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Chapter 739 Ren Xiaosu performs a magic trick

“You’re not sleepy yet?!” These words reverberated throughout the campsite, but everyone else was already asleep and could not hear him. Only Ren Xiaosu was looking at him calmly, as though he had given a very simple reason. In fact, he even felt a little annoyed at him for making such a fuss.

But the Demon Whisperer’s clone was extremely unhappy. This is hypnotism! Bro, could you at least show some respect? After hypnotizing you, do you think you can just say that you’re not sleepy and the matter is resolved?’

Ren Xiaosu asked, “Why did you also come here to the Sacred Mountains?”

“Li Shentan” laughed. “If you can come here, why can’t I come here as well?”

“Where’s Little Liren?” Ren Xiaosu asked.

“Oh, Little Liren? She’s asleep.” The Demon Whisperer’s clone said, “What about you? What are you doing here?”

During the conversation, the Demon Whisperer’s clone sat down not far away from Ren Xiaosu across the campfire. The two of them chatted with each other like they were close friends.

The Demon Whisperer’s clone had realized the young man in front of him was acquainted with Li Shentan, and it even seemed like their relations.h.i.+p was quite good.

Meanwhile, he looked exactly the same as Li Shentan, so he could naturally pa.s.s off as the real guy! The Demon Whisperer’s clone wondered why this person was not hypnotized. Perhaps his willpower had already far exceeded that of most people’s.

Earlier, he was worried White Mask would prove to be the most difficult to handle. But White Mask had already fallen unconscious to the ground. Instead, it was this young man who remained unaffected.

However, the Demon Whisperer’s clone did not mind at all. This was only a simple trick he had played just now. Besides, he was also standing very far away from the group, so it was to be expected that the hypnotism might fail.

But he still had many tricks up his sleeve.

Ren Xiaosu said to the clone, “I have my reasons for coming here, of course. But as for you, didn’t you say that you wanted to go to the south and wait for the typhoon season to arrive? Why have you come north then?” Li Shentan’s clone was silent for a couple seconds. He quickly processed what Ren Xiaosu had said in his mind because he somehow felt he was calling his bluff. What normal person would head south to wait for the typhoon season? The difference between the real Li Shentan and this clone was that one of them was a mental patient while the other was not!

Back when Li Shentan was just a child, he wasn’t crazy yet. He only went mad because he saw with his own eyes the hards.h.i.+p his mother had been put through. However, this clone did not experience any of those emotions.

So he just couldn’t understand why anyone in the world would want to go to the South to wait for the typhoons to start. Was there any meaning in waiting for the typhoons?

Li Shentan’s clone was very cautious and did not answer this question. He was afraid he would give himself away if he talked too much.

Instead, he suddenly stretched out his right hand and swept it over the campfire. The flickering flame started whirling and cast an agitated red glow onto its surroundings. There were even some strange symbols in the glow that shone brightly like stars in a fire.

The wind gusted wildly between the trees in the forest as the branches brushed against each other with an eerie sound.

Everything that was happening could make a person feel as though they were about to plunge into a weightless abyss at any moment.

When Li Shentan’s clone stared hard at Ren Xiaosu, he realized Ren Xiaosu was still not showing any signs of getting hypnotized. He stayed silent for a moment before asking, “Is there anything you wish to say to me?” Ren Xiaosu gave it some thought and said, “Is that magic? It’s pretty cool….”

Li Shentan’s clone felt frustrated by his response. Magic?! That was hypnotism, bro! Li Shentan’s clone realized something was wrong. Although he had not given his all for the hypnotism just now, his opponent’s resistance was simply too strong. This was the only exception he had encountered since he woke up in the birth chamber!

In the Sacred Mountains, he could even easily play with the T5 combatants. But the young man in front of him seemed naturally resistant to hypnotism.

Li Shentan’s clone was unaware the real Li Shentan did not bother with killing him because he had been extremely looking forward to this exchange. But it was such a pity the real Li Shentan could not see the expression on this imbecile’s face. He was feeling so stifled it looked like he was constipated.

In contrast, the real Li Shentan was much more elegant in his actions. Knowing he could not hypnotize Ren Xiaosu, he chose to make friends with him instead!

Ren Xiaosu asked again, “Why did you hypnotize the others?”

Li Shentan’s clone smiled and said, “So they won’t eavesdrop on our conversation. I have something very important to tell you.” “Oh.” Ren Xiaosu nodded. “Go ahead then.”

Li Shentan’s clone fell silent. What should he tell him?

How could he really have anything important to say? Wasn’t it just an excuse he had made up? He could have just hypnotized everyone and taken their lives. But how could he have known there was actually a person who was immune to hypnotism among them? It was as if he had gotten a hypnotism vaccine or something!

as a

Li Shentan’s clone said, “Let me perform another magic trick for you. What kind of magic would you like to see? I can perform anything you want.”

“OK, you can perform the magic trick that you did for me at Luoyang City,” Ren Xiaosu said seriously.

Li Shentan’s clone was speechless. ‘Why do you have to make a request in such a roundabout way? How would I know what magic trick Li Shentan performed for you previously?’

At some point, he even felt the young man across from him was teasing him!

Li Shentan’s clone said, “That’s not interesting at all. I’ll perform something new for you this time.”

“It’s fine, I wanna see that one,” Ren Xiaosu said.

Li Shentan’s clone suddenly smiled. “Alright, I’ll perform it for you then.”

But at this moment, every word Li Shentan’s clone spoke turned into ethereal birds and flew straight into Ren Xiaosu’s ears. The sound of his voice was like a fine down feather brus.h.i.+ng past his ear. A demon was whispering next to him.

The reason why the Demon Whisperer was called the Demon Whisperer was that his most powerful ability was this whispering hypnotism technique.

Therefore, when Li Shentan’s clone saw his previous attempts all failing, he had no choice but to resort to his killer move.

He stared fixedly at Ren Xiaosu. Li Shentan’s clone finally saw a trace of confusion in Ren Xiaosu’s eyes. “Go on.” Ren Xiaosu said in confusion, “What are you waiting for? Why don’t I show you some magic instead?”

Li Shentan’s clone replied, “… Go ahead then.”

“OK, watch carefully.” Ren Xiaosu nodded. Then he actually opened a dark Shadow Door in front of him.

Li Shentan’s clone was taken aback a little. “What kind of magic is this?”

Ren Xiaosu put his hand into the Shadow Door with a smile and explained, “Oh, it’s called ‘Backstabbing While Facing You.”

Li Shentan’s clone looked down at the saber tip that penetrated out of his chest and the blood flowing out from the wound. He looked up at Ren Xiaosu and thought, ‘That was f.u.c.king unexpected!’

Ren Xiaosu sighed, “You’re not Li Shentan at all. At the very least, Li Shentan would not try to hypnotize me over and over again. He knows full well he can’t hypnotize me. Besides, you don’t have his craziness in you at all.”

Li Shentan’s clone was a little confused. Just what sort of weird characters had come into the Sacred Mountains this time?


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