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Chapter 85: Medical Knowledge Attacks

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

The boxer of the third round once won the t.i.tle of “Boxing Champion of Asia”!

Mu Huan’s gaze became a lot fiercer with hints of bloodthirst in her eyes as she faced him.

The boxer already dared not take her lightly after watching her performance in the second match, but seeing her look now, he sharpened his focus even more. He must never lose to this woman! Should he be defeated by a woman, he would never be able to mingle and survive in this circle any longer!

“Bets are open! Bets are open!”

The biggest source of income of Barons Boxing Compet.i.tion came from the betting audience. The more intense the match was, the higher the odds and payouts would be. Even though the second match had revealed Mu Huan’s true potential and everyone thought her to be formidable, her chances of winning against the third celebrity boxer were slim after that strenuous match with the second boxer.

Nevertheless, her performance tonight had surprised everyone time and again, so they also reckoned that she might create a miracle.

Hence, there was no telling who the winner and loser would be, not until the end of the match.

The more suspense-filled the match was, the higher the odds and payouts would be, thereby creating a stir among the audience. People who never bet before had now placed a bet.

A hush instantly fell in the entire arena when the referee signaled the start of the match.

Li Meng nervously grabbed Wu Xingye’s arm. Her grip was so tight that it hurt the latter, but he said nothing about it as he was, in fact, equally uptight as well!

Among the trio, Mu Huan was the strongest, having previously practiced her boxing with the best boxer here while working part-time and having learned other forms of martial arts. Even so, they could not help worrying and feeling afraid for her since she was met with a formidable opponent.

It was an extremely intense match that captured the audience’s attention right from the start, to the point that no one dared to blink lest they missed out on an exciting moment or the winning blow.

The two exchanged attacking and defending blows, and each attack was so vicious that it made people think that the other would collapse in the next second, but it did not happen.

It was exactly as Mu Huan predicted — this opponent was one tough nut to crack. He had a strong physique while she had just finished a match. She would have a great chance of winning against him if this was a fight, but alas, even though there were not many rules for underground boxing, there were restrictions in place. This, in turn, limited what she could do during the match.

She had excellent spurts of energy, but her stamina, especially after she had exerted her strength in the previous match, was somewhat poor. If she could not end this match speedily, the loser would be her.

And for the sake of that half a million yuan, she must not lose!

After a half-time break, she began launching her attacks based on her medical knowledge.

Coming from a family who ran hospitals, with her grandmother, granny, and father being doctors and with her maternal grandfather’s family being in the pharmaceutical industry, she had naturally been influenced by them since she was little. Although she had yet to start on her medical career, she already had a deep understanding of human anatomy. She knew where to hurt someone the most and where to easily make someone collapse while not putting that person’s life in danger.

To save her strength in the first match, she simply KO’d her opponent with a punch on the most delicate spot of the human body.

Not launching attacks based on her medical knowledge in the second match and during the start of the third match was all for the sake of preventing her opponents from seeing through her attacking tactics and guarding against her by using ways to drain her energy. Now though, she could finally use them.

After exchanging blows with her for half a match, the celebrity boxer already had an understanding of Mu Huan’s tactics and stamina, and he also knew that she would not be able to last long despite her strong explosive power. Even if he could not beat her, he would eventually emerge as the victor if he went on draining her stamina.

He, therefore, took things a little less seriously.


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