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Chapter 385: Had Been Plotted Against

She frowned as she thought rapidly about the steps to make the soul catcher. It would be best if she could tamper with the steps without being seen and prevent the soul catcher from displaying its original effects.

Unfortunately, Audrey thought about it for a long time, but she could not think of anything. It seemed like every step was set and could not be mixed with other actions.

The man was already urging her. “Stop wasting time and hurry up. Otherwise, I can’t guarantee what your friend will suffer.”

Hearing this, a cold glint flashed in Audrey’s eyes. She glanced at the man warily and began to prepare the potion.

She had a solution in her mind.

Although she could not make the soul catcher lose its effect, she could prevent wild beasts from being used.

When making the soul catcher, the requirements for fresh blood were extremely high. It had to be pure and could not be mixed with any other blood. If it was mixed with other blood, it would not be a big deal on the surface, but if it was mixed with another person’s blood… However, it could make a person or animal who had been struck by the soul catcher regain consciousness. It was known as the second blood.

The first blood was the controller, and the second blood was the savior.

Audrey thought that the man probably did not know this, so when she was making it, she secretly cut her finger and mixed it with her own blood.

Not long after, Audrey made a dark purple potion and handed it to the man.

The man took it and looked at it carefully. Then, he rushed out as if he had gone crazy. Soon, he caught a wild bear. With just one drop, the wild bear was very obedient to the man, full of aggression.

“Excellent! As expected of the top alchemist in Spark City!” The man looked at Audrey proudly, and the corners of his mouth curled into a wild smile. “Quick, refine a few more for me.”

Seeing this, Audrey’s eyes darkened. She only felt that the man was insane.

However, for the safety of her teammates, she had to do that. Therefore, she followed the previous method and refined a few potions for the man, then, she said coldly, “That’s enough! Now, take me to see my friends. Otherwise, you won’t be able to get any of these potions.”

Hearing this, the man’s originally proud face instantly turned cold. He stared at Audrey with a pair of hawk-like eyes, he said sternly, “Hmph! You’d better be obedient here. Don’t dream of fighting with me. On account of your alchemy skills, I can be a little lenient with you.”

Audrey sneered and glanced disdainfully at the man. She did not want to waste her breath on him.

“Follow me,” the man said coldly as he led Audrey to another secret chamber.

Audrey followed behind him with a serious expression. When she entered the secret chamber, she saw Klein and the others hanging in a row. Their bodies were suspended in the air, and they looked very uncomfortable.

Audrey’s expression suddenly turned cold. She turned to look at the man and said angrily, “Let them down.”

“Heh! Miss Audrey really feels sorry for them. If you want to, you can go by yourself,” the man chuckled and said with a nonchalant look.

Hearing this, Audrey did not think too much. Her heart was filled with the safety of her teammates.

“Audrey, we’re fine. Don’t come over,” Morris said anxiously not far away. He felt a little uneasy.

He did not believe that the man was so kind as to let Audrey let them all go.

Audrey looked at Morris with a determined look in her eyes. Then, she boldly stepped forward and stepped into the pool where the few people were hanging. She released a few streams of combat aura and let them down.

After being hung for a long time, the few of them who had just come down felt a little unwell. Their bodies were sore, and they could only slowly move their hands and feet.

“Are you all alright?” Audrey asked in a low voice.

Although their expressions were a little ugly, they still shook their heads. These minor injuries were nothing to them.

With that, Audrey was relieved. Her eyes were fierce as she looked at the man. Just as she was about to leave with her teammates, the floor beneath their feet suddenly loosened and caved in. Audrey and the others were caught off guard and fell directly down.

Then, the floor closed, but they could vaguely hear the man’s proud voice from above, “Stupid, you guys just stay here obediently. I’ll consider dealing with you after I take control of Spark City. Also, Miss Audrey, you’re my most capable helper.”

“Shameless, despicable!” Cole could not help but curse angrily.

“I knew he wasn’t that kind,” Morris said unwillingly.

Audrey sighed deeply as guilt flashed across her eyes. She had been too anxious. She had not expected that a man would go back on his words and still plot against them like this. She would definitely not forgive him in the future.

“Then, we’ll think of a way to get out,” Klein replied immediately as he sized up the surroundings.

Audrey naturally did not want to be locked up here. However, when she thought of the man asking her to refine the soul catcher potion and the strange potions in the experiment, she felt even more uneasy.

Even if she were to get out, she was afraid that she would not be able to resolve this matter. It would be better for her to stay behind and find out what the man and the Carol a.s.sociation were doing and what their motives were.

Only by staying here would she be able to find out useful information.

“There’s no need. Just stay here.” Audrey gave Klein a meaningful glance as the corners of her mouth curled into an unfathomable smile.

The few of them looked at each other in puzzlement, unable to figure out what was going on.


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