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Chapter 1987: The Battle x.x.xIX

Therefore, there was no way she would let her stay in Nine Gate anymore. She might bring danger to Xia Xia.

Nan Luo panicked. She had always thought that she had Hui Yan to back her up. She had never thought someone would dare to attack her.

If she was expelled from Nine Gate, how was she going to survive out there…


Nan Luo bit her lip, tears flowing down uncontrollably in despair.

“I really didn’t mean it… I’m also a member of Nine Gate. How could I intentionally say such things? Father, I don’t want to leave Nine Gate, nor do I want to leave you.”

“Qiu Hui!”

Hui Yan burst out in anger. “Don’t go too far. I can make You’er to apologize, but to expel her from Nine Gate? No way!!!”

He had tolerated them, but these people were getting braver.

You’er was at fault in this matter, but she did not mean it, and now that she had learned from her mistake, an apology was already enough.

Was it necessary to expel her?

Qiu Hui sneered. “If we don’t expel her from Nine Gate, she will come and bring trouble to Xia Xia again.”

Hui Yan clenched his fists tightly, but he held his anger as he saw the others were looking at him.

“I believe You’er did not mean it. If you are not at ease, I can lock her up in the backyard and forbid her to go out. Are you satisfied now?”

“Satisfied? I can’t ever be satisfied!” Qiu Hui looked at Hui Yan and others. “Even if Xia Xia does not want to be Holy Maiden, Nine Gate has long treated her as Holy Maiden. Hui You has offended Xia Xia. If you don’t want to expel her from Nine Gate, you have to punish her according to our rules: lock her in Hall of Punishment.”

The crowd silently sighed in relief.

Hui Yan and Qiu Hui were both important in Nine Gate, and they did not want any conflict to arise between them.

Furthermore, they were both biased toward Xia Xia.

Therefore, they feel that Qiu Hui’s request was reasonable.

“Hui Yan, you decide for yourself. Punish her according to the rules, or expel her from Nine Gate.”

Hui Yan froze.

He closed his eyes in sorrow.

“Does it have to be like this?”

‘The Hall of Punishment…

‘How can You’er, a gentle girl, suffer this kind of torture?

‘And how can I bear to let her suffer?’


Nan Luo gritted her teeth. “I am willing to go to Hall of Punishment.”

She did not want to leave Nine Gate.

She would be doomed if she left this place.

She was already used to this luxurious life. How could she want to leave such a good place?

It was just that she had made a little mistake this time.

Initially, she wanted to provoke this little girl, but she did not expect that Hui Yan could not overpower them.

Obviously, she was the one who had been beaten up, yet in the end, it was her who was punished.


Hui Yan’s heart ached as he held Hui You’s hand.

Hui You smiled bitterly.

“Nine Gate is my home. My father is here, so I can’t leave, and I won’t leave Nine Gate… Even if I have to be punished severely.”

Hui Yan was heartbroken beyond words, and he was still angry.

‘I will remember this day, forever!

‘Qiu Hui, once I’ve got the chance, I will make you pay!’

Hui Yan took a deep breath. He looked at Hui You, and his face was much calmer.

“I will prepare a spirit herb for you to heal your wounds. I’m sorry, You’er…”

Nan Luo shook her head and smiled faintly. “This time, it was my mistake. I’m just not used to lying. That’s why I have told Xia Xia that. I won’t repeat this mistake.”

After she said that, the people from Hall of Punishment came and dragged her away.

When she was in Nan Manor, she had also been locked in Hall of Punishment. Even if she had to experience it again, she was still terrified of that place.

However, Nan Luo understood that she had no way out at this moment but to go there.


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