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Leon looked around outside the horse stables to look for clues. That was when he saw the dagger he gave Alicia a while ago was lying on the ground not far. He kneeled down and took the dagger from the ground.

“There’s fresh blood.” Leon said while examining the blade of the dagger.

‘Alicia might have wounded her attacker.’ Leon thought.

“Dimitri!” Leon called.

“Yes your highness?” Dimitri arrived with Midnight in tow. “I have told our shadow guards to scout the area.”

“Alicia and her kidnapper cannot have gotten that far.” Leon said. He showed the dagger to Dimitri.

“This is your dagger your highness.” Dimitri said. He knew that the prince’s dagger is coated with poison. Even just a p.r.i.c.k from it’s blade can endanger your life. The prince always carries this dagger for protection.

“I have handed this to Alicia a while ago for protection. I am sure Alicia wounded her kidnapper and by now he is feeling the effects of the poison. Tell the shadow guards to hurry.” Leon said.

‘I want to see Alicia as soon as possible.’ Leon thought.

Just the thought of someone touching his future wife infuriates him to the core.

Leon mounted Midnight and trotted in the vicinity. Not long Midnight started behaving unusual.

“What is it boy?” Leon rubbed Midnight’s neck.

‘Neigh’ the horse was stomping his hooves on the ground like he was telling something.

Then Leon noticed something colorful on the ground. He unmounted from his horse and took a closer look.

Leon picked up the colorful round object and inspected it. After he smelled the sweet smell of candy, he knew right away that this was Alicia’s candies. He had bought it for her this morning when she said it smells sweet and tasty.

Leon looked at the vicinity and saw the trail of candies. He smiled to himself.

“Clever girl.” Leon said. “I see that my training and lessons paid off.”

Leon mounted Midnight again and rubbed his neck. “Good boy Midnight. Now let’s follow this trail.”

Leon followed the trail with Dimitri behind him.


The speed of the horse lessened drastically.

‘What could have been the problem that the young man has slowed down?’ I wondered.

The horse came into a stop. I can hear the young man behind me breathing heavily.

“Dammit.” The young man cursed. “The dagger was poisoned.”

‘Leon’s dagger was poisoned?’ I thought. No wonder the young man was breathing heavily. The poison must have started to take effect.

“I have to hurry and rendezvous with Clara. I am sure she can find an antidote for the poison in no time.” The young man said.

But when he was about to nudge his horse, he fell to the ground.

I was shocked of what just happened. I saw the young man panting and breathing heavily while lying on the ground.

‘This is my chance.’ I thought.

I unmounted the horse in a hurry and was about to run.

“No, stop!” The young man yelled.

I see the water from the pond just near us rise.

“Oh no, not again.” I said.

I tried to run but the water caught me in an instant. It enveloped me again but this time the water bubble was made until just below my neck.

“Please…don’t…run away.” The young man was breathing heavily. Beads of sweat are seen on his forehead.

“Please just let me go.” I said. “If you let me go, I promise to give you the antidote for the poison.”

“I also don’t want you to die. I know you don’t have any ill intention towards me. You have just mistaken me for somebody else.” I said.

The young man looked at me. He was clearly having a hard time standing.

“I am sorry young lady but bringing you back is more important than my life.” The young man said. “With you by our prince’s side, I am sure that the blood line of the royal family will flourish again. Our country will once again rise from the ashes, like a phoenix having rebirth once more.”

“Like I said, you have the wrong person. I am not the person you are talking about.” I tried to convince him once again. “Please just release me. And I will a.s.sure you that you can live and go back to your prince once more.”

The young man shook his head. “No, I am sure you are a descendant of the royal family of Atlantia.” The young man said.

He walked towards me, dragging his body as if it was heavy. He reached his hand towards me and took off the scarf I was wearing on my head.

My platinum silver hair flowed freely in the night. It reflected the light of the moon, making it s.h.i.+ne in the dim night.

“Your hair and your eyes are proof of your linage. The royal family of Atlantia had platinum blonde hair that s.h.i.+nes bright under the moon light. And your silver eyes that holds untold intelligence and power.” The young man said.

“When I saw you a while ago out on the streets, when you were about to be hit by the carriage, I saw your hair flow out. That time I wasn’t sure if you really are a descendant. But now looking at you, staring at your eyes. I can feel it, the power lingering inside of you.”

I looked at the young man before me. I was still confused as to what he was talking about. But something was clear to me. Having platinum blonde hair was not a norm here in the country of Alvannia. In fact as long as I have lived, I have never seen anyone with the same color of hair other than me and my mother.

“My life is not important now. What is important is that I take you back with me.” The young man said. “Do not worry. As our princess, we will cherish you dearly. And once our country has been brought back, I am sure that our empire will flourish once more. You will be a queen besides our rightful king.”

“And who are you calling a queen for your king?” I hear a familiar voice.

I looked at the direction where the voice was coming. From the shadow of trees emerged two horses. One was as black as night but very regal and majestic. It was Midnight. And riding him was the das.h.i.+ng young man that took an oath as my knight and protector.

“Leon!” I yelled his name with delight. He was here to rescue me.

“Wait for me Alicia. I will surely save you.” Leon gave me his bright smile I always love.

Then he looked at the young man with a mocking smile.

“I am sorry to burst your bubble. But this princess will be queen for another king.” Leon said with pride.


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