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Book 26, World Level, Chapter 48 – Yet Another Mirrorsnow Painting

The Brightsh.o.r.e Kingdom was an exceedingly large place.

Clouds fluttered about in the skies as a shuttle flew at high speed through the air. Ji Ning was seated in the lotus position aboard his s.h.i.+p, staring at the beautiful world of the Brightsh.o.r.e Kingdom.

“So the Astral Islands were over there. As for the Sword Palace, that’s over there. And oh, that’s where they greet newcomers? So that’s the place I was taken to when I was first abducted.” Ning now had a rough understanding of the geography of the Brightsh.o.r.e Kingdom. “I remember when I first arrived here and more than thirty thousand fellow World-level cultivators were led by those two silver-armored Daolords all the way to the Astral Islands. We flew for roughly forty-six days. On the eleventh day, I could sense the presence of another Mirrorsnow Painting.”

Teleportation was impossible within the borders of the Brightsh.o.r.e Kingdom. One would have to slowly fly from destination to destination.

“To go from the arrival area to the Astral Islands…” Ning engaged in a bit of calculation and was able to easily calculate the rough location of the Mirrorsnow Painting.

Those two silver-armored Daolords had flown in a straight line, and the painting was roughly a quarter of the distance between the arrival area and the Astral Islands.

“Eh? The Mirrorsnow Painting isn’t that far away from Youji’s position. I won’t have to make as much of a detour as I thought.” Ning was quite delighted.

Swoos.h.!.+ His flying vessel transformed into a streak of light and sped off into the distance.

Ning had given Su Youji a message talisman. Due to the great distance which separated them, he was only able to get a rough sense of the direction where she was located. He flew for three full months, and on the way he sensed the auras of quite a few Daolords. Those Daolords could sense that Ning belonged to the Twelve Palaces and so they naturally had no interest in causing trouble for Ning. Still, this journey gave Ning a good understanding of how dangerous the Brightsh.o.r.e Kingdom was.

Ning was ambushed multiple times on his trip. Clearly, the Brightsh.o.r.e Kingdom was a rather chaotic and brutal place. There was even more strife here than there was in the territory controlled by the Dao Alliance. Unfortunately for those poor bandits who attempted to waylay Ning, they quickly discovered that they had kicked a metal plate! The results of their attempts were foregone conclusions.

“Eh? A ripple!” The flying vessel quickly began to slow down and descend from its position within the clouds. The white-robed Ning was seated in the lotus position, a sword across his lap. Ning opened his eyes, a look of eagerness in his gaze.

“That ripple is coming from the Mirrorsnow Painting!” Ning could sense the resonance being generated by his own three Mirrorsnow Paintings. “I didn’t expect that after a thousand years, that painting would still remain in this location.”

Deep underneath a lake that was located a ten billion kilometers away from Ning. There was a beautiful palace located here in the depths, filled with many maids and guards.

“Eh?” Within a side hall of this palace was an azure-scaled creature who was leaning against a throne while sipping some wine. The creature’s face suddenly tightened ,causing the maid who had been giving him a neck ma.s.sage to be badly startled.

“A Mirrorsnow Painting? Wait, three of them?” The azure-scaled creature was both shocked and delighted… but then, his face tightened once more.

A thousand years ago, when Ning had pa.s.sed by this place after being abducted, this creature had already sensed the presence of those paintings. He was in possession of a copy, allowing him to sense the presence of three other copies. He had been quite delighted, but as soon as he saw those two silver-armored Daolords who ignored him he had immediately realized that it was most likely an abducted World-level cultivator who was in possession of the paintings.

“Those are the same three copies I sensed last time. Did one of those World-level cultivators escape from the Astral Islands already?” The azure-scaled creature narrowed his eyes.

Swoos.h.!.+ He transformed into a streak of light, almost instantly emerging from his aquatic palace. He soon emerged from the lake, lifting his head up out of the water to stare upwards.

Following the resonance, he turned his rather dark and icy gaze to stare towards that flying vessel that was ten billion kilometers away. He was able to see the vessel quite clearly, as well as the white-robed youth aboard the vessel.

“He’s not a Daolord. He’s just a World-level cultivator.” The azure-scaled creature was immediately delighted. He guessed that this person had most likely discovered him, and so he no longer hid his presence. He immediately sent out his G.o.dsense, sweeping it out to a distance of ten billion kilometers.

“He’s actually by himself? He’s the only one on his s.h.i.+p?” The azure-scaled creature grew increasingly excited. “It makes sense. He came out of the Astral Islands. Those people who leave the islands usually travel by themselves; it is quite rare for them to move around in groups. Even if he does have some subordinates in an estate-world treasure, they probably aren’t that strong given the fact that they are hiding.”

The azure-scaled creature let out a cold grin. “So you have three of the paintings but you want mine as well? How greedy. This fellow seems quite confident.” The azure-scaled creature slipped below the waves once more, quickly returning to his underwater palace.

The underwater palace.

As soon as the azure-scaled creature returned to his palace, he headed straight towards the main hall. He picked up an enormous thigh-bone and then began to bang on a nearby drum with it. Boom! The drum emanated a series of ripples that instantly spread throughout the entire hall. One person after another began to emerge from locations throughout the palace, and all of them possessed auras of tremendous power that were at least as strong as the azure-scaled creature’s aura.


“Azurekai, why have you suddenly summoned us?”

“You even banged on the royal dragon drum. What is this all about?”

Soon, a total of twenty-six World-level experts appeared within the main hall. All of them could be considered cultivators, but they were all cultivators of various aquatic races. This was why they had placed their palace within the lake.

“Something wonderful has happened.” The azure-skinned creature let out a loud laugh. “Ten billion kilometers away, there is a World-level cultivator who is flying towards us at high speed.”

“Flying straight for us? A World-level cultivator?”

“Is he suicidal?”

The World-level experts present were all puzzled.

The azure-scaled creature said hurriedly, “He’s from the Astral Islands. There’s a bit of a grudge between the two of us.” He didn’t dare to admit that it was due to the Mirrorsnow Paintings, because those paintings were simply too valuable. Between the two of them, they held a total of four Mirrorsnow Paintings… this was a fortune that would cause even Daolords to grow desirous. If he admitted it, his ‘friends’ would probably start to bicker with him over the items.

“I once won a treasure off of him, but he had two sets of that treasure. These treasures resonate with each other, which is why he has followed me to this place,” the azure-scaled creature said. “He has an incredibly high number of treasures. After we kill him… I don’t want anything special, just those three paintings he holds. What do you say?”

“Three paintings?” The other World-level cultivators were instantly able to guess that the three paintings were fairly valuable.

“His other treasures won’t disappoint you either.” The azure-scaled creature frowned. “He came from the Astral Islands, but he was merely on par with me in strength. If the twenty-seven of us fight together, we can easily kill him.”

“If he came from the Astral Islands, he might’ve joined the Twelve Palaces.”

“Don’t worry.” The azure-scaled creature swept them with his gaze, then let out a cold laugh. “I came from the Astral Islands. I know it better than anyone else. Everyone who was directly admitted into the Twelve Palaces was an absolute monster. Very few were allowed entrance! The vast majority who escaped that place did so because they were lucky enough to piece together a full legacy. That fellow is probably on par with me at best! Even if we are unlucky enough to encounter someone freakishly strong… no matter how much of a freak he is, he can’t possibly fight the twenty-seven of us together. I’m telling you, this genius had many treasures on him.”

The others instantly grew excited and intrigued.

“We are the twenty-seven Waterfiend Lords of the Royal Dragon Palace. There’s no way we’d be afraid of him.”

“Kill him and take his treasures.”

“Kill him.”

The twenty-seven Waterfiend Lords of the Royal Dragon Palace were incredibly famous in this area. There were all members of aquatic races who had trained to the World-level, but only those who had reached certain levels of strength would be granted entry into this small squad. Within the Brightsh.o.r.e Kingdom, the powerful sects were generally guarded by Daolords, but most of them had rather strict rules. The Brightsh.o.r.e Kingdom was filled with many dangers and many fortunes; to locate good techniques or legacies wasn’t very hard here. Thus, many unaffiliated World-level cultivators ended up joining into minor groups to work together.

World G.o.d Azurekai had relied on his own power to escape the Astral Islands. Although he didn’t enter the Twelve Palaces, he just missed the cutoff by a tiny amount. He was the second most powerful individual in the palace, which was why others came when he called.

“That kid just emerged from the Astral Islands. He has no idea about our Royal Dragon Palace.” The azure-skinned man said hurriedly, “Everyone, stay patient. Let’s wait here inside our palace. Our palace has formations and restrictive spells protecting it; this will prevent him from realizing how many of us are here. After he reaches the outside of our palace, we’ll charge out and surround him. We won’t even give him a chance to run.”


“We are hiding in the shadows while he is standing in the light. So what if he made it out of the Astral Islands? We aren’t pushovers either!”


A distance of ten billion kilometers was fairly far. Ning had to fly for quite a few hours before arriving outside the lake. Ning’s skill gave him courage, and his G.o.dsense had revealed the Royal Dragon Palace below him.

Swis.h.!.+ Ning put away his flying vessel, then charged straight into the lake and flew towards the palace. Soon, he reached the palace gates. He immediately saw the guards and maids within the palace.

“You actually dared to come to our Royal Dragon Palace?”

“So many paths lead to life, but you had to choose the one that leads to death.”

Suddenly, streaks of light began to fly out from the Royal Dragon Palace. There were twenty-seven streaks of light in total, and they simultaneously released murderous auras as they joined together into a formation.

Ning just watched calmly. He murmured to himself, “Royal Dragon Palace, eh?”


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