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All these things are planned by Brian. He wanted to make Biyu’s closest ones to feel regret. 

And here they are….thinking that they are the ultimate reason for her death. With that regret and sorrow, no one can actually think of any other variation how she died. 

On the first place, before the accident. ….Biyu is totally in control with her car. It was his people who attached a micro control chip to her break system. 

Because of this, she couldn’t control her speed. At that time, just like how she succeed in taking Austin’s computer into her control, Brian used the same technique to take her car into his control. 

He made her hit the heavy container. Due to the higher speed she was using back then, it impacted her too much…..that instead of cras.h.i.+ng, car travelled little backwards and started rolling. 

This made her severely injured and she’s in verge of dying…but she was not dead on the spot. 

Meanwhile he made sure that her grandmother who is a doctor, conduct Biyu’s surgery. 

He would have directly made others do it, but he don’t want anyone to suspect anything. If her own grandmother do it, who is to blame?

A grandmother can’t kill her own blood right. 

But little they knew that he is the reason the operation failed. Though the equipment seemed to be fine, he was the one who was controlling them back then. 

And as soon as the work is done, he made sure that he didn’t leave anything that would lead them to suspecting anything. 

After this grave incident, no one knows how the time have pa.s.sed. Everyone are in an unbearable sorrow. 

Even Jasper couldn’t handle it. He didn’t understand why he is feeling like something important is missing in his life. 

 Evelyn’s death left a huge void in his heart. The feeling he was having is something he never felt before. 

He felt lifeless and suffocated….

At the day of her burial, he was too emotional that he couldn’t even visit her. He was there but he was not brave enough to see her dead and lifeless. 

He could not bear to agree with the fact that she will never come back to him. 

At the same time, her cousin, friends…everyone came to give her a last farewell. 

Even Jean and Scott (Jasper’s sister and brother in law) came to pay their respect. 

But when she saw how Jasper have become, she couldn’t help but pity him. 

When he was in love for the very first time, Linda left him all alone without explanations and vanished. 

Now, when he fell in love with another girl, even she left him…forever. 

How unlucky was he?? 

But on the other side, Linda is now in his care. Though they don’t know how the things might go after she wakes up from coma…at least he will have this satisfaction that he helped her at the most lowest time of her life. 

The next day…

After the burial, everyone went back to their own schedule with the heavy heart. 

It was only Jasper who couldn’t tend to do it. As he didn’t pray for her peace the day before, he visited her graveyard.  

He brought her favorite chocolates and flowers. He still remember how obsessed she was with chocolates…..the first time they met. 

Though their first days were dry and nothing good, the next days totally filled up the fun they have missed. 

When she was around him, caring for him and sharing all his problems….he didn’t feel anything particular. 

Though he felt she is special, he was unaware of what that feelings are called as. 

But now, her absence made him realize it. He understood why he felt like that for her… 

It is because he love her. 

The feelings they shared is called Love. Although neither of them realized it back then, he is sure that the feelings they shared is actually called love. 

That carefree behavior, open mind, comfort in their presence, that warmth feeling and the pain when he saw her hurt.. ..these all are because he love her. 

At first he use to think that first love is the most powerful and unmovable love. Yes, it is indeed powerful and that is the reason he still care for Linda. But it isn’t unmovable. 

Evelyn (Biyu) she filled up those voids. 

But now, with her departure those voids are again formed. 

“I never thought you would leave me like this…Eve. Didn’t you tell that you will be there for me to support me at my lowest” Jasper asked. 

She once promised him this when he was drowning in depression because Linda is engaged. 

After Evelyn gave him some hope… it is only when he became a normal person. 

“But you left me Eve. You know what… you are right back them. First love is not forever a last love….” Jasper pursed his lips and his fingers lingered on her tombstone. 

“I think I was in love with you, Evelyn Walker.” He whispered. “And, this is the worst proposal isn’t it?” he asked as his eyes blurred with tears. 

“Why did you leave me Eve?” he asked again as a tear rolled down his face. 

But he still remember her wish. She asked him to never let go of his hopes on Linda. 

She wanted to see them together….

That means, she didn’t had any feelings for him right?? 

But, now….can he really patch up with Linda again?? 

He knew that he can’t….


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