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Chapter 1029: Saving the Rabbit I

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

In the dense forest.

A young childish voice called out from the bushes, crisp and sweet.

“Mother, this is the big rabbit that has cheated you of the Divine-Spirit Fruits. Is it dying?”

‘Then, does this mean I can eat barbequed rabbit meat?’

Little Qing Han’s fingers touched her lips, saliva almost drooling from her mouth. She stared at the big rabbit that was lying on the ground.

When the big rabbit died, did it mean she could eat it whole?

In the close vicinity, Feng Ruqing followed the line of Little Qing Han’s eyes and saw the big rabbit whose body was covered with lashes from a whip.

It was at its last breath and would die very soon.

A few rabbits surrounded it, wailing and crying, their voices were filled with distraught and everyone could feel it deeply.

Besides that…

Countless spirit beasts were pouncing on a man’s body, their eyes were ferocious, angry, and fierce.

It was as if they were venting out all their bottled-up anger.

The man’s clothes had already been torn to pieces, his body was covered in blood as he screamed hoa.r.s.ely.

Too bad, not a single spirit beast was willing to let him go.

They had already decided to take his death lightly and could not wait to chew the man beneath them into pieces.

They did not take the man’s life instantly but rather tortured him slowly.

It was unclear just how much resentment these spirit beasts were carrying for them to act so maliciously.

From the slow devouring by the spirit beasts, the man was quickly dying. Even his begging had faded and he was quickly losing his breath.

He never could have imagined that the spirit beasts would go crazy one day, nor did he thought that his life would be lost at the hands of these spirit beast.

When the man died, these spirit beasts slowly regained their calm.

Perhaps it was because they had just killed a man, their eyes still contained murderous intent and they started to slowly move from the man toward Feng Ruqing.

A female human?

Humankind was never good news! They hated the human race. Because of these people, their homes were thrown into chaos.

All the spirit beasts surrounded Feng Ruqing, their eyes red, throats making low growls as a sign of threat.

If this human dared to take one step closer, her ending would be the same as the man.

“Make way!”

Feng Ruqing face was indifferent. “If you don’t want this rabbit to die, all of you better make way!”

The spirit beasts did not move but simply stood there looking at Feng Ruqing in a hostile manner.

Everything the humankind had done to the forest had made them unable to trust in these people.

“Mother,” Little Qinghan bit her fingernails and turned toward Feng Ruqing. “These spirit beasts are scolding you.”

Feng Ruqing was speechless.

“I heard them saying that all humans are bad guys. They would never trust anyone. They are too much! So, let’s not care about the rabbit already.”

That way, she would have barbequed rabbit meat to eat!

Feng Ruqing looked down and stared at the extremely weak big rabbit and then at its stomach. “I am only going to say this for the last time. I can save it. Its babies are already gone, if I don’t save in now, it will lose its life.”

If she had arrived earlier, perhaps the babies could still survive.

However, when she had arrived, the babies had already died in the womb, there was no way.

Spirit beasts were smarter than the average pets as these spirit beasts had regained their wisdom, but… even so, the spirit beasts’ intelligence was still limited. They had a one-tracked mind and were not flexible at all.


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