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Chapter 1947: The Crisis in Tianya’s Manor XIII

“Fortunately, after I went to Cang Yue Mainland at that time, I did not rush to come back again and went to Liu Yun Kingdom first. Otherwise, I am afraid that all of them, including my grandfather, will not survive in that battle…”

Feng Ruqing’s face darkened. “However, the harm they brought to Liu Yun Kingdom, I will make them pay back as much as I can!”

However, now was not the right time!

“Good then.”

Tianya’s voice was a little hoa.r.s.e, seemingly filled with deep pain.

Every innocent person in Liu Yun Kingdom lost their lives in these people’s hands, causing his heart to ache like pins and needles stabbed at it.


Feng Ruqing slowly walked to Suyi’s side; she looked serious.

“You wait for me outside. I’ll go and bring Nan Xian out.”

Suyi remained silent.

Feng Ruqing took one last look at these people before walking toward the palace.

As soon as she took a step, Suyi grabbed her arm.

She stopped, waiting quietly.

Suyi’s gaze fell on Feng Ruqing’s back, her eyes filled with sorrow. “Qing’er, you must come back safely.”

Feng Ruqing lowered her eyes and smiled faintly.

“I will… I will definitely come back safely.”

This was the promise she made to Suyi.

Suyi was afraid that once she let go, the palace would be like tigers and wolves, swallowing Feng Ruqing and never spitting it out again.

She looked at Feng Ruqing’s resolute figure and finally slowly let go of her hand.

“Well, we’re all waiting for you.”

Feng Ruqing did not turn back again and walked toward the seal with a firm step.

The seal did not block her way, allowing her to walk right into it.

Nan Luo looked at Suyi, who was so fond of Feng Ruqing, and clenched her fists tightly. Even her breathing grew heavy.

She did not understand…

Feng Ruqing ran away and left Nan Xian alone in that dangerous place, but Suyi was still so concerned about her!

If it were her instead…

When someone disregarded her son, she would definitely be furious and would not accept that woman anymore.

“What’s wrong with you, You’er?”

Hui Yan noticed the change in Nan Luo’s expression, his heart tightened, and he touched her shoulder with some concern.

“Are you still thinking about what Nan Fang said just now? You don’t have to worry because I won’t believe his words. I can’t neglect my daughter for him.”

The one in front of him was not his daughter; could he not tell the difference?

However, he thought that Nan Fang was just trying to ruin his relations.h.i.+p with his daughter.

He would never fall for Nan Fang’s scheme.

Tianya hated Nan Fang and also had no good feelings for this fake father-daughter.

He sneered. “Sometimes what Nan Fang says is not necessarily a lie.”

Hui Yan froze, and he turned to Tianya angrily.

“What are you babbling about?”

Tianya smiled coldly. “That girl, Nan Luo, once lived in my manor for a while. She kept stalking my grandson-in-law. I am not happy about my granddaughter being s.n.a.t.c.hed away by him, but I am even more upset if someone tried to destroy my granddaughter’s happiness. Even if they don’t have the strength to do so, the intention they have at first was still unacceptable!”

Nan Luo panicked, and she lowered her gaze without speaking.

She was not panicking because of Tianya’s words.

It was just that she envied Feng Ruqing for having a grandfather who loved her so much.

Unlike her, the happiness that she could not quickly obtain could only be obtained through a lie.


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