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Chapter 835: Sudden Strike (7)

Perhaps the other party felt the limits of her ability and knew that if they continued, she would die.

However, who could it be that wanted to probe her strength? They even used such ruthless methods to probe her, making her feel that she was about to die.

“It looks like my brother really likes you. He put his life on the line to protect you!” Although Long Feilei really didn’t want his brother to like Mu Huan, his brother had already put his life on the line for her. What else could he do? “As the saying goes, if someone saves your life, you should devote your life to that person. Aren’t you going to divorce Bo Junyan? After you divorce him, you should get together with Feiting!”

Mu Huan: “…”

Did she miss something? When did his brother protect her so desperately?

“Our family doesn’t believe in family backgrounds. There’s no evil mother-in-law, bad father-in-law, and no bad grandfather who is against you and is trying his best to deal with you. There’s no pressure on Feiting to always be busy at work and he has endless money to spend. Once you’re with my brother, you’ll just have to eat, drink, and enjoy life with him!”

If he could convince Mu Huan to be with his brother before he woke up, he would definitely be very happy!

Mu Huan: “…”

Holy s.h.i.t!

Were all the members of the Long family clowns governed by monkeys? His younger brother was still unconscious, and he, who had always treasured his younger brother, was still in the mood to think about such things!


“It wasn’t Long Feiting who saved me, it was me who saved him!” She did not owe him anything!

Long Feilei was stunned. “No way!”

His brother was inferior to Mu Huan?

He had heard that Mu Huan was very good at fighting and that she had shocked Bo Junyan. He knew that that was how the two of them had gotten to where they were today, but he still thought that she, who looked so pet.i.te, would not be much better than his younger brother since she had only managed to knock Gong Zeye and the rest down using drugs previously.

In this way, they had been able to escape unscathed. She was only superficially wounded, and his brother had fainted from exhaustion. It must be because his brother did his best to protect her that she was fine.

What did she say just now? She was the one who’d saved his brother?

“It’s the truth.”

Long Feilei: “…”

How could his little brother be so weak…

However, after suffering a blow for a while, he said, “A life-saving favor is more important than reaching heaven. Feiting has nothing to repay you with. Let him devote his life to you!”

Mu Huan: “…”

Holy s.h.i.t!


Just then, the second son of the Long family returned.

Long Feilei immediately looked over. “How is it?”

“We only found two phones. Other than the traces of a fight, we didn’t find anything else.” Long Feijun took out two phones.

“This looks like our younger brother’s phone.”

The corner of Long Feilei’s mouth twitched slightly. “It doesn’t just look like his, it is his! How can you call yourself a brother? You can’t even recognize your brother’s phone!”

Long Feijun: “…”

Mu Huan looked at the other phone in Long Feijun’s hand. “That phone is mine.”

To put it simply, only the phone that she and Long Feiting had dropped during the fight was left at the scene. There was no trace of the other party.

“Why are you using such an ugly phone? Your sense of beauty is terrible,” Long Feijun said as he handed the phone to her.

Mu Huan: “…”

They were indeed brothers.

Long Feilei said, “It’s quite ugly. Don’t use it anymore. I’ll get someone to bring you a new one.”


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