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Chapter 456: Heartbroken and Infuriated VIIITranslator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Feng Ruqing squinted and then turned to Rong Yan who was in Feng Tianyu’s arms.

“I am going to take her away now. Only she has the right to solve the issue with the Tang family! No one else has this right!”

When she recovers completely, she would deal with the Tang family herself.

If she doesn’t wake up again…

Then this Tang family would be h.e.l.l on earth.

Since Rong Yan’s appearance, Qin Chen could not move his eyes away from her body.

Perhaps it was for Feng Ruqing’s sake. When he saw Rong Yan’s b.l.o.o.d.y appearance, his heart urged him to kill. The surrounding atmosphere turned cold.

He tightly clenched his fists which were trembling uncontrollably. If it was not for Feng Ruqing’s words, he could not have held back his inner’s murderous intention.

“Chen’er, don’t come with me.” Feng Ruqing eyes turned cold. “You need to stay here, help me keep an eye on the Tang family. Anyone who dares to take a step, kill them!”

Although the beast’s strength was strong, it was inadequate. She was afraid that she alone could not guard those people, not to mention that there was still Fengyun Manor behind the Tang family.

Qin Chen was the most powerful among all the people here.

Only he could guard the Tang family.

“Chen’er, no matter what happens, you don’t have to leave the Tang family. As for other things, I can solve it myself.” Feng Ruqing continued after a moment of silence.

Qin Chen did not speak.

He really wanted to follow Feng Ruqing.

He really wanted to accompany both the mother and daughter.

However, he also understood that he needed to guard the Tang family.

Nalan Yan would personally solve the issue with the Tang family when she woke up. Before that, no one could leave the Tang Residence.

“Well, leave them to me. I will give you the entire Tang family!”

This was his promise to her!

Feng Ruqing stopped talking and walked outside.

Tang Luo panicked and quickly rushed to Feng Tianyu. His face was almost twisted, and his eyes were hysterical. “Give Yan’er back to me, return her to me. No one can take her away from me!”

Feng Tianyu lifted his legs that seemed to carry a heavy weight and kicked Tang Luo—sending him flying out.

Tang Luo got up furiously. He was about to block Feng Tianyu when Qin Chen was in front of him.

The young man’s cold aura and expressionless face made him seem overbearing. Tang Luo’s body was forced to move backward under his formidable presence.

As Qin Chen blocked Tang Luo, Tang Luo could only watch Feng Tianyu hold Rong Yan in his arms. Step by step he walked out of the Tang family’s house.

Tang Yi hesitated and finally said with an apologetic gaze, “I’m sorry…”

Feng Tianyu stopped for a bit. Then he continued to move forward.

He would not easily accept any apologies.

No apology could make up for Yan’er’s injuries.

“How did she become like this?” Tang Er looked at Tang Yi and sighed. Then she went on to ask Feng Ruqing.

Feng Ruqing’s face was expressionless. “The poison of the Violet-Milvus Bloom.”

‘Violet-Milvus Bloom?’

Like a rumble of thunder in the blue sky, Tang Luo’s body stiffened.

He looked mad. “Impossible, it was the poison of the Violet-Wood Bloom. I couldn’t bear to let her leave me, so I poisoned her with it. She just can’t talk and walk. It can’t be the Violet-Milvus Bloom.”

Feng Ruqing’s mind was initially about Rong Yan. She planned to wait for her to wake up and then settle scores with the Tang family.


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