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Xia Meilin was about to open her mouth to answer him when a small sleepy voice was suddenly heard.


They turned their heads to Little Melon and saw him rubbing his eyes. “Momma and dada are still awake?”

Xia Meilin turned to Lu Yifeng. They stared at each other for a short while before they sighed together.

Xia Meilin went to lie down beside Little Melon. “We were just about to sleep.”

Little Melon hugged her bloated tummy as if he was hugging a ball. “Shh… you’ll wake up my baby sisters.” After he said that, he fell back to sleep in an instant.

“We’ll continue this tomorrow.” Lu Yifeng lied down on the bed and hugged her from behind. “In the bathroom.”

Xia Meilin’s face was so red but since she was facing her back to him, Lu Yifeng didn’t see it.

She slapped his arm lightly, “Go to sleep.”

Nian Jiezhen stared at Xia Meilin and Little Melon that was standing in front of her place.

Lu Yifeng was standing behind them and because of this, she didn’t have a choice but to let them in. Little Melon went to the living room.

“I will take my leave now. I will come back to pick you up after lunch.”

“Okay.” Xia Meilin tiptoed and was about to kiss his chin but Lu Yifeng bowed his head to catch her lips.

Nian Jiezhen’s eyes darkened when she saw this, she turned away from them.

“Behave yourself, okay?” He whispered to her.

“As long as she doesn’t start it first.” She whispered back with a pout before she pulled away from him.

Lu Yifeng turned to Nien Jiezhen and said: “Take care of them.”

Nian Jiezhen nodded before she shut the door and sighed. This was going to be a long day for her.

“Where’s auntie?” Xia Meilin asked as she turned to Nian Jiezhen.

Nian Jiezhen turned to her without hiding her coldness in her eyes. “Something came up so she had to return to dad earlier.” She glared at her, “Just so you know, I hate you.”

Seeing the coldness in her eyes, Xia Meilin decided not to hide her hate towards her as well. She crossed her arms and smirked at her. “The feeling’s the same, sweetheart.”

Her eyes pierced at her. Nian Jiezhen even hated her more with how she acted. “I will never accept you as brother Yifeng’s wife.”

Xia Meilin raised a brow at what she said. “Do I look like I care about what you think?” She flipped her hair and turned away from her. “I’m already his wife.”

She left her there and entered the living room. Little Melon was looking at the magazine that he found.

Nian Jiezhen clenched her fists tight. Xia Meilin was getting in her nerves. If only she can do something about her.

When Little Melon saw Nian Jiezhen enter the room, he grinned happily at her. “Sister Jiezhen, can you teach me now?”

Nian Jiezhen sighed. She doesn’t really hate Little Melon. In fact, she finds him adorable. So because of that, she decided to ignore Xia Meilin and focus on Little Melon instead.

Xia Meilin did the same, she ignored Nian Jiezhen. If Lu Yifeng trusts her then Xia Meilin has no reason to be wary against her.

… It was until she got bored. She went to the backyard and saw Nian Jiezhen teaching Little Melon the basics of Martial Art.

From the looks of it, Nian Jiezhen was enjoying teaching Little Melon.

Xia Meilin quietly went and sat on the bench that was there. She watched them for a while until Little Melon spoke up. “Sister Jiezhen, Mello’s wants to pee.”

“Okay, let’s take a short break.” Nian Jiezhen smiled. “Do you know where the cr is?”

Little Melon nodded before he rushed inside the house.

When they were left alone, Xia Meilin opened her mouth and said: “You know, my husband is your cousin. You can’t like him.”

Nian Jiezhen’s brow twitched when she heard Xia Meilin’s words. Was she looking for a fight? Can’t she see that if she takes on her, she’ll be in a disadvantage?

“My husband will never look at you that way. He will never cheat on me.” Xia Meilin smiled brightly at her. “Did you know that he promised me that he will never love another woman except me? He even dumped his fiance for me.”

“Why are you saying this?” Nian Jiezhen looked at her in contempt.

“I wonder why.” Xia Meilin shrugged. “Oh… it’s because I just want to let you know that no matter what kind of scheme you have in mind, my husband will never fall for you.”

“I’m not scheming anything.”

“Oh really? A woman like you?”

“I know my limits, Mrs. Lu.” Nian Jiezhen said seriously. “You don’t have to worry about anything because I don’t plan on stealing a married man. I may have feelings for him but that’s all I have. I’m already happy in just by seeing him. I know that I am his cousin so having him will be impossible.”

Xia Meilin stared at her for a while. She has to admit that she didn’t expect Nian Jiezhen to be this direct to her.

“I just can’t accept you. A weak and pathetic woman like you who hides behind a man doesn’t deserve brother Yifeng.” Nian Jiezhen said honestly.

“It’s not for you to decide that.” She crossed her arms as she narrowed her eyes like a knife.

“I know. I’m just saying what I think.”

“Give me a gun.”

Nian Jiezhen was caught off-guard by what she suddenly said.

“I want to shoot you so give me a gun.” Xia Meilin reached out her hand to her.


Was she crazy?! Why would she give her a gun if she’ll shoot her in the end?


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