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(A/N: Warning! Rated S lol)

After putting Little Melon to sleep, Xia Meilin went to take a bath. By the time she was about to dry her hair, Lu Yifeng entered the room since he was in his study earlier.

“Let me do that for you.” He took the hair blower from her.

“Darling, do you think that uncle Yong hates me? Is he not in good terms with mother?” Xia Meilin asked while Lu Yifeng was drying her hair with a hair blower.

“I don’t know.” He simply said. “Just leave him be, Meilin. If he wants to get close to you then he will approach you himself.”

She sighed, “But he’s my mother’s brother. I am really curious about my mother’s family.”

“Everything will be revealed in the right time, just be patient.” After drying her hair he placed the hair blower on the vanity table. He brushed her soft and silky hair with his fingers before he moved it to one side.” He leaned down and placed a soft kiss on her neck. ” How long was it since we last made love?”

A faint blush appeared on her cheeks. She stood up and took the belt from the headboard.

Lu Yifeng smirked when he saw her hold his belt. “I didn’t know that you’re actually in that kind of stuff.”

“Shut up.” She pouted, her face became as red as a tomato. “I-If we’re going to do it, I need to tie you up!”

He walked towards her, his smirk grew wider. “Why don’t I tie you up instead?”

She quickly shook her head. There’s no way she’ll allow him to do that! “No.”

Did his wife ate something weird during dinner? If so, then he should feed her that food everyday! Lu Yifeng can clearly see the want in her eyes. Aside from that, he saw that she was planning something else for him.

In the end, after he removed his clothes, his hands were tied up by Xia Meilin and he lied down on the bed, waiting for her.

Xia Meilin felt lucky that night since she wore the right underwear. This time, she will definitely give Lu Yifeng a surprise!

When she took off her pajamas, she was wearing a black lacy underwear. It was one of the s.e.xy lingerie that Li Bingbing chose for her.

Lu Yifeng was surprised when he saw Xia Meilin wearing such seductive underwear. Just like what Li Bingbing told her, Xia Meilin saw how turned on Lu Yifeng became.

“You like it that much?” She asked as she sat beside him.

He let out a low chuckle, “Sweetheart, you look beautiful on that, but you’ll look more beautiful if you take that off.”

She smiled, her blush deepened. “I’ll do that later.”

She looked at his chest and admired how beautiful and manly his body was. She reached out and let her hand trail his body, from his chest, his firm abs. She really wanted to kiss him all over that’s why she sat on him, one foot at each side, her lips on his chest, down to his belly before she moved up and kissed his lips.

Lu Yifeng didn’t complain, instead, he happily complied with her advances. He kissed her back, his hot breath mingling with hers, their tongues dancing in sync.

As she continued o kissing him, her hand moved and touched him. He was already hard and big, yet just by being stroked by her soft and warm hand made it hard as steel. Xia Meilin pulled away when she felt his warm length twitch in her hold.

That feverish sensation in his whole being, those low grunts and accelerated pants, he felt pleasure coursing through his body.

She looked at him, she was still feeling embarra.s.sed but having control over him made her feel confident with what she was doing. She untied the string that was on the side and removed her underwear. She positioned his member on her entrance and slipped it in her.

She was gasping as she looked at him with her red face.

“Free my hands,” He ordered while breathing heavily. He badly wanted to touch her since she was being a tease to him.

She shook her head. If she freed him, he will surely take over her. “It’s my turn.” She arched her back and started rocking herself up and down, slowly, this made him grunt. She really liked that. What her body could make his do. She started increasing her pace. The faster she got, the more p.r.o.nounced his grunts would be, turning into moans sometimes.

They continued on until their bodies found release.

She reached out and untied his hands before she fell on top of him, panting. She was about to say something when Lu Yifeng suddenly flipped their positions.

“Second round is mine.” He smirked at her.

Xia Meilin’s eyes wide. It was a mistake to untie him! How can she forget that Lu Yifeng was actually a beast in bed?! His stamina won’t be diminished just by one round!

“Let me teach you how to properly do it, honey.”

She gulped nervously, “Darling… I’m pregnant.”

He leans and placed a kiss on the tip of her nose. “I know. Don’t worry, I promise not to get rough tonight.”


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