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Chapter 286: Was Swept Into the Tree Hole

Little did they know that behind them, a cane whip had quietly emerged from the hole in the towering tree. It was quietly approaching the three of them.

The cane whip seemed to be very smart. It knew that Audrey and the others could sense their presence through their voices, so it could slow down and hide.

These dangers were nothing to Audrey. She could sense them easily, but in this forest, her aura was chaotic. In addition, she had been thinking about how to get out, so she was distracted.

When she sensed the danger, the cane whip had already appeared behind her.

The moment she turned around, Klein and Kate were entangled by the cane whip. “Audrey!” The two exclaimed.

Audrey immediately condensed an energy ball in her hand and hit the cane whip. Then, she quickly tried to rush over to save her two teammates.

However, just as she was running, a cane whip wrapped around her ankle and hung Audrey up.

The three of them were entangled by the cane whip, so they could only think of saving themselves.

After the cane whip wrapped around the three of them, it retreated into the tree hole. Audrey’s expression was extremely gloomy. She wanted to use a spell, but she could not use it to its full potential.

Looking at Klein and Kate, they had already been brought into the tree hole.

Audrey gave up resisting and decided to enter the tree hole together. Perhaps they could find some clues inside.

It was pitch-black inside the tree hole. The cane whip coiled around her as she slowly moved inside. After a while, she seemed to have reached the innermost part of the tree hole. She could vaguely see some light. It was the light from inside the tree hole.

When Audrey entered, she saw Kate and Klein sitting on the ground. However, both of them were tied up. Audrey was no exception.

The three of them were tied up tightly and thrown to the ground.

“Klein, Kate,” Audrey called out to the two of them. “Are you alright?”

“I’m alright.”

“I’m alright,” the two of them answered.

After confirming that their teammates were safe, the three of them began to survey their surroundings. The light in the tree hole was very dim, but it was enough to give the three of them, who had not seen any light for a few days, a slight surprise.

They could not help but sigh. It felt good to have light.

Inside the tree hole, vines intertwined with each other. On the ground, they could vaguely see some white bones and corpses.

“What’s that? It seems to be a human skeleton.” Kate’s expression changed drastically because it was not just bones. It was a complete human form, with only a layer of skin left on the bones. It looked particularly terrifying.

“That’s right,” Audrey observed it carefully and her face sank.

To be able to maintain such a dead state meant that the person had lost all his blood. This meant that this tree hole would suck all the blood and water out of the person’s body.

What kind of tree was this? No wonder it had such spirituality. It had hurt many people’s lives.

“This is too terrifying. I’ve never seen such a cruel scene,” Klein said in fear, his face pale.

“If we were here, wouldn’t we end up like them?” Kate was immediately worried.

“Yes, so we have to think of a way to get out.”

These vines might be able to trap others, but they could not trap Audrey. She condensed an energy ball in her hand and turned the vines into ashes. This was because these were just ordinary vines that were used to tie people up. They did not have any spirituality.

Audrey then untied the other two, and the three observed them nearby.

“Let’s get out the way we came in.”

Audrey nodded and walked forward.

But no matter how they went forward, they still could not find the hole. The hole seemed to disappear into thin air, and they were completely trapped in the tree hole.

Perhaps they could dig a hole in the tree and get out.

Audrey had an idea and immediately took out her sword. “Shattering mantra!”

She struck the tree wall of the cave. Other than the sword stabbing in a little, there seemed to be no other changes. Audrey could not help but feel a little discouraged, and she was also extremely surprised by the tree.

It was actually able to block her shattering mantra.

Klein and Kate tried their best, but they were unable to open the tree hole. After a while, the three of them were a little tired. They sat down and rested, thinking of other ways.

“If you’re here, don’t even think about going out.” An alluring voice entered the three of them’s ears, causing their hearts to tremble.

Audrey’s azure eyes instantly constricted as she stared in the direction of the voice. However, other than the voice, there seemed to be nothing else.

It was not until a while later that a few rattan whips appeared. They were even faster and fiercer than the cane whips outside.

“Ice-sealing blades!” Audrey’s longsword was wrapped in ice blades. The instant she brandished her sword, dozens of ice blades struck out, producing a clashing sound with the cane whips.

Some of the cane whips were damaged and retracted. Some of them were still continuing.

“Wind-breaking slash.” Kate also used a level 1 battle technique to block the cane whips in front of her. However, it was not of much use. The cane whips still went forward and coiled around her.

This time, it coiled around her very tightly, as though it was going to strangle her to death.

Audrey and Klein became nervous. They looked at Kate and discovered a shocking scene.

The cane whip was actually absorbing Kate’s blood. Some red liquid entered the cane whip’s interior, making it even more robust and full of vitality.

If this continued, Kate would become a mummy.


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