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Chapter 62: Couldn’t Control Myself

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

After hearing that the foul-mouthed voices had gone farther away, Mu Huan released her grip on Bao Junyan.

Bao Junyan lowered his head and looked at her with deep, unpredictable eyes.

“That… That, I….” Mu Huan forced herself to calm down. “I forgot to ask what flavor of ice cream you wanted, that’s why I came running back… After I saw you standing there looking all so… handsome… I… couldn’t control myself…”

Bao Junyan stared at her speechlessly.

The way he looked at her left Mu Huan with gooseb.u.mps.

She didn’t know if he was looking at her this way because he had sensed something amiss or if it was because of something else.

“I’m sorry… I… You… Do you not like this…?

“Next time, I… I wouldn’t do this again… I’m sorry…” Mu Huan lowered her head and released him as she tried to move farther away from Bao Junyan.

And yet, just as Mu Huan was about to move, she was held by his large hand and pulled fiercely into his embrace.

With his other hand, he raised her chin, forcing her to look directly at him.

As she matched Bao Junyan’s dark, deep gaze, Mu Huan became even more nervous. “Hubby, I…”

He still didn’t say a word as he continued to stare at her.

Just as Mu Huan was wondering in dread if things were over for her, he lowered his head and said, “Since you wanted to kiss, then kiss me properly.”

The hoodlum who did not manage to catch Mu Huan after running for a long time believed that she couldn’t have gotten so far. However, he still had not caught sight of her. Therefore, as he turned back around, he just so happened to encounter the scene before him. Due to their positions, Mu Huan was blocked by Bao Junyan’s tall and huge figure completely.

He yelled out a curse and left.

Their vulgarities caused Bao Junyan to regain his senses as he realized that it wasn’t right to do it here.

“Let’s go home.” His voice was lower than usual as he said that.

The next day, Mu Huan came to a conclusion after having two experiences. To deal with the shrewd, hypocritical man, all she had to do was kiss him on the lips.

Just as Mu Huan was getting ready to get to work after they ate, she received a call from Matriarch Mu, who asked her to head over to the Mu family’s house.

Mu Huan informed Li Meng of it before heading over.

The moment she stepped into the house, she could sense the depressing atmosphere in the household. The corners of her lips curved up as she walked in happily.

Matriarch Mu was sitting at her main seat with her eyes closed, resting while twirling a string of Buddha beads in her hand.

Mu Huan felt that it was useless for her Grandma to pray to Buddha or burn any incense as she had done too many shameful deeds.

When she heard the sound of footsteps, Matriarch Mu opened her eyes. That gaze filled with weathered hardships was astutely terrifying.

“Grandma, did you ask me to come over so that you can pay me the ten million dollars?”

They wanted to give her 20 million dollars to drug Bao Junyan, did they?

Come on! Give her the money!

Suddenly, Matriarch Mu stood up and walked toward Mu Huan. “What ten million dollars?”

“Didn’t you say that you would give me ten million dollars first if I agreed? Why are you going back on your words now?” Mu Huan raised her eyebrows.

In the next second, Matriarch Mu sent a harsh slap across her face, causing the corner of Mu Huan’s lips to bleed.


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