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Chapter 365: Elder Yuan

Moka did not seem to think that Audrey would know. He immediately revealed a shocked expression, he said, “How did you know? Elder Yuan and the Valley Master are the former Valley Master’s proudest disciples. In the end, the Valley Master became the new Valley Master. Elder Yuan has always had a grudge in his heart. However, after so many years, it should have diminished.”

“It’s not true. It’s very likely that he was the one who poisoned us. Today, he tried all sorts of ways to stop the test to see if he was poisoned or to stop the rescue. Isn’t that suspicious?” Audrey snorted coldly and simply made things clear.

Moka did not think much at first, but when he heard Audrey’s words, he became nervous.

In his mind, he recalled what happened today and immediately began to feel uneasy.

“I’m only doing it for the Sky Demon Herb. I don’t want to partic.i.p.ate in the matter of your Herb King Valley, but I won’t allow anyone to destroy the Sky Demon Herb either,” Audrey continued.

Before she could finish her sentence, Moka said, “I’ll bring you there.”

Audrey heaved a sigh of relief in her heart, and the corners of her mouth curled up into a gratified smile.

The two hurriedly left the room and walked toward the Mystic Realm.

“Only a few Elders and I are allowed to enter the Herb King Valley’s Mystic Realm. You are one of the few people who have entered the Mystic Realm,” Moka said half-jokingly.

Audrey clearly did not belong to the Herb King Valley, but for some reason, he trusted her so much. It was as if everything she said had become exceptionally convincing.

“I didn’t just come in casually,” Audrey replied with a light snort.

The herbs planted in the Mystic Realm were all extremely rare herbs. The Sky Demon Herb grew at the bottom of the cliff in the deepest part of the Mystic Realm. Audrey and Moka soon arrived at the surroundings of the cliff, ready to go up and check on the Sky Demon Herb.

At this moment, a figure suddenly flashed past not far away. Even Audrey did not see it clearly. The Sky Demon Herb was only in her mind. She could not care about anything else and quickly went up.

“Fortunately, the Sky Demon Herb is fine.” Moka followed closely behind. When he saw that the Sky Demon Herb was still intact, he heaved a sigh of relief in his heart.

Following that, his expression turned heavy again as he said, “That figure just now was…”

“You and I both know who it was. This is your matter. I won’t interfere. But fortunately, we came in time today. Otherwise, the Sky Demon Herb would have been destroyed.” Audrey swept a cold glance at Moka as she spoke.

“Well, it’s fortunate that I have you here with me.” Moka nodded with grat.i.tude in his eyes. “Today, I’ll stay here and guard the Sky Demon Herb until it matures.”

This was what Audrey had thought.

“Alright, I’ll leave it to you then,” Audrey replied and left the Mystic Realm.

It was easy to say that it was easy to detoxify Valley Master’s poison, but the herbs required were extremely numerous. Other than the ones she had given to Moka, there were also some that Audrey needed to prepare personally.

Fortunately, there were plants in the Otherworldly Realm.

After leaving the Mystic Realm, Audrey went straight to the Otherworldly Realm. She picked some herbs and went to the hot spring pool to fetch some hot spring water.

With the hot spring water, Audrey believed that even the most complicated poison could be easily cured.

Two days later, Audrey followed Moka to the Mystic Realm again. The Sky Demon Herb was no longer the same as before. It grew more luxuriously, and every leaf seemed to be filled with spirit energy.

“This is the mature Sky Demon Herb.” Moka looked at Audrey and said meaningfully, “No matter what, even if it’s for the sake of obtaining the Sky Demon Herb, I hope that you can save the Valley Master.”

“I’ll do my best,” Audrey replied in a low voice. There was a deeper meaning in her eyes as she looked at the Sky Demon Master.

Moka nodded and went forward. He used Herb King Valley’s unique method to pick the Sky Demon Herb. Only the Herb King Valley’s unique method of picking could ensure the vitality of the Sky Demon Herb.

“Let’s go to the Valley Master’s room,” Moka said with a heavy tone as he put away the Sky Demon Herb.

A crowd had already gathered in the Valley Master’s room. The elders and all of the Valley Master’s personal disciples were all gathered in the room. It was very lively.

Audrey did not want to save the Valley Master in front of everyone, but she was afraid that it would arouse suspicion, so she simply did not mention this matter.

“If anything happens to Valley Master, we will definitely not let you off. If you aren’t confident, then give up as soon as possible,” Elder Yuan said disdainfully.

Hearing this, Audrey glanced at him indifferently and looked at Moka with an unclear meaning.

“Miss Audrey, we have sufficient confidence. Everyone, please believe in her for the time being,” Moka said. His words could still make everyone feel at ease.

Audrey nodded at Moka. She took all the herbs and used alchemy techniques to clean them up. Then, she handed some herbs to the two disciples who were brewing the soup.

“Take these to brew the soup. When the Valley Master wakes up, he needs to be nourished,” she said calmly. The people of Herb King Valley were naturally better at brewing soup than her.

Audrey refined the remaining herbs into a healing potion in front of everyone.

This potion could cure all poisons.

However, the poison in Valley Master’s body was complicated. If he consumed it, his meridians would definitely be damaged. Therefore, Audrey prepared hot spring water to repair the meridians in Valley Master’s body.

After taking two tubes of medicine, Audrey waited quietly for a while. Then, she checked the Valley Master’s pulse and found that it had returned to normal.

At this moment, she only needed to clear out the toxins that had acc.u.mulated in his body.

“Can you give me a row of silver needles?” Audrey looked at Moka and asked.


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