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Volume 2 Chapter 78 A man or a ghost

After everyone entered Shao Qing’s attack range, Shao Qing calmly clapped her hands together and countless vines flew out of the ground. They were like the bones in a cemetery. As long as there were living people within the area, they would be quickly entangled by the vines.

This range was too large. Almost all the a.s.sa.s.sins were within range. The only one outside the range was stunned. Then he was easily swallowed down by the man eating flower that appeared from behind him.

The man eating flower was like a king patrolling his own territory. He walked slowly among those who were bound by the vines. But when it saw its prey, it would open up his crown of flowers and swallow them in one bite.

The flower was big, but after swallowing down six or seven people, it burped, indicating that it was full.

Shao Qing controlled the vines, tightened quickly, and squeezed those people’s bodies. There was still Yan Qiyue next to them, who was specifically responsible for getting the fish that almost escaped.

After the toxins were injected into the body of those people through the spikes, it would not take long for these living people to become leather bags filled with liquid.

The vines absorbed the liquid in those skin bags through the spikes. Finally only a useless human skin was spread flat on the ground.

This was a terrifying scene. If anyone else saw it, it would surely make them wet themselves, but Yan Qiyue was just stimulated.

He clung tightly to Shao Qing and said dreamily: “Sometimes I want to be eaten by you and be integrated with you. This way even if you don’t like me, you can’t refuse me anymore.”

Shao Qing smiled and revealed two sharp little teeth: “Go away.”

He spoke it as if it was her special hobby. Even if she was a zombie, she was also a zombie who paid attention to eating healthy.

Human beings that had a clean outer appearance but rotten insides that were decaying with a stench are only eaten by brainless beasts and zombies who can’t think.

Then Shao Qing cleaned up the scene. She didn’t find anything to prove the ident.i.ty of these people, so she put away the bloated man eating flower and vines then took Yan Qiyue and Er Dai to the entrance of the base.

By the time she reached the base, there was only Shao Qing and Yan Qiyue. Er Dai had already quietly sneaked into the base.

Although she was under the banner of attracting snakes out of the hole this time, she still really wanted to investigate. If she can find what she wants, of course that would be the best.

Now the mad demons will surely watch her closely and the people in this base will know in advance that she is coming. So why not let her be a target-like existence, attracting everyone’s eyes and then let Er Dai sneak in to investigate. (Editor– der but er dai cant tell them what he finds cause man dont speak O.o lololol)

As soon as Shao Qing appeared with Yan Qiyue at the gate of the base, the eyes of the two people who were lazily guarding the gate were about to fall to the ground.

They had received the news long ago. They thought that Shao Qing had absolutely no chance to make it through the woods, but Shao Qing not only came out, but also appeared in front of them unscathed.

How could that not make them so surprised that their eyes were going to fall out?

However, they reacted very quickly. One of them turned around quickly, presumably to run to report the news and the other responded with a forcibly flattering expression on his face: “Just from one look, the two look like very powerful superhumans. I wonder why the two are at our base?”

Shao Qing replied: “We are here to tour.”

The man’s mouth twitched. What good touring could be done at this broken place? It’s not close to a mountain or water, just a broken place that is too small. What kind of normal people will come to visit them?

Don’t joke around.

But he didn’t dare to refute it. After all, he was very guilty, so he said shamelessly: “Yeah, yeah, we have very beautiful scenery here. There are quite a lot of people who come here to travel, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha …”

The more he laughed, the more his throat felt dry. Finally he closed his mouth, unable to continue.

Shao Qing asked very friendly: “Are there any procedures to enter your base?”

“No.” He said reflectively. After he finished, he felt his reaction was not right. After all, if there is no inspection, he should have just let them in. So he quickly added: “The two are powerful superhumans at a glance. Ordinary people still have to get checked. But, you two don’t need it.”

“That’s great.” Shao Qing led Yan Qiyue in with a smile. As soon as Shao Qing entered, the man leaned against the door frame, his legs like noodles and he was sweating hard: “NND … NND… so lying is this hard…”

As soon as they entered, they saw several people approaching to welcome them. The leader was a young man, who was very handsome. Especially his eyes, there was a hint of cunningness within them. As soon as he saw Shao Qing, he stepped forward to welcome her: “Oh, oh, such powerful superhumans have come to our base, your presence brings light to our humble dwelling. The two of you come in quickly. I don’t know, but what is the purpose of your visit to our base?”

Shao Qing earnestly made up some nonsense: “Touring.”

Yan Qiyue immediately added a sentence: “Honeymoon.”

This young man’s shrewdness was much more sophisticated than the gatekeeper. He didn’t change his smile and then said enthusiastically: “If you are traveling, it’s best to say that you two should stay a few days longer. I will take the two of you around so you can have a look at our base. You two should also tell me about the changes in Jing Du. It’s been almost half a year since I’ve been there.”

Shao Qing asked calmly, “How did you know we came from Jing Du?”

The young man froze for a moment and quickly reacted, laughing lightly: “Where can two such powerful superhumans come from? Besides, coming from the south, eighty to ninety percent have to pa.s.s by Jing Du. That’s how I guessed it. Did I guess right?”

“Guessed right, but no prize.” Shao Qing said expressionlessly.

Even if the youth was even more shrewd, he couldn’t help but feel a little embarra.s.sed when Shao Qing was so cold and made that corny joke.

He laughed a little forcefully and then said: “All the friends who come from afar are friends of mine. I want to invite the two to dinner tonight. Both of you must come over. Of course, the most important thing now is to arrange accommodation for the two. Come, oh, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Guan Haishan.”

Shao Qing’s eyes rose sharply. Guan Haishan? The person mentioned by Zhu Mochen who has been dead for many years?

She couldn’t help but take a closer look at Guan Haishan. He had a nice delicate face, skin was fair, and if she ignored the other things and only looked at his looks, he was another pretty boy.

So Shao Qing reached out her hand silently and touched Guan Haishan’s face. It was as white and tender as it appeared, with a little warmth. It was not like a dead person, let alone a person who had died for many years.

Yan Qiyue grabbed Shao Qing’s hand in his palm and said with a grudge: “Didn’t you say you’ll love me only? Why touch him? Isn’t touching me good enough?”

Shao Qing continued with her serious manner of speaking nonsense: “There is a fly on his face.”

Guan Haishan: …

Then Guan Haishan entered with a pair of people carrying “We are serious people” expressions. The residence he arranged for Shao Qing and Yan Qiyue was next to his residence. It was the largest and most s.p.a.cious place in the entire base besides the base chief’s residence.

Thus he used it to entertain his two guests. The main point that stood out was that he was the base chief.

Dinner was set up by Guan Haishan and could be considered rather grand. During the banquet, Shao Qing kept observing Guan Haishan. Is Guan Haishan really the long-dead Guan Haishan that rumours spoke about?

If so, how did he resurrect or did he not die at all?

If not, why bear the name of Guan Haishan?

If they weren’t in someone else’s territory, Shao Qing really wanted to dissect Guan Haishan to see if he was a ghost or not.

Although both sides were harboring unfathomable motives, the atmosphere of the meal was still harmonious. After the meal, Guan Haishan and Shao Qing chatted, while Yan Qiyue looked like he was ready to doze off.

Shao Qing held Yan Qiyue in a princess carry and then said: “My baby is sleepy, let’s talk again another day.” Then she impatiently ran away from Guan Haishan’s endless chatter.

Guan Haishan sent them all the way to the door of Shao Qing’s room. He almost followed in when Shao Qing closed the door on him and almost clipped his nose.

When Shao Qing closed the door, she spoke bluntly: “I can accept chatting with you about the scenery and such, but are you planning on listening in to me and my baby’s bang bang bang?!”

Guan Haishan, who was shut outside, rubbed his nose. He walked back to his room after, then ordered his men to pay close attention to the movements in Shao Qing’s room. If there was a problem, they were to report to him immediately.

As for listening to anything in the corner, he was not stupid. He would not allow anyone that close, otherwise Shao Qing might discover them.

The fact was that if anyone came close, they would be discovered by Shao Qing. She had planted several small vines in the corners of the door. They were inconspicuously hidden among the weeds. These vines were equivalent to her eyes and ears, detecting the surrounding movements.

Once someone approaches or eavesdrops in a corner, Shao Qing would find out.

After the set up was completed, Shao Qing entered the back room with Yan Qiyue. There she saw a bulge in the quilt on the bed. As soon as she opened it, she saw Er Dai holding a pillow and staring at Shao Qing with his eyes wet.

“How is the investigation going?” Shao Qing threw Yan Qiyue on the bed and then disgustedly said, “Go take a bath first.” Then she started to change the sheets and bedding

G.o.d knows who had been lying on the bed before. If she did not change it to a new set of sheets and bedding, she would not be at ease.

After changing the bed sheets and bedding, Er Dai laid proudly in the new quilt. Relying on gestures and the tacit understanding between the two, he relayed what he saw today.

Er Dai had made a lap around the whole base and found two places that were strictly guarded. However, because it was daytime, there were too many people around. In addition, Shao Qing had just entered the city, so the guards were tighter. Thus Er Dai failed to go in and take a closer look.

He looked at some other places, such as Guan Haishan’s bedroom. He found a very strange thing in Guan Haishan’s bedroom, that is, a pot of blood.

Er Dai had checked it out and the blood was quite fresh. It was definitely taken today.

As for other suspicious things, he hasn’t found it yet. He planned on going out again at night.

Shao Qing touched his head and then said: “Don’t go out tonight. Guan Haishan’s defense will be extremely tight. Wait until tomorrow, do it while Guan Haishan takes us out for a walk. That would be your best opportunity.”

Er Dai nodded obediently and then shrunk his slender body into a ball. The ball sank into Shao Qing’s arms. He had seen Shao Qing holding Yan Qiyue back and was very unhappy! This baby is upset!

Er Dai was obviously taller than Shao Qing, but when he shrunk himself into Shao Qing’s arms, it unexpectedly wasn’t strange at all.

Instead, it was very harmonious.

Shao Qing hugged him tightly, like holding a large Xiao Baozi. When Yan Qiyue came back from the bath, he saw the scene before him.

He snorted, then got into the bed and hugged Shao Qing from behind. Shao Qing was like the meat inside of a sandwich.

But the cool feeling in her arms and warmth on her back felt nice.

Shao Qing didn’t fall asleep immediately. She thought about some things for a while and became more and more suspicious. Why is there a pot of fresh blood in Guan Haishan’s house?

What does he need blood for?

Volume 2 Chapter 78 A man or a ghost

Originally, Shao Qing was not so urgent, but now she was eager to know how Guan Haishan died at first. Is this Guan Haishan really the dead Guan Haishan?

She thought about it for a long time, until the moon was at its highest point in the sky. Yan Qiyue couldn’t help covering her eyes to force her to sleep, only then did Shao Qing close her eyes and the three of them fell asleep.

Early the next morning, when someone approached, Shao Qing was awakened by the little vine planted at the door. She patted Er Dai’s b.u.t.t and asked him to get dressed quickly and find a place to hide.

Then she turned over, she was not ready to get up.

Poor Er Dai had no choice but to get up from the warm blanket alone, and find a place to hide.

The person who came over in the morning was Guan Haishan. Shao Qing had ‘seen’ him through the vines. But she stretched in the bed and had no desire to get up at all.

So early, she really didn’t want to get up and only wanted to sleep for a while longer, especially with the warmth by her side.

Guan Haishan knocked on the door. Shao Qing said lazily: “Is there something? Just come in. The door is not closed. If it’s nothing important, I still want to sleep a bit more.”

Guan Haishan pushed open the door and entered. After pa.s.sing the yard and pa.s.sing through the lobby, he saw Shao Qing lying in the quilt with her fair arms stretched out. Yan Qiyue was lying on Shao Qing’s arm, and his face looked sleepy and lazy.

Somehow, Guan Haishan’s mind popped out a few words: Gou! Nan! Nu!*

* couldn’t think of a good replacement word, but basically a derogatory term calling them a cheap man and woman

This kind of cheap man and woman who must show love every day should really be dragged out and burnt to death.

Shao Qing did not feel shy. She stretched her head and asked lazily, “Is there anything wrong with Base Chief Guan?”

Guan Haishan smiled: “Didn’t we talk about it when we had dinner last night? Today, I will take the two around. At first sight, I felt that you looked familiar like we had some relationship in our previous life and this was fate. I couldn’t wait to come and find the two.”

Shao Qing touched her chin and then said, “I also feel the base chief looks familiar. Like a prost.i.tute in a nightclub I’ve…. Cough cough, like a handsome guy I’ve seen before.”

Guan Haishan turned black and then returned to normal: “Is that so?”

Shao Qing crossed her legs in the bed and hugged Yan Qiyue with an aftertaste expression: “That handsome guy was very good looking, so I have a deep memory of him.”

Guan Haishan’s face was completely black. It was a long while before he chuckled: “That chat is a bit inappropriate ahaha, I will wait outside. When the two are finished washing up, we can eat and then go out.”

Then he went out like a whirlwind.

Yan Qiyue smirked for a long time before leaning his head on Shao Qing’s shoulder. He laughed for a long time: “Your words are so cruel, it’s really refreshing.”

“OK, get up. Don’t you see people waiting outside.” Shao Qing glanced at Yan Qiyue, then got out of the bed and changed into simple and convenient clothes.

Maybe there would be an opportunity to make a move today.

Yan Qiyue also lazily climbed up. The two were not eager at all. They slowly brushed their teeth and washed their faces before going out.

Guan Haishan was very patient. One could not see that he was impatient at all. He was gentlemanly and took Shao Qing and Yan Qiyue to eat.

Breakfast was a fruit that was abundant here called breadfruit. When the fruit is hung on the tree, it is blue and it is the same color until it matures. The fruit is only the size of a fist. When it is cut open, there is Dian Fen inside. Once the hard sh.e.l.l of this fruit is peeled, steam it in a pan and you can eat it.

The taste was not much different from bread.

Guan Haishan smiled and introduced the specialty to Shao Qing and he deliberately took a breadfruit and opened it. It really resembled bread.

He sighed: “Although the conditions are tougher during the apocalypse, there are a lot of things that could not be eaten before. Those protected animals in several countries, haven’t they just been reduced to food fed to other people’s mouths?”

“Sounds like Base Chief Guan has quite a thorough understanding of food.” Shao Qing broke off a breadfruit and took a bite. The remaining half was handed to Yan Qiyue.

It’s not that she was careful, just that the people around her were her enemies now. It wasn’t much for her since she could just tear the s.p.a.ce and lift her foot to leave, but what about Yan Qiyue?

She still had to think about Yan Qiyue.

“That’s natural. I’m not good at anything else, just eating.” Guan Haishan said with a smile: “I think the most delicious thing in this world is a baby’s heart, just a hundred days old. Cut it into thin slices, medium rare and served with wine. No treasure is comparable.”

He smiled and looked gentle, but it made people feel cold. Shao Qing felt that she could not control her murderous intent. If Guan Haishan dared to say one more word, she would want to take his heart out in public, to see if it was black or red and then cut it into pieces one by one. Then she would stuff it into his stomach.

Guan Haishan seemed to be aware of the violent murderous aura of Shao Qing and sighed: “I’m just kidding. Why would you take it seriously? If you’re talking about gourmet food, I still have a few mutated white cranes here. I’ll get the chef to cook it and the two should try it.”

“Then I can’t wait.” Shao Qing said lightly. If Yan Qiyue didn’t grab her wrist, she would really be unable to suppress it.

Looking at Guan Haishan’s smiling but not really smiling appearance, Shao Qing was absolutely certain that he was not kidding. Shao Qing can almost imagine how he would cut up innocent babies for their heart just to satisfy his appet.i.te.

Such a person, even though he isn’t a zombie, he’s much worse than a zombie!

This is because he had already lost his mind. His heart and morals have gone rotten. He is worse than a zombie.

But she can’t make a move now. This is because the greater evil is still hidden behind the scenes, she must find the experimental base of the Mad Demon Mercenary Corps. Then can she pull out this poisonous tumor.

Like Guan Haishan, he was just a member of the Mad Demon Mercenary Corps. In the Mad Demon Mercenary Corps, mad people like Guan Haishan, were plentiful.

Looking at Shao Qing’s calm appearance, Guan Haishan was a little surprised. But he didn’t say much. He smiled and accompanied Shao Qing and the two to eat their breakfast. Then he enthusiastically took them out for a walk.

There were not many people going out, just one Guan Haishan and a few superhumans who were not low ranked. They should also have a relatively high status in the base.

The so-called going out was actually strolling around. After all, with this broken place, there was no good scenery to see.

The places they saw must include the forest, the place where Shao Qing was ambushed when she came. When walking by the woods, Guan Haishan asked Shao Qing intentionally or unintentionally: “What special things did you encounter when you came?”

“What does Base Chief Guan think I encountered?” Shao Qing’s lips hooked upwards.

Guan Haishan smiled and then said: “I mean, if you encountered any special mutant animals or something new, tell me, I’m curious!”

Shao Qing made an oh expression: “If it’s like that I really did meet something, just at the position under your feet. I actually met a group of small ants, trying to bite an elephant to death, but the elephant only felt a little itchy. It stomped its foot and trampled those ants to death. Isn’t that interesting?”

Guan Haishan’s eyes were a bit cold. He snorted and lengthened his voice, “Really interesting.”

“The ants tried to shake up the elephant, they were really overestimating their capabilities. The only ending for someone who overestimates their ability is to be crushed to ashes.” Shao Qing smiled: “I can laugh at this joke for a year. “

Yan Qiyue was on the side, watching Shao Qing and Guan Haishan going back and forth. At that moment, he seemed to feel a special energy fluctuation in Guan Haishan’s body.

He glanced at Shao Qing, Shao Qing also felt it. There was definitely something wrong with this Guan Haishan.

This topic was quickly over. Guan Haishan took Shao Qing to the pond in the forest. There were live fish in it. From time to time, the fish would float up to the surface and blow bubbles.

Guan Haishan said: “I originally wanted to move all the ponds and fish to the base and keep them at the entrance of my house. I would give them good things every day to raise them. Then if it ever came to my mind, I could get one to eat. However later on, I found out that this fish was even more fierce than me.”

He lifted his chin, then immediately a superhuman came out from behind him. He took a live rabbit out of his bag, tied it with a string, and hung it over the pond.

The water was calm for about two minutes. Suddenly, several palm-sized fish jumped out of the water. As soon as they jumped out of the water, the fish opened its mouth to reveal a row of jagged teeth that bit into the rabbit.

This bite was really vicious. The rabbit’s stomach was torn open. It struggled constantly, making a pitiful scream, but was soon devoured by the jumping fish.

Finally, besides the addition of blood slowly fading away in the water and the gradually smoothing ripples, no traces of the rabbit could be found.

“Ferocious right?” Guan Haishan touched his chin. Shao Qing had no expression: “En.”

“At first I felt like it was so similar to myself. So I can’t raise it, after all, there is no room for two tigers in one mountain. Later, I realized that they could still be useful. For example, for the people I hate, and the people that annoy me, I have them help me get rid of them.” Guan Haishan had a gentle expression while his eyes shone bright. “What makes me angry is that they don’t always listen to me. They are very greedy. I feed them and them eating it is fine, but they actually went and learned to prey on people who pa.s.s by. How naughty.”

Shao Qing’s anger rose up again. The more she chatted with Guan Haishan, the more she couldn’t suppress the anger in her heart. She really wanted to cut Guan Haishan into eight pieces like chopped meat.

In this world, how can there be such a crazy man? No, Zhu Mochen had said that Guan Haishan was already dead. So this Guan Haishan in front of her, is either a person or a ghost, it’s still not entirely clear yet.

Guan Haishan seemed to be in a good mood. He said lazily: “I wanted to tell you this because I don’t know if our esteemed guests had come here to taste any of these fresh fish. I’m not worried about our esteemed guests, I’m just worried about my precious babies being killed clean.”

She really wanted to put Guan Haishan in the water to make him feel how much his babies loved him right now.

Shao Qing, who could barely restrain her anger, said faintly: “I heard that the scenery near the base is beautiful, but it seems just okay. Are there other places that are more beautiful?”

“What do the two want to see? Feel free to let me know.” Guan Haishan said innocently: “If you guys don’t tell me, how would I know what you want to see?”

Shao Qing wanted to say, I want to see you die, but she didn’t say it after all. Right now she still had to be patient. Once Er Dai found the evidence, then they could speak.

She looked around and then changed the subject: “Let’s go to the forest behind the base. It’s much more s.p.a.cious, so there must be a lot of interesting things. Maybe we can catch some prey and cook it for lunch. “

Guan Haishan, who has always been eccentric, suddenly wasn’t acting strange. This time, he said seriously: “Since you are an esteemed guest, I usually would try to meet your request as much as possible, but I cannot grant this request.”

“Why?” Asked Shao Qing faintly.

Guan Haishan replied: “The forest was originally a barrier for our base. You can also go inside to pick mushrooms, wild vegetables, catch mutant animals, all to fill your stomach. I don’t know if these actions have angered some advanced mutant animals, but one day in the forest, a beast tide erupted. It killed all the people who were hunting in the forest. Since then, I have sent people to guard the forest and prevent others from going in and sending themselves off to their deaths.”

“So that’s the case.” Shao Qing nodded: “Then let’s go look elsewhere.”

She replied casually as if she really didn’t have any interest in the forest. But in fact, she ticked the box for the forest in her heart.

Although Guan Haishan behaved normally and his reasoning made sense, her instincts told her that there was something in the forest that was not simple.

The more normal Guan Haishan became, compared to his previous performance, the more abnormal it appeared.

However, Shao Qing was not stupid enough to enter the forest to arouse Guan Haishan’s vigilance. The more she doubted, the more low-key she had to be to investigate.

After silently noting this, Shao Qing followed Guan Haishan and walked around. During this period, Guan Haishan told her about his hobbies.

For example, he liked to use wires to sew his opponent’s legs together, then exile them in the woods. After that, he would release beasts who have been starving for several days to see his opponents escape for their lives. Then finally because of excessive bleeding and lack of energy, they would be torn alive.

Those things were wonderful entertainment for him. When Guan Haishan spoke, his face was full of excitement and joy spilled from his heart.

There were several times where Shao Qing was unable to control her anger and exuded a murderous aura. Fortunately, Yan Qiyue was by her side. Whenever she was about to go out of control, Yan Qiyue would ma.s.sage her and give her warmth, comfort, and tenderness.

If he didn’t, Shao Qing would have erupted long ago.

Even so, when Shao Qing returned to her room at noon she was so angry, she almost wanted to tear down the house. While Yan Qiyue comforted her, he also stated his suspicions: “I think that Guan Haishan seems to be deliberately trying to get you angry. “


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