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Chapter 100: Mother-in-Law Gets. .h.i.t

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

In the private room of the restaurant, they were almost done eating, but Karen hadn’t returned yet.

“Why isn’t Mom back yet? Could something have happened to her?” Cheyenne said worriedly.

Finding that something amiss too, Charlotte stood up and said, “I’ll go check.”

She walked out of the private room and crossed a corridor. She was about to go to the washroom when she suddenly realized that there were a lot of people gathered in the corridor and there seemed to be a fight.

“You’re trying to run, huh? I’m telling you, if you don’t pay up today, I won’t spare you!” a woman shrieked in a shrill, high-pitched voice.

Charlotte frowned in displeasure and was about to continue walking toward the restroom when she suddenly heard an extremely familiar voice.

“Oh, please! A wench like you is trying to extort me? Dream on! Do you know who my daughter is?”

It was her mom’s voice!

Charlotte was shocked and immediately stopped in her tracks. Her mom had gotten into an argument with someone again!

There were many onlookers, and she couldn’t squeeze her way through. So she ran back into the private room and yelled, “Bad news! Mom got into an argument with someone again! There are a lot of people surrounding them!”

“What?” Cheyenne was astonished. She stood up and was about to dash out…

Lucas hurriedly pulled Cheyenne to stop her. “I’ll go take a look. You stay here and accompany Amelia.”

Cheyenne bit her lip. She was indeed quite worried about her mom, but she also knew that she couldn’t leave her daughter alone in the room. Besides, Lucas was a man and would definitely be able to handle the situation better than her. “Okay, you go then! The most important thing is to bring her back here.”

Actually, she was just worried that it was her mother who caused the argument in the first place.

“Okay, don’t worry.” Lucas walked out with Charlotte following closely behind him.

When they arrived, the commotion was louder.

After Lucas squeezed through the crowd with Charlotte, they saw a chubby woman raising her hand and slapping Karen on her face.

“Oh my G.o.d! You wench, how dare you hit me?!” Karen would never let herself be a disadvantage. She immediately raised her hand and grabbed the woman’s hair. In an instant, they got into a messy scuffle.

“How dare you hit my mother!” Charlotte shouted furiously and rushed forward to grab the woman by her clothes. She even slapped her a few times on behalf of her mother, making the woman wail in pain incessantly.

The lobby manager rushed forth with some security officers and finally separated the three women.

The three of them looked rather disheveled.

Karen deliberately styled her hair today, but it was now a total mess, and there was a red palm mark on her face.

Charlotte’s clothes were also messy, and there was a long scratch on the back of her hand.

The one who had it the worst was the chubby woman opposite her. It was hard for her to move about nimbly because of her body size, so she had suffered numerous. .h.i.ts from Karen and Charlotte. Her cheeks were red and swollen after being slapped, and her hair was all messed up too.

“Dear customers, please talk things over calmly and don’t resort to violence,” said the hotel lobby manager, trying to mediate the situation.

The chubby woman gritted her teeth and stared at Charlotte and Karen. She took out her phone and exclaimed, “d.a.m.n it! Daring to slap me? Just you wait!”

As soon as the call got through, the chubby woman started bawling and complaining about being bullied. She then told the person on the other end to send some people over quickly.

When Karen saw that some people were really going to come, she couldn’t help but feel a little scared.

After Charlotte took a closer look at the chubby woman’s face, her heart dropped, and she knew that trouble was coming.

She was too focused on helping her mother slap the woman that hadn’t paid attention to see who she was a.s.saulting.

Now that Charlotte recognized the woman’s ident.i.ty, she secretly lamented in distress. Of all people, why did she provoke this woman?

At the side, Lucas had also long recognized the chubby woman to be the same one who almost hit Charlotte and Amelia at the kindergarten previously.

The woman’s husband was James Wilson, whom he had seen again at Dominic’s place. Wilson had even tried to make Lucas kneel down and apologize to him.

He reckoned that she should have called Wilson to bring his men over.

Enemies always meet.

Meanwhile, Charlotte also quietly told Karen about this woman. “This woman is Sharon Hart, the wife of James Wilson, the owner of the t.i.tanium Corporation. I almost got hit by the two of them when I went to the kindergarten to pick Amelia up before. Thanks to Lucas rescuing us, we got away unharmed.”

As soon as Karen heard the t.i.tanium Corporation, her face turned pale because she knew that it belonged to the top-tier Wilson family!

Oh my G.o.d! This fat woman I just hit is James Wilson’s wife! What do I do now?! Karen’s legs were trembling as she quickly said, “What are we still standing here for? Let’s run away!”

She pulled Charlotte along. But as soon as they ran for a bit, Sharon stopped them. “Hmph, now you’re scared and want to flee, huh? Let me tell you. It’s already too late! Since you two b.i.t.c.hes had the audacity to hit me, be prepared to suffer my retaliation! If I don’t beat you two into a pulp later, I won’t be Sharon Hart!” Having found someone to help her, Sharon was naturally arrogant.

Karen was terrified. She was the type to bully the weak and fear the strong. Previously, she had the guts to yank Sharon’s hair and curse her out because she didn’t know her ident.i.ty yet. Now that she did, she obviously wouldn’t dare.

Looking around in panic, she suddenly caught a glimpse of Lucas and immediately ran and hid behind him, regardless of the fact that she often called him a good-for-nothing.

“Oh? So you have an accomplice! Don’t worry. I won’t let any of you shameless idiots off!” Sharon barked smugly while glaring at Lucas as well as Charlotte and Karen behind him.

Lucas’s expression turned dark. “Mind your language. If you’re going to continue being so foul-mouthed, I won’t go easy on you even if you’re a woman.”

Karen was so infuriated that she poked Lucas’s back and chastised, “Are you out of your mind? Loser, don’t drag us down even if you have a death wis.h.!.+”

After saying this, Karen poked her head out from behind Lucas and said to Sharon deferentially, “Excuse me, Madam… It was all just a misunderstanding just now. I’m sorry! I’m really sorry! Please be magnanimous and let us off!”

Seeing Karen stooping low and submitting to her, Sharon immediately raised her head and laughed out loud. But she looked extremely terrifying because of her swollen face and large red lips.

After she was done guffawing, she said to Karen sneeringly, “Hmph, are you scared now that I’ve called people over? Weren’t you very haughty and arrogant just now? You two slapped me so hard, but you want me to forgive you after a simple apology? Dream on!”


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