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Chapter 632: Prelude to chaos

Translator: Legge

A girl beside her said with a smile, “Are you interested in him?”

“Interested?” The female student who started the conversation muttered, “And live a life of poverty after getting together? A guy like him is just good for looking at.”

“Have you guys heard? It seems like Xu Zhi has always been single. He’s the president of the student council and his family members are the core figures of the Qinghe Group…”

The people who would stand in for students for their lessons were typically b.u.ms from outside of school, so the students of Qinghe University would look down on them.

Therefore, everyone would stop paying attention to Ren Xiaosu once the novelty of his presence wore off.

When Ren Xiaosu would eventually leave the university and Jiang Xu would suspend Zheng Hang from his cla.s.ses year after year, Zheng Hang would likely be unable to graduate and end up becoming a b.u.m of society himself.

After school, Ren Xiaosu did not go straight home like the other students who lived in the stronghold. Instead, he did some reading in the library before leaving at 8 PM.

Sure enough, it was just as Qin Sheng had said. The soldiers on duty at 8 PM were the same ones on duty at 8 AM. As they already remembered Ren Xiaosu’s face, they only routinely swiped his student pa.s.s, checking the mag strip, before letting him through.

On the way back, Ren Xiaosu tried to find out the whereabouts of the Saboteurs. However, it was a futile attempt as he barely knew any of their members.

But before he could return to his residence at Junmin Alley, he heard a hysterical scream in the distance. Then he saw a figure dart across a roof.

“They’re making their moves already?” Ren Xiaosu muttered to himself. In his opinion, the various forces in Luoyang City should be lying low while waiting for the other forces to make their move first. So some of them were getting impatient?

But the bird that takes the lead gets shot first. The first ones to strike would most likely get crushed by the Riders with the most brutal methods.

At this moment, a peddler selling roasted sweet potatoes on the sidewalk started packing up. He looked like he was afraid of getting dragged in.

As Ren Xiaosu had not eaten dinner yet, he decided to lowball the street vendor and buy two sweet potatoes on the cheap. The peddler was not in the mood to haggle with Ren Xiaosu, so he just sold them to him cheaply.

Ren Xiaosu called Qin Sheng. “What’s happening in Luoyang City? Do you need my help?”

Qin Sheng replied over the phone, “It’s fine. An unknown person attacked a tobacco and liquor store in the city. We now suspect that the store was operated by one of the forces, and that a clash broke out between them and a rival. But these are all minor incidents. Unless a large number of superhumans appear, we’re capable of dealing with these matters on our own.”

Ren Xiaosu got the picture. So it turned out they were just sending a few minions to create a bit of trouble. Meanwhile, the supernatural beings, as the trump cards, had not even appeared yet.

“Alright then.” Ren Xiaosu said, “Also, I have good news to tell you. To be precise, the good news is related to your cousin. I got him appointed as the Humanities and Political Science cla.s.s representative.”

Then Ren Xiaosu ate the sweet potatoes as he slowly made his way back to his little courtyard house.

Since Qin Sheng said he did not need his help, there was no need for him to intervene, right?

After hanging up, Qin Sheng was baffled for a moment. He did not know whether he should tell his cousin about the bad news Ren Xiaosu had conveyed to him. For a student who preferred playing video games at home every day, he actually got chosen as the cla.s.s representative.

Ren Xiaosu was walking down the street. Although Qinghe University was more than ten kilometers away from the little courtyard house at Junmin Alley, Ren Xiaosu did not take the streetcar.

But at this moment, the chaos and clamoring were getting louder. It sounded as though it was heading towards him.

Shortly after, Ren Xiaosu watched two people turn a corner while holding the sweet potatoes in his hands. They were making a mad dash towards him.

They were not targeting him but were being chased. These two people were fleeing towards him in panic.

Ren Xiaosu pulled his hood over his head.

When the two people pa.s.sed by Ren Xiaosu, he stuck out a leg and tripped one of them. Due to the great inertia, the person who got tripped was sent rolling more than ten meters before coming to a stop.

Just as Ren Xiaosu was about to deal with the other person, he suddenly felt a sense of danger behind him. It was a scorching attack. Ren Xiaosu could even feel the heat on his back while the ends of his hair also started curling.

Faster than the blink of an eye, the nanomachines covered his entire body and turned into extremely strong armor.

Immediately after, an explosive fireball engulfed the armor in flames. This was an attack by a supernatural being who was trying to provide cover for the two people to escape!

However, the supernatural being who used the fire technique was surprised to find that the armored being was unscathed by his attack. Within the brilliant flames, that dark figure of the steel beast turned around and looked at him. He was being stared down by something terrifying.

With no time to hesitate, the supernatural being who used the fire technique turned around and tried to escape. With just a few simple jumps, he propelled himself up towards the rooftops by kicking off on the walls between two buildings that were four meters apart.

But before he could safely land on the rooftop, the supernatural being suddenly felt that his ankle was caught by something metallic. When he looked down, he saw the steel beast had jumped more than eight meters at once from its original position. It grabbed hold of his ankle ruthlessly and threw him to the ground!

Even he had to resort to pus.h.i.+ng off walls to get to the top of the building that was eight meters high. However, his opponent was able to achieve the same by just leaping up? What sort of formidable physical fitness was that? Or could this be the effect of the steel armor?

If he were to fall from a height of more than eight meters, the supernatural being thought he would either end up dead or crippled.

Thinking of this, he twisted his body. As he was falling, he used a flame whip to tie the legs of the steel beast together in an attempt to break his fall. His movements were extraordinarily agile.

When the supernatural being flicked the flame whip in his hand, his body immediately stopped falling. Furthermore, he managed to pull Ren Xiaosu back towards the ground and used this momentum change to leap into the air again.

Ren Xiaosu’s expression remained calm within the steel armor. In just a few seconds, he roughly realized his opponent was a supernatural being who was extremely nimble and had swift reactions as well. He looked just like a flame dancer gyrating in the air.

“Too fancy.”

With that, Ren Xiaosu grabbed hold of his opponent’s neck with his left hand in midair and pierced the chest of the supernatural being with the black saber in his right hand.

The supernatural being tried to struggle free the moment he was caught, but the strength of that grip was absolutely not something he could resist.

This supernatural being felt sullen before he died. He was only here to provide cover for the others to leave, so how did he end up getting killed first?

Ren Xiaosu quickly left the battlefield and disappeared into the shadows of a building after killing this supernatural being. When Qin Sheng and the others who arrived later saw the corpse of the supernatural being lying on the ground, Old Li quietly gave a sigh. A supernatural being had finally died in this chaotic battle in Luoyang City. Perhaps even more supernatural beings would soon die in this conflict.

On this night, blood was finally spilled in this chaotic battle.


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