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Chapter 238 – Blessings

“Mwahaha!” Souta laughed as the ten black b.a.l.l.s on his back flew in the sky.

Raeshka and the rest of her higher rank subordinates watch this scene with interest. They haven’t seen a monster using the skills of humans and demis in their entire life. To think that it would make a monster this strong just by learning those skills.

Ten black b.a.l.l.s flying in the sky only means one thing. Souta lost his gravity field around his body. The black b.a.l.l.s were the ones that maintained the gravity field around him so if he used the black b.a.l.l.s for other things he had to cancel the gravity field around him.

He doesn’t have a powerful defense that could reflect anything. It was a chance to damage Souta.

The black tentacles moved swiftly as it bound several monsters. The monsters didn’t have a chance to rest at all as they moved their bodies as fast as possible to avoid the black tentacles. They understood one thing ever since the battle started. Once the black tentacles got them, they wouldn’t be able to escape from its grasp.

After a few moments, black spikes burst out of the ground one by one. It wasn’t as powerful as the black tentacles but it was enough to wound some of the monsters.

The monsters with thick hide and skin such as the three-horned crocodile ignored the black spikes. A simple level 1 [Shadow Spike] spell wouldn’t be able to pierce its tough skin. It’s if Souta level up this spell to 10 but Souta didn’t have a plan to do that for now.

Swoos.h.!.+ Swoos.h.!.+

Blood was spurting everywhere as the black spikes managed to wound some of the monsters. Surely, it was those monsters that got caught by the black tentacles. They wouldn’t be able to avoid the black spikes in the grasp of the black tentacles.

“Everything will end.” Souta laughed as the ten black b.a.l.l.s in the sky controlled the gravity.


The flame wings pigeon crashed on the ground as the gravity increase by several times. The pigeon moved its head and looked at Souta from the ground. Its eyes contained resentment and fear.

Souta walked towards the pigeon and raised his feet. “Sleep.” He said before stomping the head of the flame wings pigeon.

The ten black b.a.l.l.s increased the gravity in the whole area. It decreased the movement speed of the monsters that let the tentacles captured them.


The monsters roared in agony as the black tentacles chased after them. They finally realized that they couldn’t defeat Souta with their strength. They felt that they weren’t fighting a second evolution monster like them.

Souta’s power was entirely different from theirs. They could only admire the strength he possessed as no one managed to touch him in this battle.

Swoos.h.!.+ Swoos.h.!.+

One by one the black tentacles captured all the second evolution monsters in the whole area.

‘This battle drained a quarter of my mana.’ Souta thought while looking at the monsters on the ground. He was the winner of this battle. He overwhelmed all the second evolution monsters.

Using the power of the gravity nonstop drained quite a bit of his mana. He wouldn’t be able to use this in a long battle, for now… In the future, if he increased his mana capacity he would be able to use this in a long time battle.

In version 2, he must go to the frontline to fight countless demons and gathered their souls. At that time, his [Soul Blood Earring] would s.h.i.+ne the most among his equipment. The souls that he could gather in that battle would exceed one million. His stats would experience a great increase at that time.

‘Still, these monsters lack intelligence… They just attack me without planning anything.’ For him, this was one of the reasons why they lose to him. If they have overwhelming power then fighting like that was fine but they were weak. Fighting a stronger opponent without any plan was like asking the stronger opponent to slaughter them.

“You won the battle. I’m not going back on my words. You have my permission to leave this place anytime. It’s up to you to decide when you will leave.” Raeshka smiled as she looked at Souta with an amused expression.

She was satisfied with his performance. In fact, he greatly exceeded her expectations. To think that a mere goblin would become the strongest second evolution monster.

She admitted that she wasn’t as strong as him when she was at his level. She was just a normal monster at that time. Souta was the strongest second evolution monster that she saw in her entire life. Even the subordinates of the other monster lords would be no match to him. From what she saw, Souta could literally overwhelm any second evolution monsters in this world.

She also saw that Souta wasn’t even using everything. It means that he still have hidden a part of his power. He could even fight a weak third evolution monster but he wouldn’t be able to defeat it.

Souta and the rest of the Dark Oculus fought a peak third evolution monster before, the Dark Vine Stinger. They only managed to defeat it because the guild master stopped it from evolving and it caused the dark vine stinger to receive a heavy wound. Saya also destroyed the monster orb of the dark vine stinger.

If Saya didn’t injure it then it could still kill Souta easily even if he promoted his cla.s.s to Battle Mage.

Souta knew it too that his current strength wasn’t enough to defeat a third evolution monster. A third evolution monster has a monster orb. Plus, a third evolution monster have a skill called [Monster Orb Release] which amplified the power of the monster by several times. He couldn’t even match Gregory with his current strength so how could he defeat a third evolution monster. He could defeat a third evolution monster if he promoted his cla.s.s to a higher tier. But that’s impossible, he would need a great amount of skill points to promote his cla.s.s.

From his calculation, he would evolve first before he earned the right amount of skill points that he needed to promote his cla.s.s.

A combat arts and spells were needed to promote his cla.s.s. He was a Battle Mage after all not a pure mage cla.s.s.

“Thanks for keeping your words,” Souta said as he bowed his head in front of Raeshka. It’s natural to respect the monster lord. He did it because he doesn’t want her subordinates to turn their hostility to him.

“I will leave this place later. I will rest for a while.”

He said before he looked at Yuko and called her. He healed the wounds that she received from fighting the other monsters.

Raeshka smiled while watching the two. She slowly opened her mouth and said, “I have a proposal to you.”

Souta raised his brows as he looked at Raeshka. ‘It seems that she wouldn’t let me leave this place easily.’ He thought as he carefully watched her expression. He was trying to guess what she was thinking.

“Hmm… I want you to fight another battle. Of course, I will reward you if you win the battle.” Raeshka said while looking straight into his eyes.

“Are you not satisfied with my performance?” Souta asked her in a polite tone.

“I’m satisfied. You even exceeded my expectations. It’s my first time seeing a monster like you so I want to watch you more.” Raeshka replied to him. She still had that faint smile on her face.

“So what is it?” Souta asked her without changing his expression. He still didn’t know her motive for her proposal.

“I want you to fight one of the second evolution monsters again,” Raeshka said to him.

“But I already defeat them so what’s the point in fighting one of them if they couldn’t even defeat me when they were working together?” Souta asked her as he was confused. He couldn’t understand why she wanted him to fight another second evolution.

“I’ll give one of them my blessings and you will have to fight that chosen one,” Raeshka said these words that shocked the other monsters around them.

Souta opened his eyes widely when he heard her words. He was shocked beyond words.

All the G.o.d-level creature in the universe could bless any creature below them. But there’s a limit to it as they couldn’t bless anyone. Souta didn’t know the limit of the blessing as no player managed to reach the level of the G.o.d. Even those monster character users didn’t reach the level of the monster lord. The reason was that the level limit at the latest version was 80.

It means a fifth evolution stage to monster character users and SSS-rank to humans and demis.

Any creature that was blessed by a G.o.d-level existence could use the power of blessings at will. If activated it will amplify the power of the blessed creature by several folds. The increase in power depends on the creature that gives the blessing. There were other factors to it but the blessed creature would possess a power that was above its level.

In the game, he received the blessings of the G.o.ddess Athena. He received her most powerful blessings and Souta used it to dominate his opponents along with the rest of his universal grade equipment.


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