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Chapter 17: Teaching the Palace Maid A Lesson II

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Alright, I will grant you a new manor near Southern Street, it is close to General Nalan’s manor…” Feng Tianyu hesitated for a few seconds before adding, “However, General Nalan’s whole family had previously stopped you from being close to n.o.ble Consort Rong. For your own sake, try to avoid any fights with them as they are still… your late mother’s family.”

Feng Ruqing lowered her eyes.

Her late mother, Nalan Yan, was the eldest daughter of the Nalan family. Initially after her mother had pa.s.sed away, her uncle General Nalan had treated her very well. But due to n.o.ble Consort Rong’s backstabbing, she didn’t listen to him and had insisted on giving the Iron-Blooded Token to n.o.ble Consort Rong.

Not only that, she and Feng Rushuang had always bullied her uncle’s children together.

Thinking of the various wrong behaviors done in her past life, she started to feel a headache coming.

“Father, don’t worry. I will not cause any trouble to Uncle and his family again.”

The past Feng Ruqing was a fool. She could not even differentiate between the people who really treated her well and those who just wanted to use her until it hurt the people who loved her.

Speaking of the Iron-Blooded Token, she would definitely get it back.

“I feel glad that you are able to think this way.” Feng Tianyu smiled and said, “Previously I was wondering about your sudden change in behavior. Now that you have become the state preceptor’s disciple, it has cleared my doubts. It must be his teaching that has turned you to be a sensible and understanding person.”

The state preceptor had… changed her?

Feng Ruqing narrowed her eyes. If he was willing to take off his clothes, then she was willing to be changed by him. 1

“He is nice,” said Feng Ruqing as she smiled.

Of course, the state preceptor was good. He was such a rare beauty.

“Your Highness!” A eunuch suddenly rushed in and bowed. “The chancellor is waiting outside to see you.”

Chancellor? Liu Yuchen’s father?

Because of Liu Yuchen, Feng Ruqing did not wish to see anyone from the chancellor’s manor. She frowned and asked to be excused, “Father, then I will dismiss myself. Your work is more important.”


Feng Tianyu tensed up. He ordered coldly, “Let Liu Feihong come in.”

When Feng Ruqing turned to walk out from the imperial study, she saw that Liu Feihong was already waiting at the door.

“This humble servant pays respect to the princess.”

Feng Ruqing stopped walking and glanced at Liu Feihong calmly. “Chancellor Liu, where is Liu Yuchen’s divorce paper?”

Previously, Liu Yuchen had sent her the divorce paper. But too bad that she could not accept it and had committed suicide. So it must be sent back to Liu’s hand.

Liu Feihong was stunned, he quickly explained, “Your Royal Highness, I will ask Yuchen to take back the divorce paper and destroy it. Furthermore, he will personally lift the palanquin to meet you and welcome you back. Please give him another chance.”

Feng Ruqing smiled brightly and replied, “Chancellor, I think you have misunderstood me. I am asking you to send the divorce letter to my place. I have already discussed it with Liu Yuchen and have agreed that we are no longer related after this.”

Liu Feihong was surprised and confused. He stared at Feng Ruqing in disbelief.

The princess was going to… divorce Yuchen for real?

Didn’t she love Yuchen more than anything? It was unbelievable that she was willing to leave him.

In fact, the princess’s reputation was bad. She was not only fat but ugly as well. Nevertheless, she was divorced now. Would she even be able to marry again after this?


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