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Chapter 675: The Best Outcome You Can Give (4)

“I believe that you saw my sincerity back then, Grandma, but because of your conjecture, you didn’t want there to be even the slightest risk that your grandson would lose the Mu family, so you went to deal with me like this. I’m also your biological granddaughter! Why are you treating me this way?!” Mu Huan had always wanted to ask her grandma how she could treat her this way. She was also her biological granddaughter! However, she knew that it was useless to ask. Just like now, it was useless to say these things. This way, she wouldn’t be able to bring up the kinship that was already gone. It was just that she couldn’t help but say it.

After saying that long-held question, she laughed at herself.

Then, she added, “Grandma, I’m here to rea.s.sure you. Don’t worry, the Mu family belongs to Mu Zixuan, and Bo Junyan will also get someone to help my father manage the hospital. He won’t let the Mu family end up with an empty sh.e.l.l for Mu Zixuan to inherit. Rest a.s.sured and recuperate. If there comes a day when you repent, you might still have a chance to recover.”

With that, she stood up and left.

Matriarch Mu seemed to have understood what she meant. She looked at Mu Huan’s back with a complex and vicious feeling.

“Grandma, did you hear that? Mu Huan said that the Mu family is still mine! She always keeps her word! That means that the Mu family will still be mine in the end! I won’t lose the Mu family!” Mu Zixuan grabbed Matriarch Mu’s clothes happily.

The panic and fear that he’d felt because of what happened to his greatest backer had vanished.

Mu Zixuan had been taught so much that he should want to have so much, but he was also a person who knew his limitations. He knew that he was no match for Bo Junyan. If Bo Junyan wanted the Mu family to be easily taken down, his grandma’s collapse meant that the plan had failed, and Bo Junyan would devour the Mu family even faster.

When that time came, he, who had nothing to his name, would have to rely on his own hard work to climb up the ranks. He might not even be able to reach the level of the Mu family in his lifetime, let alone stand at a higher position.

Hence, after Matriarch Mu had collapsed, he’d been especially scared and panicked. He was afraid that he would lose everything, but now, he suddenly did not have to be afraid. Naturally, he was overjoyed!

Matriarch Mu looked at Mu Zixuan in this manner. Though she was at ease and happy for her grandson, she felt a little conflicted.

She didn’t know how to describe her current feelings.

When Mu Huan came out, she saw Bo Junyan standing by the window and making a call.

She tiptoed forward, wanting to hug him from behind.

Unexpectedly, Bo Junyan was very sharp even when he was on the phone. Before she could reach him, he turned around.

Mu Huan pouted.

Bo Junyan hurriedly said a few words before hanging up. “What’s wrong?”

“I wanted to hug you from behind like what I saw on television and sigh with emotion. That scene was so beautiful. Who knew that you’d discover me?” Mu Huan pouted.

Bo Junyan: “…”

His wife adjusted her state of mind really quickly. When she went in just now, her mood was still very heavy, but when she came out, she was already in this mood.

Bo Junyan did not speak, but he turned around and looked out of the window.

Mu Huan knew that he was cooperating with her to create that beautiful feeling. Her heart warmed as she strode forward and hugged his waist from behind. She wanted to say something deep and emotional, but after thinking for a long time, she finally said, “Hubby, I love you!”

Bo Junyan smiled and turned around to hug her.

Before he could lower his head to kiss her, Mu Huan tiptoed and kissed him.


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