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Chapter 233: Caroline Slaps Faces!

[She’s leaving it to us to pressure Edwin into coming out!]

A sharp-witted netizen spoke out.

Very quickly, many netizens understood the crux of the matter.

Immediately, they started to use the bullet screen to comment on Madam Carol’s awesomeness, Madam Carol gogogogogo, Madam Carol I love you!”

A minute had pa.s.sed, but there was still no response.

“If you’re having technical issues, I’ll hang up!”

Caroline’s words were undoubtedly a threat.

However, her tone was very gentle.

It was as if she did this for breakfast.

Moreover, in the eyes of normal people, this was indeed a normal thing.

It was like a video call between two people. If one party was having issues, the other party would have to hang up.

Those words quickly elicited a response.

“Dr. Edwin has gone to the toilet. He’ll be back soon! Dr. Caroline, please wait a moment! Please forgive me, netizens!”

With these words, Caroline was relieved.

This meant that Edwin had no choice but to come out and accept the ‘trial’.

“Hurry up, the netizens can’t wait any longer!”

A minute after Caroline finished speaking, Edwin appeared on the screen with a bitter smile.

He looked like he had sour grapes in his mouth.

Caroline pointedly feigned ignorance.

“Ah! Dr. Edwin, you finally appeared! I thought you ran away scared!”

Caroline was telling the truth, but Edwin did not dare acknowledge it.

“I’m old, and my body is not what it used to be! Please forgive me!”

Edwin adjusted his expression, but his tone did not sound apologetic in the least.

He clenched his teeth a little.

“Oh ~ ~ ~ ~ ~” Caroline deliberately responded in a dramatic manner.

Edwin felt a little disgusted listening to it.

“Dr. Edwin, then let’s get straight to the point!”

Caroline immediately became serious. “What do you think about the hibernation chamber made by Thunder G.o.d?”

Public execution!

How would Edwin get out of the guillotine?!

He was famous because he criticized Nelson’s mistakes, and everyone knew it.

However, he was right.

His thesis was approved by experts all over the world.

There was nothing wrong with it!


Edwin had also denounced Raymond.

Not only that, but a majority of the netizens also fell into the trap with him!

Raymond had actually succeeded!

This was a big problem!

The netizens would naturally never admit to their own problems.

Therefore, the key to the problem was Edwin!

If it wasn’t for him, the netizens would not have second-guessed Raymond.

It looked like Madam Caroline was slapping his face.

But in reality, Caroline was actually helping him.

It was just that Edwin didn’t know.

“Regarding Raymond’s hibernation chamber, I have to apologize to the majority of the netizens. I thought that I was an expert in this area, so I arbitrarily thought that this hibernation chamber would make use of cryogenics and didn’t have a rational judgment! I’m sorry!”

Edwin followed suit.

He had learned Nelson’s bow before.

He had bowed even longer than Nelson.

The netizens were undoubtedly tolerant, and most of them began to say that it was fine, that it didn’t matter, that it was good to recognize the mistake, and so on.

After all, Edwin’s intentions were good.

He had not come in swinging and denouncing everything like Nelson did, so they left him alone shortly after.

We also had to listen to him talk about Raymond’s hibernation chamber. What exactly was the principle?!

After taking a bow, Edwin straightened up and said, “I really don’t know the exact principle behind Raymond’s hibernation chamber.

“I’m just like you guys. My head is full of question marks!

“Perhaps this kind of answer can only be understood after Raymond knows the truth!

“However, I can tell you the comparison between this kind of hibernation chamber and my proposed bodily fluid replacement!

“In comparison, Raymond’s hibernation chamber has too many advantages!”

Elevating others and suppressing oneself.

No one would do such a thing.

But Edwin had no choice but to do so at this moment.

Although there weren’t many people watching today’s live broadcast, Edwin could still see the chat activity.

He was very clear that in order to suppress the impact of the situation, the best way was to pull out something that was worth paying attention to.

Being submissive was the best choice.

The key was that compared to the hibernation chamber, Raymond’s invention was far too effective.

“From Kim Hee-sun’s reaction and the data we could see, there are a few advantages of the hibernation chamber.

“First, there is no need to meddle with the fluid content of their bodies. This undoubtedly saves a lot of time. It also appears to be easily ma.s.s-produced.

“Of course, the manipulation of body fluids can also be ma.s.s-produced in the later stages, but they will always be far more time-consuming! As for what Raymond has built, everyone could practically get one in their homes.

“Secondly, the process of hibernation and recovery. Kim Hee-sun did not even realize what was going on. This is the most ideal outcome we could only have dreamed of in the past. It’s even easier than sleeping!

“Thirdly, the hibernation pod will not cause much harm to the human body. Of course, you heard what Raymond said. It takes a little from you. But it’s negligible. It’s just a little muscle soreness! It will be fine after a good sleep.

“Fluid replacement is highly damaging. Due to the freezing, the long recovery time, there are just too many adverse effects.

“Fourth, slow metabolism.

“Kim Hee-sun’s pulse went down to 3 minutes per beat!

“That was just the beginning, I have a feeling that Raymond’s chamber would allow rates of up to 1 month per beat, given enough time!

“You can do the math yourself. Your heart beats once or twice a second, while the other person’s heart beats once a month. In the hibernation chamber, what you metabolize in a minute, the other person needs seventy to eighty months.

“Star-level travel can become a reality!

“There are only so many advantages that I can think of for the time being!”

Edwin’s expression suddenly changed after he finished speaking.

“Next, let me talk about the disadvantages!

“The body fluid replacement only takes up a chunk of resources during the early stages! In the later stages, you only need a constant low temperature!

“Once all the subjects are placed together in cold storage, we end up conserving a lot of energy!

“Raymond’s chambers seem like they would take up quite a bit of s.p.a.ce.

“They also appear to constantly consume energy. A steady trickle of nutrient fluid would be needed to sustain them!”


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