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Chapter 152: n.o.body Touch The Gundam, Not Even In The Slightest!

What was the use of getting a Gundam?

Angelo was well aware of the benfits.

The alloy on Gundam’s body could be reverse-engineered.

Gundam’s muscle fibers were very useful and could be used in many technological applications.

The Gundam’s battery was now something that many corporations and financial groups dreamed of.

And most importantly, Riven!

If this artificial intelligence fell into the hands of other countries, the United States would have already started a war over her!


So what?

Raymond was right there.

Only a fool would kill the Golden Egg-laying goose!

But now, the Vice Minister of History was acting like one such fool.

Was it possible?

There was only one possibility. His cover had been blown.

He was no longer a member of the Department of History!

“Ramanda, if you can’t stop this from happening, do as you see fit!”

Angelo practically shouted his last sentence.

He knew that Raymond would not have come into Area 53 without a plan.

He must have a trump card.

Angelo did not know what it was just yet.

The unknown, on the contrary, was the most terrifying.

When the unknown becomes known outside of his accord, Angelo would never be prepared for them!

If dozens of nuclear bombs were fired at the same time…

Even if he used all the trump cards at his disposal, he would not be able to stop every single one of them.

The United States would fall apart.

They would never return to normalcy.

Angelo hung up. Ramanda was stunned for a second, then he exploded.

Ramanda knew that he was not in this position due to his connections.

Nor was it because of his ability.

It was because of his loyalty to the Department of History.

He knew the Department of History’s goal all along.

So, his goal had always been to protect the Department of History and the security of Area 53.

And now, from the looks of the situation, there was a problem on the deputy minister’s side.

He had unexpectedly acted in his own interests.

Without contacting the minister, he had directly carried out the order.


If it was in the army, he would have no problem doing this.

However, this was Area 53.

Therefore, he had a responsibility that couldn’t be shirked.

Right now, what he had to do was to prevent his men from touching Gundam.

To put it another way, they couldn’t cross Raymond’s line.

“Pa.s.s down my orders. Tell the special combat team to retreat immediately!”

“If they don’t listen to my orders, kill them immediately!”

“I repeat, if they don’t listen to my orders, kill them immediately!”

“We must not let them touch even a single antenna on Gundam’s Head!”

Ramanda roared. At that moment, his vocal cords were about to be torn apart.

His subordinates immediately went to carry out his orders.

As for Ramanda himself, he had a weapon that he liked — his Barrett.

It was an excuse to dust it off!

If there was a mole in the special squad, he didn’t mind letting this long-stored weapon bleed again!



Just as Camilla and the others were preparing to clone a good neural brain, Tuesday reported.

Although he had already expected it, Raymond still found the news a little unbelievable.

“Sir, a squad is secretly approaching the Gundam. It looks like they plan to bring the Gundam back for their own research. I’ve already told Riven about it.”

“Knock, Knock, knock…”

“Yes sir, the safe distance is 50 meters. Isn’t that a little too short? I suggest…”

“Knock, Knock, knock…”

“Understood! I’ll definitely pa.s.s it on. At the same time, I’ve intercepted a message from the Minister of the Department of History, Angelo. This incident seems to have been caused by his deputy. The specific reason is under investigation!”

“Knock, Knock, Knock, knock…”

Raymond seemed to be knocking on the table irregularly, but Tuesday understood him clearly.

The two robots that were brought in had completed the most important of tasks.

Now — the internal network of the Ministry of History was useless in front of Tuesday.

However, wireless networks would always be slightly slower.

Moreover, once someone discovered the abnormality in the internal network, then those newly installed wireless network cards would definitely be removed.

‘Deputy minister…’

Raymond looked at Camilla and the others. He stared at their busy figures and made a plan in his heart.

The Department of History’s power was indeed a little beyond his expectations.

However, they had been civilized toward him.

However, the Department of History was not a monolithic organization.

Still, he could take the opportunity to extort money from them.

He had to make his decisions carefully.

He was not worried about the Gundam being taken away.

The weapons on the Gundam were all just for show.

They may pose a threat to ordinary soldiers, but they weren’t enough to deal with the forces of Area 53.

However, the Gundam had a protective shield generator.

Even if it wasn’t enough, it could still escape!

As for the Deputy Minister… The History Department’s Minister would probably chew his ear off.

However, they had revealed some of their strength to Raymond through this single slip-up.

“Deduct, deduct, deduct…”

“Yes sir, Riven wishes to test her comprehensive combat ability!” Also, a copy of No. 2 has already been placed on number 98’s second SSD. I have also given it the basic directives. I believe that No. 2’s copy will not disappoint you.”

The intelligent form was ready, and Raymond was waiting for Camilla.

He looked at their slow progress and felt like diving in there to complete their work himself.

But he knew that it could not be helped.

In organizations, there were always rules.

Raymond had never worn any protective clothing before!

Most of the time, he would wear casual clothes, completely ignoring the effects of all kinds of dust.

He did that because he was confident.

However, Raymond also knew that some experiments required the removal of dust and static electricity.

Otherwise, they would never achieve the desired effects.

While agreeing to cooperate with them, he despised them for being slow.

Raymond shook his head with a bitter smile. Humans, ah, what strange creatures!

He was no exception!

Fortunately, Camilla and the others knew that Raymond was pressing them, so many corners were cut.

Anyway, Raymond only said that he wanted a clone body.

They did not have to apply the usual safeguards.

It looked like it was almost done.

Camilla held the microphone in the laboratory and said, “Raymond, we are ready here. When you come in, we can thaw it!”

Yes, the cloned neural brain hadn’t thawed yet.

This thing would die in ten minutes if it didn’t have any consciousness.

It was obviously impossible for Raymond to figure out the location of the probes in the neural brain in ten minutes.

It would take at least 300 probes to get any consciousness inserted.


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