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Chapter 172: Cheyenne Comes to a Realization

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All of a sudden, Cheyenne’s heart was filled with extremely unsettling mixed emotions.

Charlotte held Cheyenne’s hand to stop her and said seriously, “Cheyenne, you really should stop treating them as our family! Look at what they’ve done. Are they human at all? All they do is use us and bully us. Even Scarlet Wright has followed suit and abused her status as a relative of the Carters to abduct Amelia.

“If you still treat them as our family and continue to be merciful to them, yesterday’s and today’s incidents will happen again and again because they’re vile and incorrigible! That’s why Lucas wants to kill Bryce and demand an explanation from the Carters today. He wants to teach them a hard lesson to ensure that they won’t bully us again.”


Charlotte turned to look at Lucas and said with a look of determination, “So, Lucas, I support you if you want to go confront the Carters. We can’t let them continue being lawless and trampling all over us. But Lucas, don’t get any of them killed because it’s not worth it at all. Other than that, you can do anything you want.”

Cheyenne had been hanging her head low after hearing what Charlotte said. With a bitter smile, she said, “Charlotte, I always thought that I was the mature one between us since I’m a few years older, but I never thought that you’d have a clearer idea of things than I do. You’re right. They’ve always been bullying and using us, and they even kicked us out when we defied them or when they deemed us useless. They’ve never treated us as relatives, and yet I keep sparing them on the account that we’re relatives.

“Don’t worry, guys. From now on, I will no longer be so silly. I’ll put in effort only on those who deserve it,” Cheyenne said. She turned to look at Lucas and said with a firm expression, “Regarding the Carters, we’ll do what you deem fit. I agree with Charlotte. I’ll support you in anything you do as long as you don’t get any of them killed!”

Seeing Cheyenne finally coming to her senses, drawing a clear line between them and the Carters, and realizing that there was no need to go easy on them anymore, Lucas had a heartened smile.

Before, he had repeatedly let the Carters off because of Cheyenne’s pleas on their behalf. This time, he finally didn’t need to spare them any mercy.

He smiled. “Rest a.s.sured. I won’t dirty my hands for their sake.”

Lucas lifted the unconscious Bryce and the bodyguard from the ground and stuffed them into the trunk of his Jaguar one by one. He was just about to get into the car to leave when he suddenly thought of something and walked over again to hand a bunch of keys to Cheyenne.

“This house has already been wrecked, so we can no longer stay here. Take a day off from work today to pack your important belongings and move into my place.”

Lucas was referring to his villa in the center of Pearl Lake. Previously, Cheyenne had been drugged by Gordon Douglas, and Lucas brought her over to stay for one night in the villa after rescuing her.

As soon as Cheyenne thought of the luxurious and beautiful villa that was as opulent as a palace, she immediately wanted to refuse, but Lucas tried to persuade her. “We’re a married couple, and my house is yours. There’s no need to divide things so clearly between us. Besides, can you bear to let Amelia continue to live in this dangerous house?”


At the thought of the environment that her daughter was living in, Cheyenne hesitated for a moment but nonetheless grabbed the keys. “Okay then. I’ll have to trouble you.”

“Do we have to be so polite between us? You know the address of the villa. There’s everything you’ll need there, so you guys don’t have to pack too many things. Just bring the important things you need.”

After giving them some instructions, Lucas drove away from the Carter residence in his black Jaguar.

Only after Lucas left did Charlotte look at the keys in Cheyenne’s hand and cluck her tongue against the roof of his mouth. “Wow, Cheyenne, does the villa belong to Lucas? When did he buy it?”

Cheyenne shook her head and said with a faint smile, “I don’t know when he bought it. But it’s very s.p.a.cious there, and there’s everything we need, so you can just bring some clothes and personal belongings over.”

“Okay, then let’s get ready to move right away!” Charlotte exclaimed with excitement, feeling rather curious about Lucas’s new home.

“Move? Where to?” Suddenly, Karen, who had hidden somewhere, popped up out of nowhere.

“Mom! You scared me!” complained the startled Charlotte.

“Tell me quickly. Where do you want to move to? Did you two secretly buy a house?” Karen stared at Cheyenne in bewilderment before taking a few glances at Charlotte.


They would basically hand over their salaries to me each month. Have they secretly stashed away lots of money without informing me?

Karen rolled her eyes. Cheyenne and Charlotte were both aware of what she was thinking.

Charlotte said in displeasure, “How can Cheyenne and I have so much money to buy a house? We hand over our salaries to you every month, don’t we? The house belongs to Lucas, and he asked us to move in with him.”

With a look of disappointment, Karen cursed hostilely, “Hah! I thought you guys were going to move into a fancy place, but it turns out to be that good-for-nothing’s house. How much money can he have? How can he afford a decent house? It’d better not be a rented house or some small and shabby place. If that’s the case, I’m not moving! I don’t want all of us to squeeze into a tiny house. If you want to move, go ahead yourselves. I’ll pa.s.s.”

Hearing Karen’s habitual criticism toward Lucas, Cheyenne felt rather speechless. “Forget it. Since you don’t want to go, you can look for another place to move into yourself. You have lots of money anyway. Charlotte, just bring some of the clothes you wear regularly. There are other necessities in the villa.”

“Wow! Is it really a villa? Is it huge and gorgeous?” Charlotte immediately asked in surprise. Ever since she was a child, she had always envied the Carters for living in a cl.u.s.ter of villas, while they had to make do in an old and shabby house.

“Yes, it’s s.p.a.cious and beautiful. You’ll know later when you get there.” Cheyenne pinched her sister’s face, and then they both returned to their rooms smilingly to pack up.

After hearing the word ‘villa’, Karen developed an interest, and her eyes started s.h.i.+ning when she heard Cheyenne say it was very s.p.a.cious and beautiful.


She couldn’t be bothered to think about how Lucas managed to get the money to purchase a villa. In her opinion, Lucas’s property was akin to Cheyenne’s, which also meant that it belonged to her too!

Since it was a large and gorgeous villa, it was only right for Karen to move in since she was Lucas’s mother-in-law!



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