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Ning Cheng did not lie; he really had not done his best. Whether it was the Maximal Flame Spiritual Technique or the Everlasting Blue Thunder City, he had not used them at all. Ning Cheng had not even used his domain to its full extent, let alone using his Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds. The reason he decided to fight against Suo Qiaoye was not for killing him, but just for the experience of fighting.

One could even say that during the-more-than ten days he fought within the Celestial Forest Arena, Ning Cheng had never used his full strength. However, today he achieved all of his goals by fighting against an opponent like Suo Qiaoye.

Looking Ning Cheng casually walking down the battle ring, Suo Qiaoye felt a bit stunned. Was it the truth or was he lying to him? No, it must be a lie. For a Celestial Novice Cultivator that could defeat him, yet say that he did not do his best, how could someone like Suo Qiaoye believe it?

“Congratulations, Wanderer.” Zeng Chuxiong greeted him with a face flushed from excitement. “We have a congratulatory party tonight, with you as the protagonist. After tonight, people will sing praises of you throughout the Revolving Jade City.”

Ning Cheng smiled, “Many thanks, Steward Zeng. I want to take some rest, and I also need my 5 billion Green Coins.”

“Naturally, the Arena Master will give it to you personally in the evening….” Zeng Chuxiong quickly spoke up. He also turned extremely polite towards Ning Cheng. The Arena Master had already made things clear to him that they had to sign a contract with Wanderer. That way, Wanderer would become the Celestial Forest Arena’s, Premier Champion.

Ning Cheng shook his head and spoke, “I’m sorry, I have something that I need to purchase currently. However, I do not have the necessary Green Coins. Therefore, I have no choice but to ask for my money right now.”

Zeng Chuxiong did not take Ning Cheng’s words as something hard to hear. He knew the character of the person standing in front of him, of wanting things as soon as possible. It was the same as the previous time with the Wishful Treasure Light Silk, which the Arena Master had personally handed it over to him the next day. In addition to this, some people naturally did not feel comfortable; whatever be the case, despite a relatively brief battle, the combat showcased remained something exciting.

On the verge of explaining, Arena Master’s laughing voice arrived, “That’s how it should be.”

As he spoke, the Arena Master handed Ning Cheng a Green Coin Card, an anonymous Green Coin Card with 5 billion Green Coins.

“Many thanks, Arena Master.” Ning Cheng cupped his fists with the spoils of the battle still in his hand. Whether it was the celebration at night or his fame within the Revolving Jade City, he did not care about it. At least for the current period, Wanderer would not appear in the Revolving Jade City.


“Yulan, when that Wanderer defeated Suo Qiaoye, you cheered the loudest. So why are you silent now?” After returning to the Bright Gist Resting Pen, Lan Ya found that Shi Yulan turned a lot quieter and asked in doubt.

“I don’t know if Senior Apprentice Brother Ning has come out of seclusion. It’s already been ten days, and in another ten days is the Orchid Borough Celestial River’s Celestial Scryer Genius Tryouts.” Shi Yulan answered.

Lan Ya smiled, “It’s not that simple. Let’s go take a look.”


Ning Cheng had already returned to his room and had just tidied himself up when Jing Wuming came looking for him. Ning Cheng opened the restriction and let Jing Wuming inside.

“Xiaocheng, are you finally coming out?” Jing Wuming on seeing Ning Cheng had taken the initiative to open the restriction happily spoke out.

“Come on in, I just wanted to stretch my legs a bit.” Ning Cheng knew that the three of them, Jing Wuming, Lan Ya and Shi Yulan, had come to watch Suo Qiaoye and his match.

Jing Wuming no longer gave of the melancholic feeling from before. He quickly spoke up in awe, “Xiaocheng, did you know what happened? The two people that framed Lan Ya and injured me some time back ended up dead at the hands of a starry skies’ wanderer in the Revolving Jade City. This wanderer has a Celestial Novice Cultivation; however, he could easily kill Celestial Gatherer Cultivators.”

Ning Cheng smiled, “That’s a good thing.”

Although he wished to reveal that, he was the wanderer that Jing Wuming spoke of; however, Ning Cheng and Jing Wuming’s relation was not that deep yet. If the news leaked out somehow, it would not bring him much good. After all, this place was the Revolving Jade City. Besides, he could always talk to Jing Wuming about this later. It did not matter much either way.

Gongxi Kui only had a Celestial Shatter Cultivation; however, Jing Wuming treated Gongxi Kui as a Celestial Gatherer Cultivator. Most likely, it was due to the difference in perceived strength between the two.

“There’s one more thing. Today, Wanderer represented the Celestial Forest Arena and accepted the challenge from the Gale Arena’s Premier Champion, Suo Qiaoye. Moreover, he even managed to defeat that Suo Qiaoye. That Wanderer is just too powerful. I heard that both his domain and Spear Intent had reached a deep level.” Jing Wuming started growing more excited the more he spoke to Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng asked with doubt, “Didn’t you go and see the match?”

Jing Wuming showed a bitter smile, “Although I went to watch, my cultivation is just too low. I could only feel that Wanderer’s Spear Intent had reached a deep level. As for his domain, I couldn’t even see it; I just heard it from the others.”

“Junior Apprentice Sister Yulan, Senior Apprentice Sister Lan, come in.” Ning Cheng opened the Restrictions once again, letting Shi Yulan and Lan Ya inside.

Lan Ya, on seeing Ning Cheng, also happily spoke out, “Ning Cheng, you finally came out. Unfortunately, if you had come out early, you could have gone to watch the match between Wanderer and Suo Qiaoye. It really turned out wonderful.”

“Senior Apprentice Sister Lan, Senior Apprentice Sister Yulan….” Jing Wuming greeted the two of them calmly without any change in expression.

Shi Yulan also had a calm face and greeted Jing Wuming in the same manner. As to what went on in the minds of those two, only the heavens knew about it.

“It’s a pity. Jing Wuming had already mentioned it just before you came inside. The Orchid Borough Celestial River’s Tryouts are about to start, and we still need to prepare a lot for it.” Ning Cheng spoke and took out 3 billion Green Coins. Distributing 1 billion Green Coins to each of them, he spoke, “Use these Green Coins and buy the things you feel necessary. Prepare for anything unexpected.”

Jing Wuming did not care; he would have taken out all of his Green Coins if Ning Cheng asked. Since Ning Cheng had currently taken out Green Coins, it was only reasonable for him to take them and return them back later.

Lan Ya and Shi Yulan, on the contrary, did not feel too happy to receive those Green Coins. They had already received a lifetime worth of help from Ning Cheng. Moreover, in the Revolving Jade City, 1 billion Green Coins was not a small number, and one could buy many useful things with it.

“Take it. We will have to face many dangers in the tryouts. At that time, we can only depend on ourselves. It is better to buy as many useful things that could help you rather than dying. Besides, if we manage to head to the Time Wilderness, we definitely can obtain many good things. In the future, when everyone manages to obtain a few good things, just don’t forget about Lil’ ole’ me. Besides, I won these Green Coins in the Ocean Gambling City.”

Ning Cheng’s words caused Lan Ya and Shi Yulan to laugh aloud, and they finally accepted the 1 billion Green Coins.

Ning Cheng took out a few Communication Pearls and handed them to each of them. “Keep these Communication Pearls with you. Each of us gets one. If you face any danger, just stimulate these Communication Pearls, and as long as we remain within a certain range of each other, we could then sense each other’s position.”

Shi Yulan spoke with some concern, “Um, I don’t think I feel confident enough to enter the Time Wilderness or pa.s.s the Orchid Borough Celestial River’s tryouts.”

Ning Cheng waved his hand and spoke, “No need to worry right now. We do not even know the format of the Orchid Borough Celestial River’s tryouts, so we do not know if can or cannot pa.s.s. Also, I suggest that we do not leave the Bright Gist Resting Pen for the remainder of the time. The Revolving Jade City is not a safe place right now. Wait, Ruan Mingshu’s here.”

Among the four people, Ning Cheng’s cultivation was the lowest. However, Ning Cheng had become the central pillar for everyone here. Moreover, such a situation had formed naturally, without any reason. At the same time, Ning Cheng warned them not to go out due to another reason, the moment that white-robed youth in the Heaven Seated Realm had put a mark on him; Ning Cheng had turned even more careful.

Ning Cheng opened the restriction, Ruan Mingshu on seeing the four people, including Ning Cheng, together, showed a smile and spoke up, “Since everybody is here, can I really come in?”

“Naturally, Junior Apprentice Sister Mingshu is always welcome.” Lan Ya stood up first and spoke. Moreover, she not only was older than Ruan Mingshu was, but her cultivation was also at the Celestial Gatherer Realm. At the same time, Ruan Mingshu addressed Ning Cheng as ‘Senior Apprentice Brother, while Ning Cheng addressed her as ‘Junior Apprentice Sister’; as such, for her to address Ruan Mingshu as ‘Junior Apprentice Sister’ was only normal.

After Ruan Mingshu greeted everyone, she finally sat down and spoke, “I just received some news about the Orchid Borough Celestial River’s selection rounds, so I wanted everyone to know about it.”

Wearing the words ‘Orchid Borough Celestial River’s selection rounds’, everyone, including Ning Cheng, focussed their attention over her.

Ruan Mingshu continued, “This time, more than a million Celestial Scryer Cultivators are partic.i.p.ating in the Orchid Borough Celestial River’s selection rounds; however, the Orchid Borough Celestial River will only choose 10,000 people who could then go to the Man Lun Starry Skies. In other words, the selection rate in approximately one in a hundred. As such, the chances of selection are not that high.”

Lan Ya and Shi Yulan glanced at each other, sporting a worried look over their faces.

“This time, they will conduct the selection on the base of one’s Celestial Essence depth and the strength of Spiritual Consciousness, while also focussing on the individual’s best abilities.”

“Can you team up?” Ning Cheng asked, interrupting Ruan Mingshu’s words.

Ruan Mingshu shook her head, “It wouldn’t work. If the Orchid Borough Celestial River King could not even consider such a matter, then this Celestial River King is simply too weak and immature.”


While Ning Cheng and the others immersed themselves in discussing the various news and details about the Orchid Borough Celestial River’s selection rounds, the Celestial Forest Arena felt a little anxious. The reason being that the reigning champion of Celestial Forest Arena, Wanderer, who had defeated the Gale Arena’s Champion, had disappeared. Not only could no one find his residence, but Wanderer also seemed to have vanished from the Revolving Jade City.

After Wanderer defeated Suo Qiaoye, he had taken his 5 billion Green Coins and disappeared without a trace. The Celestial Forest Arena’s banquet, which now lacked its protagonist, turned into a colossal joke. However, compared to the Gale Arena, the Celestial Forest Arena still came out as the biggest winner.

“Was Wanderer secretly caught by the Gale…?” Zeng Chuxiong made a gesture in front of Arena Master.

The Celestial Forest Arena’s Arena Master shook his head, “It shouldn’t be the case. This Wanderer is definitely not someone simple. Do not judge him by his rough appearance. Not only does he know when to advance and retreat, but he has a very keen mind. Most likely, the reason why that man demanded his reward before disappearing was that he knew that the Celestial Forest Arena wanted to force him into a contract. In other words, it was us who most likely forced him to take the initiative to leave the Revolving Jade City.”

“Just now, someone from the Orchid Borough Celestial River King’s side came, wanting to meet Wanderer. How do we answer them?” Zeng Chuxiong asked, feeling somewhat depressed.

“Let’s just state the truth. The Orchid Borough Celestial River King would know that we did not deceive him.”


It did not matter how things got due to other matters, or even how bland, facing the Man Lun Starry Skies’ Celestial Scryer Genius Tryouts, the Orchid Borough Celestial River’s masters would never deem it as something trivial.

Numerous cultivators from all over had made their way to the Revolving Jade City before finally reaching the Orchid Borough Celestial River’s compet.i.tion grounds.

The Orchid Borough Celestial River King attached great importance to these tryouts; as such, not only did he personally preside over it, even his favourite concubine, Xuan Yu (Revolving Jade), accompanied him at his side.

When Ning Cheng and the others arrived at the Orchid Borough Public Square, there were already more than a million people gathered there. Even so, this ma.s.sive public square did not feel too crowded.


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