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Chapter 40 – Affinities 1

“Will you believe me if I told you that magic is real, Souta?”

“I won’t… if I see it with my own eyes then I would believe it, grandpa!”

“Earth is too brittle and feeble. The things here were too fragile and weak. It’s easy to break them. So using magic in this world could even destroy a whole city and that was just a tier 1 spell.”

“What are you saying, grandpa? Does magic really exist?”

“Hmm… I won’t tell you, just remember everything that I said and you will understand it one day.”

“Okay, grandpa!”

“If a two tier-2 spell user fought here in this world then they would destroy the whole continent of Asia. That’s how brittle this world is. You know a tier 2 spell user is not even that powerful. The energy here is too thin that’s why this world isn’t as strong as any other world. If you used an ordinary [Fire Ball] spell here it will burn all the surrounding houses here. The energy and heat coming from it are too strong for this world. I think even a slime would do a ma.s.sacre in this world as there is no weapon that could stop it except the nuclear bomb.”

“Then, grandpa what level is powerful to you?”

“That’s a good question, I think it will be the level of Amaterasu and Susanoo. Their level would be considered G.o.d-like here as they could easily destroy this world.”

“But grandpa they are really a G.o.d. I’ve learned it in school.”

“Hoho it seems that you’re studying well.”

“Of course grandpa, I’m listening well to my teacher.”

Souta woke up with sweat forming on his forehead. He felt that he dreamed something important but he couldn’t recall it.

Lately, he kept having a dream and that dream was important for him. He would understand why he was here in this world or how did he come in this world. Unfortunately, he couldn’t remember it as soon as he woke up.

“It would answer all my questions once I remember my dream,” Souta muttered to himself. He shook his head and put those thoughts in the back of his head.

He stood up and prepared himself for the cla.s.s. He went to the bathroom and washed his face before he wore his uniform.

He went downstairs and ordered a meal for his breakfast.

“That uniform…?” The waitress was surprised to see him wearing the uniform of the Ladro Inst.i.tute.

“Looks good on me, right? I’ve pa.s.sed the examination so I’m a student at Ladro Inst.i.tute.” Souta laughed at her reaction.

“I’m surprised…” The waitress muttered.

“The same as always,” Souta said with a smile on his face.

“Good luck on your studies.” The waitress said to him.

“I will.” Souta nodded his head.

After that, Souta left the inn and went to Yuko. He fed her some foods before he went straight to the inst.i.tute.

Souta was on his way to the inst.i.tute when he met Bryan.

“Oi! Souta!”

Souta turned around and saw Bryan running towards him. “Good morning!” He greeted Bryan. He then said, “You’re up early, huh?”

“Of course, I would always wake up before the sunrise.” Bryan patted his chest feeling proud.

“I see, I forgot that you’re an adventurer. An adventurer always woke up early and do various jobs so that they can earn more money.” Souta said as he walked forward.

“We can do quest together if you want,” Bryan said as he walked beside Souta. “We’re of the same rank so I think it’s good that we party sometime. No, we must party as we’re also cla.s.smates!”

“I don’t even know how strong are you and you’re saying that you want to party up with me,” Souta said as he cast a glance at Bryan.

“Huh? How can you be like that? You don’t even trust your cla.s.smates.” Bryan complained at him.

“Okay, let see… We don’t have a cla.s.s on weekends, right?” Souta rubbed his chin.

“Yeah, why?” Bryan tilted his head in confusion.

“If you’re strong enough you can help me in doing something,” Souta said to him. Since he was level 18 now and he would reach the level requirements soon, he needed to prepare for his next evolution and complete all the other requirements.

He already has a suitable race for his next evolution. It’s still a goblin but it was much stronger than before. He planned to keep evolving as a goblin until he reached the level of the progenitor. That way he would be able to control all the goblins and he would build a kingdom of goblins. All the other species of goblin would wors.h.i.+p him like a G.o.d and they would do everything that he wanted.

If he wanted to build a kingdom of goblins then it would be suitable for him to establish it in the Dark Forest. Because if he created it in the eastern or western part of the continent the human and demi countries would stop him. But creating it inside the Dark Forest would lessen his influence because of the Monster Lord living there.

There’s no shortage of Monster Lord’s in this world. Especially in the Dark Forest, the largest forest in the whole continent, where a lot of powerful monsters live. Even the Three Great Country would hesitate to go through that forest. So he would be having a hard time if he wanted to dominate the other monsters.

“Yos.h.!.+ I can’t wait for it!” Bryan said excitedly.

“I don’t even know how strong you are…” Souta said.

“Hahaha, don’t worry about it. I’m quite strong and you will see it later.” Bryan laughed as he patted his own chest.

“Well, let’s talk about that later.” Souta shrugged his shoulder. He was wondering if Bryan could really help him. That way he would be able to complete all the requirements of his next evolution.

The two arrived in their cla.s.s and Bryan quickly talked to their other cla.s.smates.

Seeing this, Souta sighed and he sat down in his seat beside Alice. Alice was already sitting in her seating without saying anything. She’s just waiting for the teacher to come here and start the cla.s.s.

He just glanced at her before he took out his notes and waited for the teacher to come in.

After a few minutes, Bargan entered the cla.s.s.

“Okay cla.s.s, sit down,” Bargan said as he placed down the book in his hand on top of the table.

The students sat down in their own seat and the cla.s.s became silent. All of their eyes were focused on Bargan.

“Today, we will check your magical apt.i.tude.” Bargan took out a first size transparent orb from his pocket and placed it on the top of the table. “We will thoroughly check how large is your mana inside your body and your affinities to elements using this device. This device is called Magical Scanner and it was developed by the Red Crystal Empire, one of the Three Great Country.”

Everyone looked at the transparent orb on top of the table. Some of them knew what it is and some were not.

Bargan looked at them before he continued, “Every creature in this world have affinity to at least one element. It doesn’t matter if you’re a human, demi, or even monster. As long as you’re a living creature you have an affinity to one element.”

Everyone nodded at his words. They already knew this thing as this was the basic thing.

“You’re affinity will decide your future path of becoming a mage. Of course, not all people followed their affinity. For example, the city lord of Ladros City, Jarvan Detrios. His affinity is dark element but he decided to take the path of the light element opposite of his affinity. It just you will need double effort if you want to master a spell that is not your affinity. Although City Lord Jarvan’s affinity isn’t light element, he still became a powerful City Lord of Ladros City.” Bargan paused for a moment before he added, “One more thing, the effect of your skill will be fifty percent more powerful if you cast a spell of your affinity.”

Souta rubbed his chin. He wondered what his affinity and he was interested to know it. In the game, there’s no such thing as affinity at all. Every player could learn every skill and spell as long as they met the requirements. They could even pick their own specialty once they got a cla.s.s.

“About the energy capacity of each person. We will also check it today. We will know how large mana you can store up in your body. There are some races that are born with large energy capacity in their bodies. Such as Witches, Magical Humans, Elves, Mermen, etc. and there are some that aren’t born with large energy capacity like Barbarians, Dwarves, Giants, etc.”

Souta knew about it. Those races that weren’t born with large energy capacity have other traits. Some were born with super strength and some were born with super speed.

“But don’t worry about it even if you have low energy capacity as it can be trained. With proper training, a person can expand their capacity and store more energy in their bodies.”

In Souta’s case, he will just add some free attribute points to his intelligence attribute and his mana capacity will increase.


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