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Chapter 390: A Birthday Surprise?

Mu Huan: “…!!!”

It was her husband’s birthday the day after tomorrow, yet she, as his wife, did not know about it! This was too irresponsible!

Hence, she hurriedly asked:

“Is he holding a birthday banquet?”

“After one becomes an adult, one tends not to celebrate birthdays anymore. However, good friends will still give one a birthday present every year. I believe that you’re also someone who looks forward to receiving birthday presents, Madam.”

“Then what kind of gifts does my husband like?” Although Mu Huan’s relationship with Bo Junyan was much better than before, she still did not know much about him!

She didn’t even know his favorite things in life!

“I feel that as long as you prepared it carefully, Master will like it no matter what.”

Mu Huan: “…”

She would prepare one with all her heart, but what could she prepare with all her heart? She didn’t even know what he liked whenever she bought things for him. How could she do that?

After thinking for a while, she looked pitifully at the butler. “Can you give me a general idea?”

“I’ve been with Master for so many years. Other than feeling that he likes Madam, I don’t feel that he likes anything else. So, I’m sorry, Madam. I can’t provide you with a general idea.”

Mu Huan: “…”

Did he mean that he wanted her to wrap herself up as a gift for Bo Junyan?


The butler felt that Bo Junyan liked only her…

Those words made her so happy!

Mu Huan searched all the malls in Yun Cheng that day, but she did not find anything that could be used as a birthday present for Bo Junyan.

This person was too rich and had everything. And because she was so poor, she didn’t know what to give him! What could make his eyes light up? What would he like so much that he’d feel happy?!

She thought about it. Given her current understanding of him, there was only one way she could make him happy to receive a gift. Hence, she walked into a shop.

On the morning of his birthday, when Mu Huan helped him put on his tie, she suddenly stood on her tiptoes and kissed his thin lips. “Hubby, happy birthday!”

Bo Junyan was stunned.

She knew it was his birthday?

While he was still in a daze, Mu Huan whispered into his ear, “Hubby, I have prepared a birthday surprise for you! Come home early tonight. I’ll wait for you!”

Her voice was exceptionally seductive.

Just as she was about to leave Bo Junyan, his big hand grabbed her waist and pulled her into his embrace. “What surprise? Give it to me now.”

This was the first time he was so eager.

“I could only give it to you tonight, not right now! It’s not ready yet!” She had decided to apply for a day off at school to properly decorate the house and give him a big surprise tonight!

Bo Junyan looked at her and did not say another word. Just when Mu Huan thought he was going to let go of her, he kissed her.

After a long while, he finally let go of her. “I’ll be back early tonight. You have to prepare in advance to wait for me.”

“Okay,” Mu Huan said, blushing.

Looking at her in this state, he really didn’t want to go to work. All he wanted was to hug her like this and wait until night to see the surprise she’d give him.

However, she needed time to prepare for the surprise. He could only let her do her thing.

After Bo Junyan left, Mu Huan started to make the arrangements. She was busy the entire day and practiced a few more times before she went to prepare dinner in satisfaction and waited for him to return.

However, after she had prepared dinner and waited for a long time, the man had yet to return.

Unable to wait any longer, she gave Bo Junyan a call. However, it was a woman who picked up the call. The other party hurriedly said that Bo Junyan was very busy and could not return that night, so she ended the call.

When Mu Huan made another call, his phone was switched off.

That night, Bo Junyan really did not return home. He did not even call back.


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