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Chapter 248: 248: The woman dressed by the fas.h.i.+on show

The wheelchair slowly stretched according to the size of the door and the car seat. Then, there were two legs that appeared at the bottom, carrying Zhan Lichuan into the car. After being seated in the car, both the legs then transformed into another shape.

Even for someone like Jing Qian, who had seen a variety of things, she still couldn’t help but be shocked when she saw the smart wheelchair since this was something that she had never seen.

Yun Zhou then opened the door on the other side, “Young Mistress, please.”

Jing Qian looked at Jing Jie one last time and saw that he was waving at her. She nodded at Jing Jie and slowly got into the car.

When the headlights of the car lit up, there were multiple lights brightening up the dark surroundings.

It was then that the Jing couple realized that every time Zhan Lichuan left the house, he was followed by a convoy.

Other than the extended Phantom Rolls Royce that he was in, the rest of the convoy consisted of military bulletproof Hummers.

As they sent off Zhan Lichuan and Jing Qian, Sir w.a.n.g swept across the Jing couple, his eyes finally landing on Jing Jie.

Then, he spoke to Jing Jie, “Don’t worry about it. The station will deal with today’s incident sternly and we will definitely educate those who were involved today. They wouldn’t dare look for trouble with you anymore in the future.”

Jing Jie nodded his head. He wanted to say a word of thanks, but nothing came out.

It was the young boy from the hot pot place that helped him thank Sir w.a.n.g.

After a few words of comfort to both the boys, he left without saying a single word to the Jing couple, completely ignoring them.

It was obvious that they didn’t have a good relations.h.i.+p with the Young Mistress of the Zhan family.

Just as he was about to leave, another headlight shone outside of the station.

Sir w.a.n.g, the policemen at the entrance of the station, and the Jing family subconsciously turned towards the direction from where the light was coming from.

When the car stopped and the lights were turned off, Sir w.a.n.g finally saw the number on the car plate: 00012.

Car plate numbers like these usually belong to the leaders of H City.

As for 00012, Sir w.a.n.g was familiar with this car plate number. This car belonged to Deputy Mayor Peng.

As the doors were opened, Sir w.a.n.g immediately went forward to greet them.

“Deputy Mayor Peng, what brings you to the station at such a late hour?”

While he was still speaking, the door to the pa.s.senger seat was pushed open.

A long, slim leg appeared, fitted with a pair of royal blue shoes and no socks.

Following the Deputy Mayor Peng was an extremely beautiful woman.

She was dressed in a pair of ladies’ shoes that were royal blue in color. She had on a knee-length green skirt paired with a blue top, tucked into the skirt. Along with that, she had a long brown coat.

Mother Jing, who was into fas.h.i.+on, widened her eyes in shock when she saw this woman’s outfit.

The color of this woman’s outfit was definitely not something that Mother Jing liked. Frankly, it looked extremely suburban.

This color combination was only for those who did not know fas.h.i.+on and those rural women who did not care about what they wore.

However, when this woman wore the set, it looked surprisingly good.

As she took a closer look, she realized that it was from Loewe, especially the top, skirt, and shoes. They were all from the finale of the Spring Milan Fas.h.i.+on Show.

They were not for sale!

But this woman was wearing them, and she looked extremely good in the outfit!

Mother Jing didn’t think that someone standing next to the Deputy Mayor would be dressed in pirated goods. Even if she did, it definitely wouldn’t be something from the fas.h.i.+on show, something that wasn’t for sale at that. There was only one explanation: this woman was a n.o.ble existence from Country X.

“I heard that there was a boy called Jing Jie who was beaten up by a group of gangsters and his sister defended him by beating them up. Your men were the ones who detained his sister and said that she would be held criminally responsible for her actions, right?”


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