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Chapter 1020 – Sudden change in travel plans (3)

She squeezed out a smile, with that broad smile on her face, she turned to Su Luo and said: “When Miss Su was expelled from Su Manor, at that time, I even felt sorry for you. But it turned out that Miss Su is from Her Majesty Yan Hua’s bloodline, congratulations, congratulations.”

Su Luo’s eyes narrowed slightly.

Li Yaoyao had changed.

The originally cold and arrogant Li Yaoyao, who disdained and was contemptuous of other people, had now became smooth and slick, knowing when to strike to have everything go her way.

The cold and arrogant Li Yaoyao was easy to handle, because she had principles and a bottom line.

But the her right now had changed a lot.

How to be unequalled in the entire world? So she would be invincible.

Li Yaoyao simply didn’t have any principles or a bottom line now, she pursued Nangong Liuyun in a bigot manner, completely disregarding her reputation.

This kind of person was the worst to deal with.

However, Su Luo was only a little more guarded in her heart.

Su Luo laughed indifferently: “Miss Li really felt sorry for me? Why is it that I heard back then, when Su Zian expelled me from Su Manor, it was because of Miss Li’s orders?”

Li Yaoyao’s face didn’t change, she shook her head: “Miss Su is mistaken, how could it be my doing? This is absolutely impossible.”

Su Luo gave a sneer, and she leaned against Nangong Liuyun’s chest, disinclined to pay more attention to her.

Now, Li Yaoyao already had no shame to speak off, flaunting her snappy retorts was meaningless. Why should she waste any more precious strength to argue with her?

Especially since the man Li Yaoyao wanted the most was holding her.

The victor ought to be a bit more tolerant towards the loser.

As a result, Su Luo laughed a little and rubbed herself against Nangong Liuyun’s chest again .

An exceptional man, Nangong Liuyun immediately asked lovingly and with deep concern: “Girl, what’s wrong? Are you not comfortable?”

His gaze was worried and anxious, his mood nervous and uneasy.

Li Yaoyao did not hesitate to sacrifice her life to have him turn back to glance at her, but Nangong Liuyun’s entire heart was fastened on Su Luo’s body. He became endlessly nervous because of one light cough from her.

Su Luo contemptibly swept Li Yaoyao a glance, both hands wrapping familiarly around Nangong Liuyun’s neck.

Li Yaoyao bit tightly down on her lower lip, with eyes that nearly spit out a raging flame.

“Muah.” Su Luo pulled Nangong Liuyun’s head down and placed a firm kiss on his face.

Nangong Liuyun was startled, then he immediately smiled in a dim-witted manner.

This was Luo Luo’s way of declaring her sovereignty over him to the outside world, how could Nangong Liuyun not be happy?

Li Yaoyao felt so much hatred that she nearly broke her gums from biting down! With her fists clenched firmly, the sound of bones popping could clearly be heard.

Li Yaoyao took a deep breath, she must remain cool-headed.

If she let herself be led by the nose by Su Luo, that s.l.u.t, Third Senior Brother would become more and more estranged with her.

Li Yaoayo’s eyes darted around randomly, very quickly, she noticed the iron pot hanging above a wooden frame.

In the iron pot, the high quality rice was boiled into congee, emitting an alluring fragrance.

After a difficult day on the road, just how pleasurable was it to eat a mouthful of warm congee?

Li Yaoyao very quickly changed the topic: “Has Miss Su finished eating dinner?”

An empty delicate porcelain bowl was over there, probably left by Su Luo.

The corners of Su Luo’s mouth pulled up: “Miss Li hasn’t eaten yet?”

Su Luo immediately could see through Li Yaoyao’s intentions.

Li Yaoyao had her intentions placed on the congee, right?

Sure enough, Li Yaoayo sat down in Nangong Liuyun’s original position, and reached for the empty bowl.

“When we were little, the sweet potatoes Third Senior Brother roasted were very fragrant and sweet. I didn’t expect that the congee he cooked would be so fragrant as well.” Li Yaoyao rudely helped herself and ladled out some congee.

A trace of annoyance flashed across Su Luo’s face.


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