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Book 30, Ancient Cultivator, Chapter 19 – Within the Governor’s Estate

Young master Skywind stared at those four sword-scars, especially the three simpler ones. Countless insights suddenly began to arise in his mind, and he immediately understood that these three sword-stances alone would allow his sword-arts to improve dramatically. In fact, they would even allow him to reach the World level.

He turned his head to look at Ji Ning, then kowtowed without hesitation.

Ning just looked at him calmly. For him to accept a few kowtows after having bestowed the Dao upon this young man wasn’t excessive.

“Your disciple greets you, Master.” Young master Skywind said these words while kowtowing.

“Master?” Ning was startled.

“Ah? Ahahaha!” The nearby Ninedust Sectlord started to roar with laughter after a moment of befuddlement. ‘Darknorth, he’s calling you ‘Master’. Are you planning to accept him as your disciple?”

Ning shook his head. “I just gave him a few casual tips. It can’t be considered as me having taken him on as my disciple.”

“Senior, this grand Dao you have taught me will ensure that I should be able to break through to reach the World level within a year. How can such a grand Dao be transmitted without purpose?” Young master Skywind said hurriedly, “I can understand if you look down on me, senior. You’ve taught me sword-arts. I might not be a true personal disciple, but I can be considered an honorary disciple, right?”

“You are quite crafty, junior.” Ning shook his head.

“Senior, do you agree?” Young master Skywind asked.

“Don’t mention it again.” Ning shook his head again. Skywind was quite talented in the Dao of the Sword, but Ning was currently trapped in an ancestral site of the Ancients. He had no desire to take on and teach a disciple at all. Even if he did, he would have to carefully consider the person’s character first.

“Understood.” Skywind nodded obediently. However, he became even more industrious and humble for the rest of the journey. He knew that a truly great blessing had befallen him!

Good heavens. This person was able to casually condense his thirty-six sword-stances into three stances, then fuse the three into a single stance. Supposedly, if he mastered that final stance he would be invincible even amongst World-level cultivators. What unfathomable level had that senior reached in sword-arts? A level beyond Skywind’s imagination, no doubt. He naturally wished to take on such a powerful figure as his master; even being a mere honorary disciple would be enough.

Alas, these two seniors were not so easily moved.

A few hours later, young master Skywind’s process reached Dragonwing City.

Dragonwing City was quite a large city, and it had hundreds of millions of citizens dwelling within it. This was the headquarters of a World-level expert, and its streets were three thousand meters wide and filled with many beauty carriages. However, processions like Skywind’s which had more than three hundred knights were considered quite impressive in size.

“Youji, it’ll be up to you in a bit,” Ning said.

“Don’t worry, Master.” Su Youji was quite excited.

Ning, Su Youji, and the Ninedust Sectlord accompanied young master Skywind as he entered the governor’s estate. They went into a guest hall, and none of the guards or servants in the estate were able to notice the three Daolords in the slightest.

The Dragonwing Governor was a World-level cultivator who had been living for an extremely long period of time, and Ning really didn’t have much talent in control. He was able to deal with Elder G.o.d Skywind simply because the disparity in power was absolutely overwhelming. Taking control over a World-level cultivator, however, would be a bit tougher. He might succeed, but if the cultivator had a very tough mind he could very well fail.

The Ninedust Sectlord had no talent in this regard either, and so in the ned Ning chose to have Su Youji handle things! Su Youji was skilled in the Dao of control and charm, and for her to deal with a World-level cultivator was simplicity itself.

“Haha. Skywind, you came!” Loud laughter rang out from behind the door. Moments later, a yellow-robed elder walked in, emanating the mighty aura of a Chaos Immortal. He did not, however, seem to be a World G.o.d as well.

“The Dragonwing Governor?” Suddenly, three figures appeared within the guest hall. One of the three, a woman dressed in fiery red robes, spoke out to him.

“Who are…” The Dragonwing Governor looked at Su Youji. He went stiff, then his eyes slowly glazed over.

“Do you know where the Samsara Daolords are?” Su Youji asked.

“The Samsara Daolords move about unpredictably. Although I’ve met one, I don’t know where he lives,” the Dragonwing Governor said.

Young master Skywind watched with amazement. Good heavens. The woman next to these two seniors was actually able to control the Dragonwing Governor like a golem? What level of people were these people on?!

“Then do you have a way to find a Samsara Daolord?” Su Youji asked.

“There’s a Chaos Immortal known as Immortal Slowseal. His master is a Samsara Daolord,” the Dragonwing Governor said. “It won’t be that hard to locate him. Once you find him, it’ll be easy to find his master.”

Ning and the Ninedust Sectlord revealed looks of delight. Still, this planet truly was strange. The Samsara Daolords were all in hiding! This was completely different from the Endless Territories. They all felt that there had to be some secrets hidden in this place. Only by finding the Samsara Daolords would they be able to discern the secrets of this world.

“Oh?” Su Youji revealed a look of delight. She then used a secret art and sent out a streak of light from her forehead, sending it into the Dragonwing Governor’s forehead. Divine runes glowed within the governor’s eyes. A short while later, he regained consciousness, but a look of dread and fervor was now in his eyes as he looked towards Su Youji.

“Greetings, Mistress,” the Dragonwing Governor said respectfully.

Ning immediately understood that Su Youji must have taken full control over the Dragonwing Governor. In the past, Feixian the Exalted was extremely talented in this regard, and she was able to allow even Daolords to obey her command.

“How long will it take for us to find Immortal Slowseal?” Su Youji asked.

“Anywhere from a week to a month,” the Dragonwing Governor said.

Su Youji glanced at Ning and the Ninedust Sectlord. Ning said, “Governor, you should immediately begin to search for Immortal Slowseal. Once you find him, lead us to him immediately.”

“Hear that?” Su Youji looked at the governor, who frantically nodded.

“Understood,” the governor said. “I’ll go handle this right now.” He then immediately unleashed his Immortal energy, sending mental orders to his subordinates to locate Immortal Slowseal. He had been here for countless years and had many friends. It wouldn’t be too hard to locate the man.

The governor looked at Skywind, then revealed a smile. “Skywind, my dear nephew, I have to thank you. It was all thanks to you that I now have a chance to serve my new master.”

“Once this matter ends, I’ll dispel my secret art,” Su Youji said to Skywind.

“Please don’t, Mistress. I wish to serve you unto death,” the Dragonwing Governor said with agitation.

Skywind was stupefied. The governor’s memories and intelligence hadn’t been affected in the slightest, but he now was filled with the utmost of loyalty and dedication towards Su Youji.

Ning and the others took up residence in Dragonwing City for now. They were all quite patient, and it was only through patience that they would ensure they would be able to survive this dangerous place. If they were impatient, they would die quick deaths.

On the fifth day of them being in the governor’s estate.

Whoosh. A giant azure bird that was three thousand meters long was flying through the skies of Dragonwing City. A pavilion was located on top of the bird’s back, and a simian-looking alien man was seated casually within the pavilion. He was surrounded by a large group of female servants, and one of them with the aura of an Ancestral Immortal was in his arms.

“We’ve arrived at Dragonwing City, my pretty. The kid named Skywind is in that city right now,” the alien man said with a chuckle.

“I can’t wait to see that look of rage and grief on his face,” the woman said coquettishly.

In this planet, it was almost impossible to fly via magic treasures as the skies were sealed as though by edict. Most likely, only Samsara Daolords would be able to resist that disruptive power and use their Immortal energy and artifacts to fly. However, there were some natural creatures such as birds which were not bound, and so some cultivators would capture giant birds to serve as mounts.

“Skywind!” The alien man glanced downwards, then spoke out in a booming voice that was backed by his Immortal energy and which shook the governor’s estate.

Soon, both the Dragonwing Governor and young master Skywind appeared in front of the courtyard. As for the giant bird, it slowly began to descend.

“Brother Mountainplume?” The Dragonwing Governor said hurriedly, “Have you come to bring Skywind to the Eastvoid Sword Pavilion? But the appointed date is more than half a year away. There was no need for you to come so soon.”

Skywind glanced at the sharp-lipped, ape-faced man within the pavilion atop the giant bird, and also at the violet-robed woman in his arms. When he saw the violet-robed woman, his face turned pale and a look of grief appeared on his face.

“Skywind this is Immortal Mountainplume. He’s the eldest disciple of Swordlord Eastvoid and has entered the World level already. In the future, he’ll be your senior apprentice-brother,” the Dragonwing Governor said.

“You…” Skywind’s gaze was focused on the violet-robed woman, who merely smiled coldly in response.

“She’s my woman. How dare you stare at her like that?” The ape-faced man said coldly.

“Skywind!” The Dragonwing Governor barked softly.

Young master Skywind shook his head. “It’s nothing.”

“I’ve come on Master’s orders,” the ape-faced man said. “This kid, Skywind, has an impure Dao-heart and is not worthy of joinng the Eastvoid Sword Pavilion. Kid, there’s no need for you to waste your time going to the pavilion.”

“What?” The Dragonwing Governor’s face turned pale. He said hurriedly, “We already came to an agreement, and the Windfiend Governor has already sent quite a few gifts…”

“We only said we’d give him a chance. He’d only be formally accepted once he pa.s.sed our tests . Clearly, the kid failed.” The ape-faced man said coldly, “As for the Windfiend Governor, who gives a d.a.m.n about him? Would he dare go against my master’s orders?”

The Dragonwing Governor had an ugly look on his face. As for young master Skywind, he ground his teeth, furious at the insult to his father and heartbroken by that woman. This was the only woman he had ever loved… but it had all been nothing more than a sinister ploy. To this very day, she was still causing trouble for him.

“Skywind, compared to Immortal Mountainplume you are absolutely nothing.” The violet-robed woman leaned against the ape-faced man, then let out a cold smile. “You want to become Swordmaster Eastvoid’s disciple? Stop dreaming. Go home and hide in your father’s protective embrace.”

“Become my master’s disciple? Even if you knelt in front of me and begged to be my disciple, I wouldn’t accept you,” the ape-faced man said mockingly.

Skywind’s face grew even uglier to behold.

“Endure it for now. Neither your father nor I can afford to make enemies out of the Eastvoid Sword Pavilion,” the Dragonwing Governor sent mentally.


On the other side of the governor’s estate were Ning and the Ninedust Sectlord, who were sipping some wine alongside Su Youji. Their gazes were able to traverse the void and see everything which was happening in front of the estate.


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