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Chapter 425: 425: Gooseb.u.mps that wouldn’t go away

Zhan Lichuan couldn’t hold it anymore and chuckled.

Who was the one who said forget about what they are saying on Weibo just now? Why should we bother about them?

Then, a minute later, she decided to sue fifty million people.

This would most probably be the first time that there is such a ma.s.sive lawsuit in the Entertainment industry.

“What are you laughing at?” Jing Qian was confused.

“Nothing. Just thought that you were cute.”

Oh my lord!

Master Zhan could feel the gooseb.u.mps all over his body even when he was under the blanket. He wouldn’t be able to calm down after listening to this.

Were these two really here to look after him? Were they not using him as an excuse to date?

“Since you’re so busy, I’ll get my men to search up their IDs. There are so many of them, it’ll be a ha.s.sle for you to do it alone. I have a team who specializes in this. I promise you that I’ll find all of them within an hour.”

“Sure.” Jing Qian agreed without even thinking it through.

A useless boss was just like a weak chicken.

This was the state that she was in.

There is no one else around her that she could use.

Even if there is, she still wouldn’t dare to do it too quickly, or else, she would be exposed.

At this moment, Jing Qian has already completely forgotten how she had been hacking into Zhan Lichuan’s security system while giving him a ma.s.sage.

Therefore, she thought that Zhan Lichuan was only aware of her medical skills.

“Oh by the way, could you also find out the ID that leaked out the news on Weibo?”

As she was saying this, Jing Qian was smiling.

Her smile looked bright and sunny, but Master Zhan, who was right next to her, felt chills running down his spine, and it looked a little scary.

The smile on Zhan Lichuan’s face grew, and he happily nodded his head. “Sure.”

He actually found out who it was two days ago. This person was Liu Gang, Qin Yi’s manager. He used his contacts and found a blogger who was willing to do so and got the blogger to post the pictures online.

This blogger only wanted fame. In one of his previous ‘live’, he even ate s.h.i.+t just to attract more audience.

He was someone who was willing to do anything just to become famous.

There are a lot of bloggers out there who would never post things about Yunxiao, but this person was the total opposite. One can say that he is dumb and courageous.

Although Qin Yi isn’t qualified, he is still one of his previous love rivals.

He was still thinking to himself how he should deal with Qin Yi, but his wife had just pa.s.sed him the sword to do so.

With that, Zhan Lichuan felt relieved.

“Since you’re so busy, just leave this to the others. After getting their IDs, I’ll pa.s.s them to your manager. She’ll be in charge of suing them.”


“Oh, speaking of which, what happened to Una? Ever since you gave me a new manager, I have never seen her.”

“She’s still detained. Her family is still trying to bail her out of jail. They will be going to court next Tuesday.”

“Her husband isn’t too bad. He’s still willing to help her even after all those troubles.”

“Why would you say so?”

“Previously when I caught Qin Yi cheating on me, this woman told me that even G.o.d would make mistakes, so it was normal for humans to do so. She wanted me to forgive him and said that this was nothing big. Therefore, I sent her images of her husband sleeping with their daughter’s best friend that night and told her the same things as well. I think she fought with her husband that night. That’s why I said that that man is a pretty kind person since he is still willing to save her.”

At least, he wasn’t like Qin Yi, who was a pure b.a.s.t.a.r.d with no cure.

Seeing how Jing Qian was talking about Qin Yi without hiding anything, a hint of interest appeared in his eyes.

As for Master Zhan, he almost lost it and was about to fall off his bed.

This silly girl, she really didn’t consider Zhan Lichuan as an outsider?!


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