nothing was ever going to disrupt his relaxed body language, the extravagant man advised.

“Alright. You, go! You know what to do.” Pointing at one of his own few lackeys tagging along with them, he ordered coldly.

“Yes, boss.”

On the other side, after Virus was finished defeating the opponent, he returned to the waiting s.p.a.ce in a laid-back manner.

However, the moment he stepped into the room, he was faced with four pairs of eyeb.a.l.l.s that were about to pop out of their sockets.

“W-what? Hh-h-how are you still alive?” The old guy was the first to question him in utter disbelief and astonishment. He was bowled over.

“Huh? Was I supposed to die to a weakling b.i.t.c.h like that? Didn’t I tell you I’ll see you again soon? Did you think I’d break my promise? I’m a man of my word, old man.” Smirking at the senior citizen in amus.e.m.e.nt, Virus commented.

“W-what? Y-y-y-you’re not a mortal, are you? You’re a cultivator!” Comprehending what was up, at last, the old man shouted awestricken.

“I suppose I am.”



Faced with the silence of their stupefaction, Virus merely suggested, “Well, anyway, can I go instead of you next, old man? Since I’m in need of some urgent cash. That’s doable, right?”

Exhaling a deep breath in an attempt to calm his nerves, the old man remarked. “Phew… yes, it can be done… but are you sure?”

“Yep, I told you I need some Qi Ingots. Just don’t come denying later on saying it was your cash.” Grinning like a Ches.h.i.+re cat, Virus declared.

“T-there is no way I would do that! In fact, I swear to call you boss if you do me that favor!”

“Alright, then guess that’s that. Though no need to go as far as to call me boss.” Virus stated with a relaxed brow free of frown lines.

Around fifteen minutes later, the door unlocked itself for a second time since Virus’ arrival.

“That’s my cue I guess, see you soon, old man.” Waving the elder goodbye, Virus ambled toward the entrance.

“Yes, boss!” Bowing respectfully, the senior citizen greeted and escorted Virus to the door.

“Huh… you’re a funny one, old man.”


Pus.h.i.+ng the door open, Virus materialized in the middle of the arena once more. The instant he was in everyone’s line of sight, however, a brief silence and then nonstop noise of chatter filled the surroundings.

Meanwhile, in the VIP section, the extravagant man felt surprised, yet, no emotions were exhibiting on his face. “Oh, so he came back on his own. I suppose that makes things easier.”

“Hahaha, yes, this is great for us!” The previously indignant man was now all smiles and suns.h.i.+ne.

“What’s the cultivation level of the man you sent down?” Next, the extravagant man threw a simple question at the beam of suns.h.i.+ne beside him.

“No worries, my lackey’s definitely going to win since he’s already in…”

In the meantime, examining the cultivation level of his opponent, Virus realized it was a stronger one this time. ‘The third level of Liberation, huh?’

As for the crowd, already having the knowledge that the new disciple was on another league compared to Binn, they began muttering confidently, “I don’t know why he returned, but that chosen one is overestimating himself after one lucky win, he should’ve left when he had the chance. Now that he’s against Lim, he’s dead for sure!”

“Yep, anyway, what did you bet on in this round?”

“Well, since they said Lim, the famous skinner, was going up next, I thought he may display another one of his ‘skin the chosen on alive’ kind of view for us, so I betted on that.”

“Well, yeah. Knowing Lim, that’s not unlikely.”

While Virus was studying the opponent’s weapon which was a machete, Lim talked, garnering Virus’ undivided attention. “Huh? We thought it’s a pity since you’d surely be too scared to return anymore… but it seems we were sorely mistaken, who could’ve known a foolish one has shown up this time.”

‘We? So the disciples have a gathering of a sort somewhere, huh?’ Simultaneously, Virus examined the surroundings until he spotted the most luxurious section of the colosseum.

Gazing into the eyes of the extravagantly dressed man, he determined, ‘There, so that’s their little gathering and that man seems to be the most respected one amongst all of them.’

“Well, I guess that’s wonderful news for me anyway. Now I can put on a grand show for everyone to appreciate and fear.” Spreading both arms, Lim started laughing out loud, “Hahahaha…”

“Another r.e.t.a.r.d, huh?” Shaking his head in some disappointment, a line was inflamed in him.

‘Unnamed Virus Technique, First Form – Impulse!’


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