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Chapter 137: 137: Zhan Lichuan went missing

About ten minutes later, a group of police officers dressed in bulletproof vests walked towards the fields.

When they got close, they realized that there was a group of men dressed in suits, each of them holding a dagger in their hands.

Although they still weren’t clear about the situation, from the looks on their faces, it was obvious that these men were dangerous.

“Who are you?!”

“Put your hands behind your head!”

“Do not move! If you dare to move, we’ll shoot!”

All the professional fighters couldn’t believe what they were hearing.

From the moment they got here, none of them had moved. Why the f*ck were they screaming at them?!

At last, the police managed to locate Hong Lu.

When they brought out the people from the bas.e.m.e.nt, the fighters on the field realized that the situation inside the bas.e.m.e.nt had been much worse than theirs.

Dong Yuetong’s lawyer, who was the man dressed in a suit, had a comminuted fracture at the spine and was now completely paralyzed, with no hope of recovery.

As for Liao Ke, who had brought Hong Lu to the abandoned factory, he was slapped by the ‘female ghost,’ resulting in his eyes being injured. The cornea in right eye was detached, and in his left eye, not only was the cornea detached, even the lens was broken. Even if there was a suitable donor in the future, he had no hope of receiving a new cornea.

For medical personnel in a research inst.i.tute, their eyes were extremely important; without their eyes, it was impossible for them to carry out surgeries or research.

Since he was also the one who brought Hong Lu to the abandoned factory, he was considered the main culprit of this incident. If Hong Lu hadn’t trusted him, none of this would have happened. Therefore, Liao Ke’s future consisted of him spending his life in prison for the next 5 to 15 years, depending on the judge.

Well, it was obvious that Hong Lu, who was rich, sociable, and powerful, would never allow him to come out alive after just 5 years, which was why Liao Ke would definitely be spending 15 years in jail.

The problem of how a blind person would survive in a prison was none of her business. It wasn’t something that she should be worried about.

As for the rest of the fighters, all of them let out a breath of relief, thinking that nothing would happen to them.

However, these gullible men had underestimated Hong Lu’s power.

She was the Deputy Director of Lawrence Inst.i.tute and one of Saka’s most trusted people from the Tang Sect, despite being born in the Delta.

When the news of Hong Lu being kidnapped in Country Z got out, the entire medical field flipped out. That night itself, all the directors from all the well-known medical inst.i.tutes in Country Z, including the Tsing Hua Inst.i.tute, had signed a letter asking for the police forces to investigate this case and to punish all those that were involved.

By the time Jing Qian got back to the Zhan mansion, it was already 11 at night.

The Zhan mansion was huge, and it is normal for it to be extremely quiet at night, but tonight, that silence felt eerie.

As soon as she got home, she noticed that most of the servants were looking at her with an angry look in their eyes. She was confused but decided to ignore them.

She went back to her room and headed to Zhan Lichuan, as she wanted to talk to him. If she had guessed correctly, the men that were hiding far away were men that the Zhan family had sent in order to protect Hong Lu. She needed to make sure that Zhan Lichuan didn’t suspect that the woman there tonight was her.

However, as soon as she pushed open the connecting doors, she saw that the person who would usually be on the bed was missing, and the bed was extremely neat.

Jing Qian quickly walked towards Zhan Lichuan’s study, but there was no one inside either.


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