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Chapter 2013: Low-rank Magical Beast Zone (8)

Translator: Artemis060

That was a huge figure.

Just now, it stretched out its long and thin nose and swept away the roasted Seven-tailed Little Divine Deer.


Big Sister Wei was mad!

She waited for so long, endured for so long, swallowed nearly one jin of saliva, but another caught it first! Uncle may be able to bear it but aunt could not bear it ah!

Without waiting for Su Luo’s order, Big Sister Wei picked up the mallet on the side, shouted loudly, and rushed up with a large stride!

In the beginning, Big Sister Wei used a long knife, but because she killed too many enemies, the long knife was bent, so it couldn’t be used.

So, Su Luo searched in her s.p.a.ce and found for a huge mallet made of deep sea refined black iron.

Su Luo remembered that she got this mallet when she won the lucky draw in the Roaming Dragon’s Secret Territory. Because she couldn’t use it all the time, she threw it into the corner to get dusty.

When Su Luo gave this mallet to Big Sister Wei, her eyes at that time were as happy as meeting her parents, she almost cried to Su Luo.

Then, Big Sister Wei loved this mallet so much that she even slept with it in her arms at night, and hitting monsters with it in the daytime just like a hammer, and she specially took care people at the back of her head.

Now, Big Sister Wei was carrying her mallet and rushing to catch up with the thief who stole the food.

Su Luo was afraid that Big Sister Wei would lose, so she hurriedly called out to these foolish little guys.

“Don’t be stunned, pack up, and don’t let Big Sister Wei lose.”

However, when Su Luo thought that the Nine Star Seven-tailed Little Divine Deer could be knocked unconscious in the head with the mallet, the guy who stole the food should also be difficult to escape from the Big Sister’s magical hand.

But, on a second thought, to be able to approach silently within the scope of her and the Big Sister’s senses, and not discovered by the two of them until it had stolen the food, which was enough to show how powerful the other side was.

The more Su Luo thought about it, the more uneasy she was, and the faster her speed was.

As for Big Sister Wei, she was indeed really miserable today.

She was hungry, she finally waited for the delicious food with great difficulty, but someone get it first!

Now, as she was hungry, the Big Sister rushed forward with the mallet.

In the front, it was strange looking Magical Beast.

If Su Luo was there, she would definitely recognize it. This was an extremely precious Magical Beast, which was called Devil Eyed Green Poisonous Taotie. It had another name, called Foodie.

In the Mission Hall, there was a reward for the mission of capturing the Devil Eyed Green Poisonous Taotie, for 200,000 points.

It could be seen how valuable this Magical Beast was.

In fact, the most precious part of the Devil Eyed Green Poisonous Taoties was its internal pellet, which was a good material for refining Spirit Surging Pill.

In other words, as long as this internal pellet was in Su Luo’s hands, she could refine the Master Grade Spirit Surging Pill, which would greatly help her promote.

Now, Big Sister Wei still didn’t know how precious the Magical Beast she was chasing. She only knew that the dark and ugly b.a.s.t.a.r.d in front of her stole her Seven-tailed Little Divine Deer.

“Hateful!!!” Big sister Wei saw that the more she chased, the faster the little thing in front of her ran, and then it disappeared in a flash. She was so angry that her lungs was going to explode.

Stupid people were often very persistent.

In the eyes of ordinary people, there was no way to chase it down, she could only give up, but Big Sister Wei did not. Her mind was stubborn until the end, and she never knew what it meant to be flexible.


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