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The Days of Being in a Fake Marriage with the CEO is a web novel completed by Aromatic Peach Blossoms, 桃花朵朵香. This lightnovel is presently ongoing.

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Chapter 241: Advancing Status (1)

“Advancing your own status through your child, this is indeed a good move!” Mu Huan reached out to touch Lin Qingya’s belly.

Lin Qingya recoiled nervously. Although she knew that Mu Huan wouldn’t dare to do anything in broad daylight, this child was her greatest bargaining chip. She would certainly not let anything bad happen to it!

Mu Huan did not speak another word. She only stared at Lin Qingya with an increasingly icy expression.

Lin Qingya knew, Mu Huan had reached her limit, and if she continued with this, there’s no telling what the girl would do.

Furthermore, she had just thought of an even better way to ask for the lecture notes. Hence, she said, “Xiao Huan, if you don’t wish to lend me the notes, I’ll borrow them from someone else. No need to get upset over it.”

Having said this, she went back to her seat.

Gradually, Mu Huan’s dangerous vibes subsided as she slumped over the table like a good-for-nothing.

She was truly exhausted…

Should she think of a way to get rid of this interfering Long Feiting?

For example, kidnap him to a dark back alley in the middle of the night and beat him up until he needed to rest in bed?

Mu Huan imagined the scene and found it quite gratifying!

Except that if the Long family found out that she had something to do with this, that would be the end of her. That idea came to an abrupt ending.

“Why are you so listless? Been moonlighting as a thief at night?” Long Feiting said as he sauntered up and looked at the unenthusiastic Mu Huan slumped lazily over the table.

Mu Huan couldn’t even be bothered to lift her head.

“I got into the Research Department too. I’m Professor Meng’s a.s.sistant.”

Mu Huan’s head snapped up at Long Feiting’s words. “What?”

He managed to get into the Research Department as a newbie in the faculty? Didn’t they say that the Research Department had a high entry barrier?!

“Yours truly is a talent! Wherever a talent goes, people will beg their presence, unlike you, having to work so hard to collate information just so you can get in. And even then, you only just managed to sc.r.a.pe through.” Arrogance was written all over Long Feiting’s face.

Mu Huan: “…!!!”

“I heard that during your entry interview, you said you wished to join the Research Department as soon as possible because you aspired to produce results in school, and in your third year join the largest pharmaceutical company in the country. So I told my elder brother after I had joined the Research Department that I realized any industry could go down in the future but only the pharmaceutical industry would stay afloat. No matter how technology advances, people will get sick and they will need medicine. Hence, we should enter the medical industry!

“My brother praised me for my foresight and subsequently acquired the biggest pharmaceutical company in the country. Next week, I will become the person-in-charge of the pharmaceutical factory. When the time comes, I shall welcome you to work under me!”

Mu Huan: “…!!!”

F*ck! It’s true that one could do anything if one had money!

Suddenly, Long Feiting moved in close to Mu Huan and whispered, “Mu Huan, you’d better hang on tight to Bao Junyan. Otherwise, I could squash you with my little finger!”

This girl who made him think that she was his childhood Star… he had to destroy her!

Mu Huan: “…”

After Long Feiting left, Li Meng grabbed Mu Huan’s arm anxiously and said, “What are we going to do now?”

This death-deserving Long Feiting, why was he not letting her Xiao Huan go!

“Do a cold salad,” Mu Huan mumbled as she twitched her lips.

“He’s even gone ahead to acquire the pharmaceutical factory. How are you going to advance your plan…?” Li Meng knew about what Mu Huan wanted to do.

“A change of plans…” If one couldn’t move barriers, then one had to get around them.

“But you’ve worked so hard!” Li Meng said angrily.

“If hard work alone is useful, why does one need talent? The world is never fair to begin with.”


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